BLOATED Auction Pictures Are


Sabotaging Your Sales!


Are your auction ads full of BLOATED, slow downloading pictures?

Do potential buyers impatiently leave before your ad finishes loading because it takes too long?

If so, you are LOSING out on a LOT of business!

Pictures are the MOST IMPORTANT part of your auction description. I'm sure you know how important they are.

You MUST MUST MUST  have effective pictures in your auction ad.

When you see an eBay auction without any pictures, what thoughts enter your mind?

  • What is this person trying to hide about the item?

  • I don't think they even have the item. I think this guy is a crook!

  • What an amateur!  If he is legit and had included a picture, he would make TWICE as much!

It's sad but true!  When I see a picture-less eBay auction, I'm always amazed that someone would go through the trouble of listing an item to sell and NOT include a picture. (Please, if that is you promise me you'll never do that again. You're only hurting yourself!)

Yes, EFFECTIVE pictures make your auction ad come to life.

Effective pictures will answer a potential buyer's questions and build security in you as the seller. When I purchased a car from eBay it was sight unseen 2500 miles away. The person had included many pictures of the car. Wherever the car had an imperfection the seller took special care to include a clear, accurate, detailed, and descriptive photo explaining the scratch or ding. This told me that the person was someone who could be trusted. Hey, I know a used car is going to have some scratches so don't try to hide them!

By including great pictures this person gained my trust and confidence (and my money too.)

Most experienced eBay sellers recognize the importance of effective photos in their ads.

But photos are like a two-edged sword.

Don't put any in (to make your auction page load faster), and you are probably not going to have much auction selling success.

Put too many pictures in, and then your auction page will quickly become too slow to load. People are impatient! One of the basic rules when setting up a website is "Make it load fast!". Each time you create an eBay ad, you are creating a miniature website. Each picture you add increases the amount of time that a prospective customer has to wait.

Remember! WAIT is a four-letter word! Nobody likes to wait in this rush rush rush society.

I have a confession to make... I have to admit yours truly was guilty of making fat, slow loading, auction ads!

Let me explain. I never even noticed.


Because I have a fast computer with a cable modem internet connection. It is FAST FAST FAST. I used a dial-up connection for the longest time because high speed access was not available in the area. The day the cable guy came to install my fast internet connection my wife thought I was going to kiss the installer full on the lips :-) 

So for nearly three years I have been in broadband bliss, enjoying my always on blazingly fast internet connection. My traumatic memories of dial-up access slowly faded away.

I noticed the problem not too long ago when I was in Orlando, Florida for business. I brought my laptop with me and had to use a dial-up connection. Oh man..... I was dying!  I had forgotten how slow a dial up connection is.

When I looked at one of my eBay auction ads, my mouth almost hit the floor. I could actually watch the picture SLOWLY painting on the screen. My immediate thought?

"Oh, no. How many people ran out of patience waiting for my eBay auctions to load and left before it even loaded?"

The sad thing was that I had compressed my pictures with a JPEG photo compression program that I had paid $100.00 for! I figured that was the best I could do.

Since I had never tried looking at my ads using a dial-up connection, I didn't realize how inadequate my photo compression program was!

Most people who use eBay have a dial-up connection! Was I cutting my auction views by 50% or more because of my fat photos?

Man.... All my fat pictures have probably hurt me more than I will ever know.

Well, I'm not one to cry over spilled milk. What is done is done. My focus was on how I could correct the problem for ALL OF MY FUTURE AUCTIONS! I knew there had to be a solution.


Of course I couldn't stop putting photos in my ads. The most reasonable solution was to find a way of compressing the pictures better!

I started hunting for such a program. I tested out nine other programs before I hit the jackpot. I found this program that just blew the other ones out of the water.

It is simply fantastic! This is one seriously capable program! It has about a gazillion ways it can change the image, but IT IS SO EASY TO USE!  :

The program is called JPEGMagic. It is an EXCELLENT tool. Here is what it looks like:



It allows you to load a picture in and see a split view. The original image is on the left, and the highly compressed image is on the right. When you load the picture it automatically figures out what the best settings are and displays the result in the right panel.

It can resize pictures, rotate/flip pictures, convert to gray scale, reduce colors, and much more. My favorite feature though is it's ability to magically crunch a picture to a FRACTION of it's original size.

I hate programs that make you enter a numeric value, click on OK, and look at the result. If you don't like it you need to click, click, click, enter a different numeric value, click on OK, and look again. If you don't like the result, then you need to do the same process over and over and over again. Ack! That drives me nuts!

Forget about that hassle. With JPEGMagic it is so much faster and easier to do.

See the three slider controls along the bottom of the window in the screenshot above? As you move them, you change the compression amount IN REAL TIME.  It is incredible. As you adjust the size the picture changes automatically. It allows you to QUICKLY and EASILY adjust the picture to get the most compression possible.

Simply watch the picture while you slide the bar. Once you think the picture has lost to much quality, then just slide it in the other direction a nudge, and you are done.

Yes, it is that easy to use. No numbers to type. No repetitive time consuming guessing.

Hold on, it gets even better.

JPEGMagic has a batch processor that will blow you away. Imagine this scenario. You just took 100 pictures at a resolution of 1280 x 1024. You want them all to end up being 600 pixels wide so they look nice and consistent in your auction ad.  Here is how fast and easy the software can compress the images.

  1. Drag and drop all the files onto the program.

  2. They are displayed in a list where you can (if you want) process them independently. You can easily move forward and backward through the list.

  3. To process the batch automatically, you just click on the magic wand.

  4. You type in that you want all photos to be 600 pixels wide, and set the directory where it should write the compressed files to.

  5. Click on [Start].

That's it. The software will quickly do it's magic and display it's progress in a status window.

When it is done, it displays a web page with links to click to view all the processed photos in your browser.

Now that's powerful and easy.

JPEGMagic is like having a very smart, very fast, and very efficient assistant. One who doesn't go on vacation, or even expects to get paid :-)

Although the software is ideal for eBay auctions, it is not limited to that. You probably use your camera for taking other pictures too. JPEGMagic makes it easy to process these photos too. Suppose you want to combine a family album of pictures. Use the batch mode to not only compress the pictures, but to also make thumbnail versions of them at the same time. ALL AUTOMATICALLY.

 A Quick Lesson In Image Compression

The reason to compress an image is to save on both storage space required, (but more importantly for us) the amount of time it takes to load the picture into someone's internet browser.

There are two methods of image compression, lossless and lossy (not lousy)

In lossless compression, the finished image will look identical to the source. No graphical data is lost. The image is just compressed to save space. The end result is that the file will be smaller, but still very large. A common format in this category is a BMP file (known as a bitmap). It is an exact representation of the image.

The second and more common method is called "lossy" compression. This is where you trade off the quality of the image in return for a tremendous reduction in file size. There are multiple standards, but the most popular format for these pictures is called JPEG. When you see an auction picture on eBay, chances are it is probably a JPEG image.

The trick is compressing the picture as much as possible while still giving enough graphical information to the picture serves it's purpose.

JPEGMagic can even compress images taking a different approach. For example, you can tell it that a picture cannot be over 25,000 bytes, and it will automatically give you the best looking compressed picture without going over that size. How slick is that?

When I say it is easy to use, I'm not exaggerating. It is like using Microsoft Paint.  I've put together a streaming video which shows how quick and easy it is to use the program.

Click on the picture below to see the video now.


Note: If you do not have flash loaded, or  have a slow internet connection you may have a long wait to see the video. The video is about 6.5 megabytes. You may prefer to download it by clicking here and pressing [SAVE] instead.


How much of a difference can compressing
your images with JPEGMagic make?

I went through this website and my eBay ads looking at some of the pictures I was using. I was totally blown away at how much more compressed they could be. Here are just a few examples:

DescriptionBefore BytesAfter BytesSpeed %
Washington Post / EBay Live Photo37,51617,15354% FASTER
$360 220lb Stainless Steel Scale 57,32936,30736% FASTER
Bathrobe pictures in FAME (Feedback Ad Maker for Ebay)61,284 8,29486% FASTER
12 AWESOME Ways To Locate Merchandise picture28,0208,31070% FASTER

When someone clicks on one of your auction pages, it must load fast! Otherwise they will impatiently go and look and buy from your competitor.

Not only does this program compress pictures, it does so much more. Check out some of these features:


  • Fast interactive compression to JPEG, PNG or GIF files.

  • Real-time preview of compressed image.

  • Various compression controls.

  • Synchronized Side By Side view.

  • Handy tools for image scrolling and zooming.

  • Basic image manipulation and enhancing operations.

    • Resampling (resizing), cropping

    • Rotation/Flipping

    • Brightness, Contrast, Gamma correction

    • Levels adjustment

    • Color balance, Tones adjustment

    • Negative, Conversion to Grayscale

    • Convolution filters (Sharpen, Blur)

    • Cleaning (noise reduction)

  • Image acquisition from scanners or digital cameras via TWAIN.

  • Simple built-in batch processor and thumbnail generator.

If you want to view the HELP file that comes with the program, then Click Here. (The file is only 64Kbytes. When the gray box appears, you should click on [OPEN])



Who Is The Author Mike Enos?

  • He has sold over $607,000 on eBay in the last 21 months FROM HOME!
  • Received eBay's prestigious Platinum Powerseller award for achieving over $25,000 in MONTHLY sales.
  • Invited to give three presentations on finding product to sell at eBay LIVE 2003 in Orlando, Florida
  • Has been written up in the Washington Post twice.
  • Been a guest on multiple business radio shows.
  • Been interviewed twice along with eBay's own Dean of Education Jim "Griff" Griffith on business talk radio.
  • Has helped thousands of people to start their own successful eBay selling business.
  • Writes the world's best and amazing FREE eBay selling newsletter.

Q: Can I try BEFORE I buy?
A: Sure, Click here to download a full working demo of the program. You have 30 days to evaluate it. You will probably only require 30 minutes or less to decide it is for you.

Q: Do people viewing my pictures need a special download or viewer to see pictures compressed with JPEGMagic?
A: No. Every internet browser in the world will be able to view the pictures without problem.

Q: Will JPEGMagic run on a Mac computer?
A: No, It requires a PC running either Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP

Q: Will it work my digital camera?
A: Yes, JPEGMagic will work with any digital camera. If your camera has a TWAIN interface, then JPEGMagic will be able to directly communicate with it. Otherwise you would use the software that came with your digital camera to save the files to your computers hard drive.  JPEGMagic will then load the files from the hard drive.

Q: I don't yet have a digital camera. Can I use my scanner with JPEGMagic?
A: Yes, as long as it is a TWAIN based scanner. Almost all scanners now use this interface method. You can scan a picture or object placed on the scanner directly into the software.

 What Others Are Saying About JPEGMagic

Hi Mike,

WOW!! I was an Information Technology consultant for many years and Im not easily impressed by software programs.

But your program JPEGMAGIC, is just what it names implies Magic!!

I put 20 pictures or more in each of my auctions so it is important to me that my pictures load quickly. With JPEGMAGIC my pictures load fast and still look great! The program effectively compresses my pictures to 1/4 of their original size with no discernable impact on the picture quality.

JPEGMAGIC is a quality product that delivers everything that it promises, and at less than $50.00 its a steal.

Thanks for your great product!

Stephanie McIntyre
Highland Park, NJ


First off I would like to thank you for your newsletter, It really does help.

In just the first couple of months of receiving it I have improved in selling on eBay by 110%.

I took the chance and bought JPEGMagic even though I use Corel to edit all of my pictures, this is what I found out. When I use Corel a $695.00 editing program it does compress my pictures as much as JPEGMagic, but only if you edit the picture. But when you really don't need to edit a picture then what do you do?

Well use JPEGMagic which does what Corel does not do and that is COMPRESS your pictures (for $650 less!).

For example if you open a picture in Corel and try to save it nothing happens, with JPEGMagic it compress's it almost in half or more, without changing the quality of your picture.

Now that's Magic. Every eBayer should have this program.

For one ad, I had 192K of pictures. JPEGMagic reduced it to just 23K WITHOUT losing image quality. It made loading 75% faster!

Thanks again,

Bill Hendrix
Galivants Ferry, SC

Hi Mike!

I admit I was somewhat skeptical about the value of this program at first.

I have Paint Shop Pro and use it for images, jpegs, gifs and so on. It has compression tools for jpegs and I can vary the quality of the jpeg in return for a smaller size.

I found JPEGMagic to be so much easier to use for this however, and consistently got smaller files, better looking jpegs.

I'm convinced! I went through a number of new auction ads I had been preparing, and compressed all the images -- many of them became less than 50% of their original size.

I lay my ads out in Front Page 2000 which gives me a reading at the bottom: Each of these particular ads read "128 seconds over 28.8 bps" before compression. After compression, it states "65 seconds over 28.8 bps". The ad loads up more than a minute faster!!

That's great -- I'm going to be using this tool for all my ads from now on.

These are pretty good sized ads with a number of graphics, of course.

Thanks Mike!

The product definitely performs as claimed and gives me good results.

Michael D. Savin
San Diego, CA

JPEGMagic is definitely a better compression tool than others I've tried.

The first two photos I compressed with JPEGMagic cut their size to 35% (Editor: 65% smaller) without any visible loss in quality, resulting in significantly faster loading.

This is the best on the market that I've used.

Thanks for the heads up, Mike.

This tool will make the setting up and presentation of my ebay store much easier.

Miles Athey
Ritzville, WA

Mike -

I purchased JPEG magic a little over a week ago and have been very impressed with it thus far. It works fabulous for auctions, but I also use it for sending images to friends and relatives who have dial-up connections.

Have a great weekend.

James Heck
Church Hill, TN



  • Meaningful pictures are key to a successful auction.

  • Half (or more) of eBay buyers have a slow dial up connection. If your ad loads up too slow, you will be losing them as customers!

  • If your competition has a faster loading auction ad, they WILL STEAL SALES FROM YOU!

  • If your photos are compressed with JPEGMagic, YOUR ads will load faster. This will give YOU an advantage over your competition!

  • JPEGMagic is fast, easy, and a great investment.

  • Don't wait. Put this great tool to work right away.

You will not believe how much faster your pictures will load after using JPEGMagic on them. So act now. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and get your copy of this fantastic tool.

With much success,

Mike Enos

P.S.  Don't worry, Your competitors will not be able to figure out that you used JPEGMagic to drastically reduce the size of your files. They will go nuts trying to figure out how you do it! It will be our secret :-)

P.P.S Not only do you get the above, but if you order by midnight on Monday, January 03,I'll also include the following two bonuses:




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Mike Enos / Jim "Griff"Griffith Interview!

For a while now I have also had an audio interview that I have wanted to share with my readers. I appeared on a nation business radio program called "StartUp Nation". The show is dedicated to helping people "start up" their own business.

This particular show was about starting your own eBay business. I had the pleasure of being on the show with eBay's own "Dean of Education", Jim "Griff" Griffith.


The problem is that it is a 38 megabyte MP3 file. It is no small task to download (or stream) such a large file over the web.

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