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What Items Are HOT,HOT,HOT To Sell On eBay?

The following is based on an article appearing in the March 3, 2004 issue of the newsletter.

Economics 101 tells us that price for an item is largely determined by supply and demand.

When there are more items to sell than people to buy them then the price goes down. (Think Halloween candy on November 1st)

When there are more buyers than items, then the price goes up. (Think of an ice cream man working in the desert)

Would you like to know what items are currently "hot" selling the best on eBay? That is, which items have more hungry buyers than sellers?

Of course you would!

How much do you think this information will cost ya?


Yes, eBay will TELL YOU the hottest items to sell. But ONLY if you know where to find the info.

Did you know eBay produces a Hot Items report that contains all of  this information?

Well you do now.

Click here to read the PDF formatted report.


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