12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS
for eBay Sellers

Dropshipping is a FANTASTIC method of selling on eBay!

Do it right, and you can make tons of profits.

Do it WRONG, and you may be suspended by eBay!

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Drop shipping is one of the most exciting ways to sell on eBay. When you drop ship, you never touch the product, and you don't inventory it. When you make a sale (and after you already have the money in your hands) you simply send an email to your drop shipper, and they send the item direct to your customer.

What could be better? You don't need the money up front to purchase inventory, and you don't need to pay to ship it yourself. You save tons of space and time since you don't need to handle boxes. Sweet!

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Who Is The Author Mike Enos?

Please click on the play button (triangle) below to hear a personal message from Mike

  • He has sold over $815,000 on eBay FROM HOME!
  • Received eBay's prestigious Platinum Powerseller award for achieving over $25,000 in MONTHLY sales.
  • Invited to give three presentations on finding product to sell at eBay LIVE 2003 in Orlando, Florida
  • Has been written up in the Washington Post twice.
  • Been a guest on multiple business radio shows.
  • Been interviewed twice along with eBay's own Dean of Education Jim "Griff" Griffith on business talk radio.
  • Has helped thousands of people to start their own successful eBay selling business.
  • Writes the world's best and amazing FREE eBay selling newsletter

Does that sound like heaven on earth to you? At first glance it may.

But I have to admit something. For the longest time, I was SCARED TO DEATH of drop shipping! Here I was a very successful eBay seller, selling $20,000 - $30,000 a MONTH on eBay, but I was scared to add drop shipping to my selling methods on eBay! I knew that a ton of money was slipping through my hands, but I held back from doing it.

Why? Because of one word BACKORDERED.

Let me explain. When I first starting drop shipping I was selling a great item at a great profit. All was well until one day when my drop shipper told me the item I needed was backordered and wouldn't be in for another 2 or 3 weeks. (Side point: When someone tells you that something is due to come in "2-3 weeks" that almost always means they have no idea when they will be seeing it.)

No big deal I thought. I will simply email my eBay customer and explain the situation. No doubt they won't mind waiting "2-3 weeks" for the item.

Ouch! Was I WRONG! They read the riot act at me. They threatened to have eBay shut me down, paypal freeze my money, a mafia hit-man to leave a horse head in my mailbox, and assorted other nasties. They wanted their item, and they wanted it NOW. They had paid right after the auction, and they expected their item to ship pronto, OR ELSE.

After I used the fire extinguisher to put out the flames of that email I had to honestly admit that they were right! If I were in the buyer's situation I would be ticked off too. So it cost me about three hours of work and about five years of my life to locate the item from another supplier. In the end I lost money, time, and my peace of mind.

Now do you know why I was afraid of BACKORDERS?

Fortunately the matter didn't escalate. I think the person actually gave me a praise feedback. (The killer is when you bust your hump to take care of a person and they give you a negative. Ack... But that's a different story)

I knew that if this happened too often that eBay could and probably would terminate my eBay account!

From then on, as you might imagine, I was a little paranoid about that situation happening on a regular basis. That is why I shied away from drop shipping.

Still, it drove me nuts. There had to be an answer!

I'm a problem solver. When I have a puzzle to figure out I never stop thinking of how to solve it.

Have you ever done that? Perhaps you saw someone who looked so familiar and you couldn't remember how you knew them. Then sometime later, poof your brain said "Hey, I remember now!"

That is exactly what happened to me.

It hit me one day while just working on my computer plowing through my emails. It just appeared out of nowhere. I just jumped up and said “No way!! It can’t be that easy!” My office manager Jocelyn had no idea what was going on. She probably figured that I had once again just gone off of the deep end.

At last a simple solution to the problem of drop shipping backorders had been found.

The road block that had held me back from vacuuming up eBay profits had at last been conquered! Sweet!

Once I got started with drop shipping, experience has also taught me some valuable lessons and killer tips. They are included in the dozen (actually 13) drop shipping secrets in this manual. My goal is that these points will benefit you in your business as they have mine.

Would You Like To Reap The Profits Of Drop Shipping
Without The Dangers?

Then you MUST, MUST, MUST read this guide.

Here are some of the real world practical points you will learn from this guide:

  • Your auction item is backordered! Time to panic? (No, follow the 3 steps on page 6)
  • Need warehouse space? How about FREE warehouse space! (See page 7)
  • Want to lower your drop ship fees? It is really this EASY to do. (Simple method on page 8)
  • Want to learn the killer idea that removes 90% of drop shipping fright? (It is on page 9)
  • Check out this method to not only insure you pay the lowest possible price, but that you also get the best possible service AT THE SAME TIME! (It's solution #4)
  • Do you ever see auctions where somebody obviously got a better than normal deal? Have you been jealous wanting to be that special VIP? Then you'll love learning how easy it is to get special VIP treatment. (It is covered on pages 9 and 10)
  • How to know when your distributor is almost out of your auction item, and what to do about it! (Follow the advice mentioned in solution #7, and your days become MUCH easier)
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT Make this mistake! Doing this is bound to get you blacklisted by the distributor. (See what NOT to do in solution #11)
  • A reality of drop shipping on eBay is that many people are trying to sell the same item. This means little to no profit as each seller keeps chopping away at their price (and any profit). Don't fall into that trap. Here is how to grab the business away from your competition and make a serious profit! (See the four methods outlined in solution #12)

That is just some of the great advice you'll find in this valuable book. Remember, these are real methods and experience that I use DAILY in my personal auctions.

Of course I am going to tell you the information is incredible, but check out some of the comments that other real eBay sellers have said.

Some Recent Feedback Received:

Hi Mike,

After reading your ebook, I would have to rank it as a 9 out of 10. What I've learned from this book is going to help me explode my eBay sales using your fabulous drop ship methods. I will now be able to drop ship about 80% of my auctions, have almost zero inventory, slash time going to the post office and increase my profits tremendously.

If you want to succeed on eBay, get Mike's book. 

Mike, you saved my eBay business from going in the tank!


Arnold Moulinet
Chandler, AZ



Your 12 Killer Ebay dropshipping secrets is fantastic! I am currently "getting legal" with business licenses and tax ID #. I am also setting up wholesale accounts with the venders that I researched, along with backups. I have incorporated many of your secrets and tips into my plan. Anyone who has not read this book is really missing out on your information and knowledge. The bottom line is, your dropshipping ebook is a tool that is helping me build a solid foundation from the start.

Hopefully I can avoid some downfalls and grief with what you have taught me. I am also looking to make a strong start. this book is a 10 in my library.

Thank You So Much,

Dennis Martenson
Arlington,  WA



I just want to say that since I have received and studied your ebook, my eBay sales have increased considerably. For such a small investment, I have received a very profitable return. My business has accelerated and will only continue to do so. I could have plodded for years, but luckily I bought your ebook. This has saved years of trial and error. I will be keeping a close eye on all your information products.


Tony Born



As a “newbie” on eBay, I especially appreciate the fact that you are providing novices like me with information that will no doubt save me from having to “…learn things the hard way…”.  I intend to dropship a substantial portion of my auctions and your ebook has given me a lot to think about! Your book is definitely NOT just another useless how-to book and I would recommend it to anyone that uses dropshipping – it’ll save them money and time. 


David Sugiyama
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada



Your book is great.I have done a lot of research on the in`s and out`s of the e-bay auction,your book told more than the dozen sites and e-mails I received.

If I knew about your book before I started the research I would be up and running already. I totally recommend your e-book to anyone wanting to get in the the e-bay wagon.

Keep up the good work.

Your friend

Terry Terreteta


I think that Mike's ebook is at least a 9 out of 10 on a ratings scale. He supplies his customers with the best information available on the web today. His service is fast and friendly and he will help you take the next step to making more money on ebay.

Thanks Mike,

Paul Salern
Franklin Sq. NY



Your E-Book "12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers" is a must have for any serious Ebayer.  I have been an Ebay member for a little over a year and until I read your E-Book I was wasting countless hours searching for products to buy and have shipped to my house and then sell on Ebay. 

Now with the secrets I learned with your E-Book I have those previously wasted hours freed up to build the other aspects of my business.

Anyone that isn't willing to purchase your E-Book "12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers" is missing out on a priceless E-Book. 

Thanks so much,

Dustin Hankins
Helena, Montana



I definitely rate your new eBook a 10!

It has made a HUGE difference in my eBay business… the sales have been pouring in and I barely had to invest anything to get to where I am now.

I made my investment money back in the first sale!! Now I sell 2x as much stuff and make 3x times as much money then I did before, and over 75% of my stuff is being drop shipped.

Your eBook has honestly changed my life - Anyone passing up this incredible offer is literally INSANE. 

Take Care!

Kimberly Gookin
Phoenix, Arizona


Hi Mike,

This ebook has been very informative.  I will use it as a good resource when I use dropshippers for my eBay stores.

Michele Kang
Lawrence, Kansas



I had investgated dropshipping and tried some items on ebay which  I sold  few items.  But with your ebook I have gained alot of information  which I know will help me alot. Great ebook and  alot of useful information. 

I totally recommend your dropshipping SECRETS book. I rate it a 10 on a scale 1-10. Thanks for all the useful information.

Thank you, from

Wayne Duncan
Portland, OR



I really liked your drop shipping secrets book, it gave me tons of insight to the many ways I can expand my business and help me reach my goal of a full time Ebayer!

Your writing is concise and to the point and the tips are invaluable to someone just starting out in the drop shipping area


Eric Sapp
Webster, NY



Your dropshipping secrets is a great resource for those who want to get into the Ebay auction business but don't have the capital to start a traditional business.  I am fairly new at this and was always scared away by those who say dropshipping is not a good game plan.  Your book gave me GREAT TIPS on how to start dropshipping and protect my business reputation at the same time.  I am in the process of integrating some if not all of your time-saving tips into my auction management.

Folks, if you want to get into the auction business, this is a MUST-READ!!!!!! 


John Sewell
Easley, SC



I'm glad that I took the time to follow a link that another Ebayer forwarded to me. Since receiving your updates and newsletters, my small auction efforts are finally seeing profits.

You have incorporated a Wealth of information pertaining to drop shipping and I have to admit while I was skeptical in the beginning about operating an Ebay Store, I'm NOT ANYMORE!!  

People don't let your skepticism get in the way of providing you with a means of financial freedom. Purchase the Ebook and learn..

What better way to learn a business than to follow someone {like you and I} who has done it. I'm totally awed by the information in this ebook. Now I can concentrate on my business.  

Thanks Mike!

Theresa Johnson
East Stroudsburg, PA



This is the eBook that I have been waiting for.  The tips you provided has tremendously helped my buisness.  I now do not have to worry about backorders, and I ALWAYS dropship now. 

Thanks a bunch!

Ghassan Dagher
Los Angeles, CA



Where Can You Find Quality Dropshippers?

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With much success,
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In this step by step guide you will see:

  • How to create a fantastic looking ad/auction listing using FREE software.

  • How to come up with a title to get your listing noticed and get people to buy.

  • What days of the week its best to list your item (yes it makes a difference).

  • Which Ebay features are worth the money and which ones aren't.

  • How to get your listing seen without paying for highlighting, bold and other expensive features.

  • How to virtually GUARANTEE people remember to leave you feedback (no matter how good your service is buyers forget - here is how to get 98% of customers to remember to leave you POSITIVE feedback)

  • The importance of testing and how to do it so you don't end up out of pocket.

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  • How to sell product without being the cheapest and without starting a price war.

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And that's just the things that are relevant to Ebay! This report details a lot more than just selling on Ebay for a profit.

Profiting from standard E-bay listings is just the start. This report goes on to reveal extra profit making ideas and advanced profit boosters.

This report goes far beyond other 'ebay secrets' or 'dropship sources' guides!

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In this interview, Louis Allport gets Jim to spill his guts on how he has been so successful selling information on eBay.

Would you like to sell information on eBay?

Would like a product that once it is developed just delivers pure profit for each and every sale?

Then selling an information product is for you!

In this 30 page ebook Jim will tell you the secrets that he has used to quit his 9-5 job and make a great living from eBay.

This ebook is valued at $29.97



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Not only do you receive the following:

  • 12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers

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The CD contains the following bonuses:



Mike Enos / Jim "Griff"Griffith Interview!

For a while now I have also had an audio interview that I have wanted to share with my readers. I appeared on a nation business radio program called "StartUp Nation". The show is dedicated to helping people "start up" their own business.

This particular show was about starting your own eBay business. I had the pleasure of being on the show with eBay's own "Dean of Education", Jim "Griff" Griffith.


The problem is that it is a 38 megabyte MP3 file. It is no small task to download (or stream) such a large file over the web.

So, if you get this product on CD, I will include a copy of this interview for you to listen to. So listen in and steal my secrets!


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When you put the CD in your computer, you will see the following easy to use menu interface. Just click and go! Nothing to unzip! Remember, it is only $4.99 more for the CD!

12 Killer Dropship SECRETS



Order Now!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Note! The eBooks are supplied as a ZIP File containing four different PDF files. It works with Windows computers, MACS, and Unix computers (Any computer than read a ZIP file and PDF File)  If you do not have a ZIP tool (such as WinZip), then you can download a F*R*EE one by CLICKING HERE

So, you get

Book Title


12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers


Make Money on eBay the Simple Way!


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Total Value is:  




 My Promise.

I am so sure that you will love this information, that I am offering a



1 Year Moneyback Guarantee

This information is a goldmine! If you do not feel that this information is worth much more than you paid for it, then simply drop me an email explaining why and I'll refund 100% of your money.

Am I nuts to make this offer? No, I believe (like eBay does) that most people are inherently good. If I share with you information that will pay for itself in no time, and generate month after month after month of profits (like it does for me), why would any honest person want to take advantage of me and my guarantee?


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Sale Price


12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers +
5 Bonuses
(Includes CD Postal Delivery To Anywhere In the World)




12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers + 3 Bonus eBooks DOWNLOAD ONLY




Hurry! Order Now. Sorry, we cannot guarantee the above prices beyond . Prices WILL be increasing.

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