Learning Annex SUPER Special Training

Monday 15 March 2010 @ 9:17 am
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Phewwww… Got back around 11:30pm last night from Times Square, New York City.

Had the chance to speak the Learning Annex Internet Expo at the glorious Marriott Marquis.

There were thousands of people in attendance, and I was asked to talk about starting an eBay business in two separate classes.

The Learning Annex asked if I would put together a special training package.

The result was the BEST training deal that I have EVER put together.

Since very few of my subscribers were able to get to New York City for the event, I felt it was only fair that I make the same offer to everyone (at least for a limited time)

You aren’t going to believe all you get!

Here’s the scoop…

You’ll get:
* From eBay Zero To eBay Hero CD (Value $97)
* The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula (Value $197)
* FEAST (Fullblown eBay Auction Selling Toolkit (Value $297)
* eBay Training Cruise (Value $497)
* Auction Traffic SECRETS (Value $197)
* 1-Hour Group Telephone Mentoring Session (Value $499)
* 1-Year AuctionTNT.com Platinum Membership (Value $179)

Total value $1963

Learning Annex Price: ONLY $697 WITH FREE SHIPPING!

Grab your copy here while you can!

Here is a link to the show flyer.

The first 10 who grab their own copy will also learn the money method I taught a friend.
With this method you buy something for $500-$600, pull it apart and sell the pieces for a
$2000-$3000 PROFIT! I can’t reveal this secret to too many people because it may lose it’s effectiveness. But you can do this over and over and over! It’s almost like printing money :-)

I reserve the right to permanently remove this offer at anytime, so don’t delay!

Questions: Send them to LearningAnnex@PlatinumPowerSeller.com

Today’s Awesome Blog Deal Just Posted!

Monday 19 October 2009 @ 2:59 am
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 Today's Awesome Blog Deal!
This expires in:

Click Here To Reveal The Deal And Claim Your Copy

www.PrimoDiamond.com - Your own Diamond Jewelry Site!

Tuesday 16 June 2009 @ 10:20 am
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People spend a LOT OF MONEY on diamond jewelry.

Most have had that a man should spend 2 months salary on a diamond enagement ring.

That’s a lot of money.

And don’t forget watches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, etc…

Here’s your chance to own a website that automatically puts money in your pocket by helping people get the best price on the web whenever they buy any diamond jewelry.

The site is called http://www.PrimoDiamond.com


$395 will allow you to claim this site and get started collecting affiliate commissions.

More info at http://BuyYourNichesite.com/

www.BestGolfPricing.com - Everything Golf!

Monday 1 June 2009 @ 5:10 pm
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Here’s your chance to own a website that automatically puts money in your pocket by helping people get the best price on the web whenever they buy any golf equipment.

Golf is a HUGELY addictive sport.  People can’t help buy and buy and buy.

The site is called http://www.BestGolfPricing.com  


$395 will allow you to claim this site and get started collecting affiliate commissions.

More info at http://BuyYourNichesite.com/

LowestLaptopPrice.com - Laptops, Netbooks & Accessories

Friday 29 May 2009 @ 4:57 pm
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Here’s your chance to own a website that automatically puts money in your pocket by helping people get the best price on the web for their laptop computer needs.

More info at http://buyyournichesite.com/



(Note: This sold right after being announced. For more information on getting a custom site built for you, visit http://buyyournichesite.com/)

HDTVDealFinder.com - Home Theater Price Search Engine

Wednesday 27 May 2009 @ 3:11 pm
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Sorry, This Site SOLD In LESS Than 1 Hour!

Want A Custom Site?  Contact Us

Here’s the latest price comparison search engine site…. http://www.HDTVDealFinder.com

No doubt about it, Home Theater is HOT HOT HOT.

People love to spend THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars to purchase and upgrade their Home Theater system.

This site not only helps people save many hundreds of dollars on their flat screen TV, audio system, mounting hardware, and all the other goodies….

…but it puts commissions into YOUR POCKET each time they make a purchase!

Check out this video that explains it better.


The Last Site We Released SOLD IN JUST **9 MINUTES **,

So You Want to MOVE FAST!

The site looks like a MILLION bucks, and before would have cost you MANY thousands of dollars to have created, but our automation tools enabled us to shave off hundreds of hours of development time at a great cost savings to you.

You can grab it outright for $895 or we have a convenient 4 payment plan ($395 down, $197 per month for 3 months)

Our last 7 sites sold out fast.

This site WILL NOT last!

Here’s the scoop:

You’ll get ownership of the domain and website,  and 6 months of free hosting.

You keep all the commissions.

Hosting after that will be just $147 per year.

If you are interested or have more questions, you can call us at 800-788-6057 or 508-678-9900,

Your Video Game Shopping Price Comparison Site

Thursday 21 May 2009 @ 3:02 pm
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This SITE SOLD IN 9 MINUTES After Announcing It Via email!

We can create a CUSTOM NICHE SITE FOR YOU!  Simply contact us

If you are interested or have more questions, you can call us at 800-788-6057 or 508-678-9900


The Video Game Business is HUGE!

Very HUGE!

According to CNET.com, sales this past March were $1.43 BILLION.  That’s a lot of people spending money on video games.

So even though the economy stinks, people are still spending the big bucks on their “VGs”.

People want to get their video games for the best price possible.

That’s what our newest site is all about. It’s called http://www.VGShopper.com

This site was designed from the ground up to help people find the best prices online for their addiction (er.. I mean hobby)

I posted a video on YouTube that explains the site

A great thing about video-gamers is that they buy and buy and buy and buy.

They are SERIOUS repeat customers.

When they come to VGShopper.com and save big bucks (while putting a healthy commission in your pocket) where do you think they’re going to go to find their NEXT game?

That’s right, to your profit producing VGShopper site.

The Last Site We Released SOLD IN JUST **4 HOURS **,

So You Want to MOVE FAST!

The site looks like a MILLION bucks, and before would have cost you MANY thousands of dollars to have created, but our automation tools enabled us to shave off hundreds of hours of development time at a great cost savings to you.

You can grab it outright for $895 or we have a convenient 4 payment plan ($395 down, $197 per month for 3 months)

Our last 6 sites sold out fast.

This site WILL NOT last!

Here’s the scoop:

You’ll get ownership of the domain and website,  and 6 months of free hosting.

You keep all the commissions.

Hosting after that will be just $147 per year.

If you are interested or have more questions, you can call us at 800-788-6057 or 508-678-9900

Your Own Price Comparison Search Engine

Friday 15 May 2009 @ 8:44 am
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(This sold in 4 hours. Be sure to visit www.BuyYourNicheSite.com and signup for the VIP First Chance Emails)

Every month MILLIONS of smart shoppers go to price comparison search engines like PriceGrabber.com, NexTag.com and other search engines whose sole purpose is to show you where to get the price for practically ANY ITEM!

My design team just finished making a fantastic site with a fantastic domain www.PrimoPrice.com


It’s really amazing how much price difference you’ll find among online merchants.

For example, searching for this Samsung LCD TV, it shows a range of prices from $319 to $599.

This strongly encourages people to buy.

I’ll explain…

Someone comes to your site looking for this LCD TV (or any other item) and they see that there is almost a $300 difference, this psychologically motivates them to grab it while they can.

And you’ll get a commission no matter which merchant they select.

The site looks GREAT! People will think that a giant corporation owns this site and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop it. :-)

Our automation software enables us to shave off hundreds of hours of development time at a great cost savings to you.

You can grab it outright for $895 or we have a convenient 4 payment plan ($395 down, $197 per month for 3 months)

All of our previous sites SOLD OUT FAST!

(In fact, the one before this sold out IN 1 HOUR!!!)

Here’s the scoop:

You’ll get ownership of the domain and 6 months of free hosting. Hosting after that will be just $147 per year.

Find out more here, before someone else snatches it away from you.

Your Own Book Affiliate Niche Site.

Friday 8 May 2009 @ 5:58 pm
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NOTE: This Site Sold In Less Than 1 HOUR To Someone
On the VIP list.

Join the VIP list to get 1st notice!

When you think of the first BIG online business, what do you think of?

Perhaps Amazon.com?

Amazon has sold at least a gazillion books online! :-)

Books are a HUMUNGOUSLY popular item to buy online.

Now you can have a site that makes you money by helping people find the book they want at the best price possible.

It shows a price comparison for a bunch of the top book selling websites.

So no matter which merchant they purchase from, YOU GET A COMMISSION!


Not only that but it also automatically lists any of those books for sale on eBay, AND includes matching results from Clickbank.

The site is called http://www.BestBookShopper.com

Books are one of the most popular items purchased online.

Let’s be serious for a second…

Do you really care where you buy a book from?

It’s the same book no matter whether you buy it from Amazon, Borders, Buy.com, or whoever. You just want the best price.

Here’s a sample of what a HUGE price difference there are in buying books.

You can get it for just $9.95 from Buy.com or cough up 60% more buying it from Borders!  :-(

The great thing is whether they pay the lowest price, the highest price, or somewhere in between you get a commission!


  • No inventory to purchase
  • No warehouse space required.
  • No customer service headaches
  • Nothing to ship.

The site looks like a MILLION bucks, and before would have cost you MANY thousands of dollars to have created, but our automation tools enabled us to shave off hundreds of hours of development time at a great cost savings to you.

You can grab it outright for $895 or we have a convenient 4 payment plan ($395 down, $197 per month for 3 months)

Our last 3 sites sold out fast.

(In fact, the one before this sold out before we even promoted it!)

This site WILL NOT last!

Here’s the scoop:

You’ll get ownership of the domain and 6 months of free hosting. Hosting after that will be just $147 per year.

Find out more here, but you better move before it’s gone.

Freebie Friday - "Free Dropship Focus"

Friday 8 May 2009 @ 6:30 am
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Hey, I couldn’t wait to tell you about today’s Freebie Friday.

One of the most exciting ways to make money online is dropshipping on eBay.

Between myself and others who have applied what they learned in my
12 Killer Dropshipping SECRETS for eBay Sellers, we have made a LOT of money!

No Inventory - No Warehousing - No Packaging - No Shipping


One of the most trusted sources for product sourcing is Worldwide Brands.

When anyone asks where to find products to sell for profits, that’s the company I tell them to go see.

One product that they are temporarily giving away for FREE is called “Dropship Focus“. 

Many have paid $97 for this.

Dropshipping can be a great way to make money on eBay, but it can also be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Would you like to know if dropshipping is right for you?

Then, for a short period, you can get this great information for absolutely free

Why are they giving away a $97 product?

Click here to find out.

Home & Garden Affiliate Site For Sale

Friday 1 May 2009 @ 4:20 pm
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How would you like an automated profit producing website based on one of the HOTTEST topics around?

My team is just finishing up a gorgeous professional looking website dealing with the Home & Garden topic.

This topic is super hot.

The term “home & garden” was searched over 2.2 MILLION times in March alone!

Not only that, but we’ve worked in a bunch of other phrases that together had over 1 MILLION searches in March!

In this blog post I explained how these sites work and how they make you money.

Basically, it allows you to become an affiliate for over 5000 merchants and 3 MILLION items!

The site allows people to do a quick price comparison to find the merchant with the best deal.

The cool thing is that you can “stack the deck” so you get a commission no matter which merchant they buy from!

In the blog we mentioned a Pet Site.  

SORRY! It was quickly snatched up and sold.  I’m sure this will do the same!

You can see the Home & Garden site here.

You can read more about this site and view the keyword report .

You can even claim your own custom site designed to your specifications.

Happy Profits!

..Mike Enos

Great Tool For Screen Sharing

Friday 10 April 2009 @ 2:47 pm
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Do you ever have problems with your computer and you need someone to help?

Or do you have family and friends asking you to help them with a computer problem?

It’s one thing if your in the same room, but what to do when they aren’t nearby?

Today’s Freebie Friday has your solution

I recently came across a fantastic tool that you can use to share your computer screen with someone else, or do the opposite and they can share their screen with you.

It’s called ConnectNow and it’s by Acrobat.com, the people who invented the PDF and Flash files.

It rocks!

You simply load the tool in your browser. To invite someone to share your screen you simply mail them a special URL (web address) that they paste in their browser.

You’ll be asked to click a link to allow them to see your screen. That way your screen is safe from prying eyes. :-)

Then if you want you can give them control of your screen so that they can use their mouse and keyboard to work on your screen!

You can even talk by voice using your microphone (although I had some problems getting this working 100%)

What a great tool if you aren’t sure how to do something and your computer whiz friend can show you right on your own screen.

Personally, I’m using this to interface with my remote employees working on AuctionTNT.com and InstantNicheMaker.com.

I’m also planning on setting up family members who come to me with their computer problems ;-)

You should signup for ConnectNow 

Great tool!  I give it a double thumbs up!

Freebie Friday - 6 Foolproof Steps In Picking A Great Niche

Friday 27 March 2009 @ 11:16 am
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No matter if you are selling on eBay, your own website, or building niche websites, not all niches are created equal.

Anyone who has done any online marketing realizes that unfortunate truth.

Some questions you may have wondered about include:

“How do I pick a GREAT Niche?”  and “What determines if a niche is a good pick?”

In this post we’ll discuss four steps involved in going from idea to profitable niche website.

You’ll find links for all the resources at the bottom of this article.


Step #1: Thinking Of A Niche

No matter what type of online business you are going to have, you need to be able to select a great niche.

The other day I read a FANTASTIC 8 page ebook that described the process in an eye opening way.

It gives you 6 different tests to use to determine if you’re considering a winner or a loser niche.

Learn these 6 methods and you’ll have too many niches to work with :-) 


Step #2: Can That Niche Be Monetized?

Ok… so you’ve thought of a good niche that really touches the emotional buying buttons of your audience as learned in step #1.

The question is…. Can you make money with this niche?

You see, not only does a niche have to be one that your visitor has a strong impulse toward, there are also other factors you need to consider.

For example:

  • Are enough people searching for this niche topic?
  • Are they looking to spend money, or just obtain free info.
  • Is it a hot topic that they will act on now, or not for the future.

A great tool to help you with this process is called Micro Niche Finder.

This software allows you to easily uncover niches that aren’t overcrowded. It tells you how many people are searching the keywords of that niche, how much an Adsense ad costs per click for that phrase, the commercial intent of people searching on  that topic. (That is, are they likely to whip out their credit card and spend some $$$)

It even has buttons for “Hot Trends” and “Brainstorm” to help you if you’re simply drawing a blank.

Warning: This is a program that runs on your PC. It does not run on Macs.

But you’ll still learn a lot from watching the free video training.


Step #3: How To Monetize A Niche

So now you’ve found a great niche topic with lots of interests, growing in traffic, and people like to spend money on it.

Now how do you monetize it?

Most successful niche marketers have several, even many different niche websites.

Should you sell digital product? Should you sell physical product? Affiliate Marketing? eBay Affiliate links? Adsense?

My friend Joel Peterson has built a small army of “Money-Making Websites” that make between $75,000 to $125,00 per month. 

His best month has been $253,741.99!

I just finished his incredible video course, the man KNOWS his stuff.

Joel is a great teacher and his info is accurate and top rate. Double thumbs up and HIGHLY recommended.

In fact, I’ll be implementing and automating many of his techniques he teaches in this course in my Instant Niche Maker site.


Step #4: How To Build Your Niche Websites.

Let’s admit it…. Some people are technical and some people aren’t.

Some people love spending HOURS of time building websites and programming, while others would prefer to push a button and have a gorgeous website automatically created for them.

If you have limited time and experience then you need help in getting your niche sites created.

Instant Niche Maker is rocking the planet with it’s ability to make a site in about 30 seconds.

When people who describe themselves as “Computer Illiterate” are knocking out a dozen websites in a day, you know that they’ve got a secret weapon.

That’s Instant Niche Maker.

Note:  On April 1st, the price of Instant Niche Maker is going up $50, so if you’ve hesitated, now’s the smartest time to go visit so you can lock-in the lowest price ever before it goes up.

You can even get a full blown trial for 5 days for less than 5 bucks.

It’s making it possible for anyone to have their own army of niche websites.


Resource Mentioned In This Article:

Below are the links for all the information discussed aboved:

  • Instant Niche Maker.com: The member’s only site for instantly creating niche sites.
  • Joel’s videos on how to monetize niche websites.
  • Software to help uncover and research highly profitable niche topics.
  • Ebook on the 6 different tests to use to qualify a niche


Comments? Feel free to leave them below.

Cool Price Comparison Money Maker

Friday 20 March 2009 @ 11:40 am
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When you surf the web, you probably have seen advertising like below.


InstantNicheMaker members can EASILY add these to their blog posts (like you see here) or any HTML page that they make.

When someone clicks ANY of the above links and purchases the item, Ka-ching, they earn an affiliate commission.

Talk about having the deck stacked in your favor!  It doesn’t matter which one is selected you get paid!

This is just another new money making feature that InstantNicheMaker members are gaining access to.

Members (some who call themselves “Computer Illiterate”) are flipping out over how easy it is to create professional, gorgeous, profit making niche websites.

But you need to be warned…

Come April 1st (No fooling) the membership price is increasing from $97 to $147. 

Not only that, but once we finish adding some additional “kick-butt” features the membership will then go to $197.

Existing members need not worry. Since they took action, they will be locked in at the $97 price.

If you’ve wanted to build your own empire of profit making niche sites, there is no easier way than InstantNicheMaker.

In fact you only have to invest $4.95 to test drive it for 5 full days! 

You have nothing to lose.. unless you don’t take action.

Go check it out for yourself and save $50 (or $100) while you can.

Want Your Own Price Comparison Website?

Monday 16 March 2009 @ 12:28 pm
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Have you ever visited a price comparision search engine site?

Sites like  nexTag.com, pricegrabber,shopzilla, etc… ?

These sites are awesome when you are looking to buy ANYTHING. They show you a dozen or more online merchants selling the exact item and give you the best price (including shipping)

Isn’t it nice of them to do that?  :-)

Wanna know a SECRET?

They don’t do it to be nice! I know you’re shocked! 

Here’s the scoop…

These sites receive MILLIONS of visitors daily and earn affiliate commissions by sending visitors to these sites. They don’t care which merchant is chosen because they make money no matter which merchant the visitor chooses.

Talk about stacking the deck in your favor!

Can you imagine thousands of people holding their credit card in hand, hungry to buy an item, coming to your site and clicking on your affiliate link putting money in your pocket all day long?

Sweet way to make money isn’t it!  No inventory, no sales, no customer service. VERY Sweet.

Now here’s the bad news…. If you think you’re going to build a site that competes with the giants, you may as well forget about it.

But… here’s the good news.

Imagine having your own NICHE site that shows the best prices for the best products from the best merchants.

In the past this was IMPOSSIBLE to do. The search engine “back end” capability required hundreds of thousands of dollars in programming and hardware.

Think about it. Being able instantly scan the inventory of thousands of merchants selling millions of products requires a LOT of computer horsepower!

We now have the automation technology in place where we can create and run these sites rather inexpensively.

For example, take a look at this pet oriented shopping site.

This site provides an instant online petshop for you. The great thing is that you don’t stock anything and no matter who the customer buys from you get a commission!

In the past you EASILY could have paid more than $25,000 to have this custom site created for you.

In recent months we’ve been secretly and quietly developing technology to create these niche shopping comparison sites.

While perfecting our technology we have created some live test sites that we are letting go at a fraction of their value.

In fact, the pet oriented shopping site site mentioned earlier is for sale.  You can buy it outright for only $1195 (first come first served) or we can work out a payment plan where you invest $495 and make payments on the balance.  We’ll even host it for you for a year for free.

You will have to sign up for a few affiliate programs in order to start receiving the affiliate payments. We’ll walk you through the simple steps. It’s free to join these programs. You just have to fill out some forms.

If you want to “flip” the site and sell it for a huge profit, that’s allowed too.

If you are interested, drop an email to shoppingsite@auctiontnt.com Subject=Pet Site

While we developed this technology for our in-house usage, we might be able to schedule in time to create a few of these for interested readers.  The cost will be around the same as the pet site. If you have an idea and want to create your own niche shopping site then If you are interested, drop an email to shoppingsite@auctiontnt.com Subject=Custom Site

I know many of my readers are looking for ways to supplement their eBay selling income and create additional streams of income. 

Having your own website that create it’s own content to help bring itself traffic and generates commissions for you totally hands-off is simply incredible.

Great Graphics Tool

Monday 16 March 2009 @ 8:10 am
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The other day an InstantNicheMaker member asked me about how to resize images that they use in their niche site.

It reminded me of a tool that I have used daily for at least 4 years now.

It’s a graphics tool called JPEGMagic.

I use it for scanning in pictures, resizing images, and compressing them like crazy so they load as fast as possible.

Back when I was researching graphics tools to do this job I didn’t like most of what was out there. Some of these software tools cost $100 or more and none had a feature that I wanted, the ability to see two views of the graphics file, the before and after showing side by side.

So I finally came across a graphics tool that an unknown programmer from Russia had created.

It blew me away! It was not only exactly what I wanted but even better.

You ever hear the commercial where someone says “It was so good that I bought the company” ? :-)

That’s what I did. I purchased the product, had some changes made and started selling “JPEG Magic”.

Thousands of people who build websites and sell on eBay love this tool and use it daily.

If you need a simple to use tool to obtain, crop, scale, rotate, brighten, or modify images then check this one out.

You can read more here.

You can watch a demo video of it in action.

JPEGMagic is a great tool for working with photos and images, so go check it out.


Fun Freebie Friday - Get Your MoJo Back!

Friday 16 January 2009 @ 6:34 pm
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Hey everyone. I’m been so straight out busy with my the huge success of InstantNicheMaker.com that I haven’t had much time to focus on much of anything else.

Man… I could use a few clones. (Not CLOWNS, but clones :-)

But I came across a really good ebook that you should take a look at. It’s by my buddy and former eBay trainer Steve Lindhorst, and is entitled “10 Things Small Sellers Can Do To Get Their Mojo Back

It’s a FREE ebook, so grab your copy.

Steve is unique in that he has trained thousands of people on how to make money on eBay but also helps people branch out to Amazon.com.  His ebook “Selling on the River” is the perfect guide for the eBay seller that also wants to become part of this exciting marketplace.

Hint… Hint…  Amazon is HOT!

One thing that holds a lot of people back from branching out into different streams of income is figuring out how to select a niche (or niches) to pursue.

I’ve heard that from a number of people interested in Instant Niche Maker.

They’ll ask:

How do I find a profitable niche to pursue?

If that is a stumbling block for you, then take a look at “The Niche Book“.

It explains in a simple step by step format how to pick a GREAT niche with a minimal amount of energy and wasted time!

Man, it was below ZERO degrees this morning. Think that’s the coldest I’ve seen it in my area in the last 10 years.

Tomorrow might be even colder.  :-(

So if you’re in a cold area, bundle up this weekend. If you’re in a warm area, please keep it to yourself. :-)

Enjoy your weekend,


Monday Morning Done Right.

Monday 12 January 2009 @ 10:22 am
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Do you dread Monday morning?

So many people do. If you have a job that you hate, it can be tough to get yourself motivated to leave the house and face another week of “working for the man”.

It’s weird…

When you work for yourself, you actually have to FORCE yourself to NOT work!

Really! I LOVE getting to my computer and checking my sales (Ka-Ching), answering emails, even dealing with the problems and “gotchas” that make the day both interesting and go by so fast.

This morning though I received an extra bonus.

A member of InstantNicheMaker.com sent me an unsolicited testimonial. Here it is:

I have spent dollar after dollar trying to learn to make money on the internet, I have been so overwhelmed with emails and offers spent more money on programs I already spent money on just to become more overwhelmed and get more offers to buy something else.

In less than a month I have made money with this program and have not been required to make anything but the initial investment.

The support is Top Notch.

If I can do this anyone can. All I could do one year ago is check my email and run a couple of ebay listings.

Now I have fully functioning web site making money.

Thanks Instant Niche Maker for giving me back my desire to get ahead.

Will Sims

New Mexico, USA

Knowing that you’re making someone’s life better is a great feeling. :-)

In these difficult economic times, it’s a smart move to work on having multiple streams of income

If you solely rely on your J-O-B to put food on the table and a roof over your head, you are in a precarious situation!

When you have multiple streams of income, you can weather any financial storm MUCH easier.

Many people who in the past supplemented their income by selling on eBay are finding it more and more difficult to do so.

Having the ability to build a profit producing niche websites in 30 seconds by clicking a button is something ANYONE can do with a minimum of time and effort. No inventory, packing, customer support, eBay fees, etc…

Have you ever watched the news before a hurriance, blizzard, or some other disaster is about to strike, and the TV shows people all waiting until the last minute to buy plywood, batteries, and food?

That’s so crazy…

The time to prepare for a storm is long BEFORE it hits!

NOW is the time for you to prepare yourself and your family for any financial storm that is on the horizon.

Today when you visit, not only can you take a free “test drive”, but you can get a 5-day membership for just $4.95.

If you have any questions, you’ll even see a LIVE chat feature on the right side of the web page.

So start your financial planning right now.

Best Regards,


P.S. - In a couple of weeks when you start making profits with your niche sites, don’t forget to send your testimonial. :-)

How To Find A Niche Topic

Friday 26 December 2008 @ 2:41 pm
* * * * * 1 votes

With the recent release of Instant Niche Maker, some people have been wondering “How do I find a niche topic?”

I just put online a video that shows EXACTLY how to find valuable niche topics, and I share the tools/websites that I personally use to find these niche topics.

The great thing about having niche sites is that it is MUCH easier to make money with them.


Most people try to make a single site that alone will product a LOT of money. This approach can be very difficult for the average person.

While with Instant Niche Maker, it is much easier to create a bunch of sites that only have to produce a little money each.

The trick is:

  1. Know how to find popular niche topics that people have interest in. You want a consistent amount of traffic and visitors. This video shows you EXACTLY how to do this in a minute or two.
  2. You need to be able to create professional looking and designed niche sites very quickly and easily. That’s where Instant Niche Maker comes in. Want to see for yourself?  Then click here to INSTANTLY create your own niche site.
  3. It’s MUCH easier to have 20 sites making you $5.00 a day on auto-pilot, than a single site which requires hours of time and attention making $100 a day! Which would you rather have? A bunch of maintenance free sites that bring in multiple streams of income, or all your eggs in basket with a single site that requires a TON of time and effort?

Niche Sites In 30 Seconds! My Most Amazing Project Yet!

Thursday 18 December 2008 @ 12:58 pm
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It’s FINALLY Ready!

This is the most amazing software tool that I’ve ever designed and built.

How would you like to build a complete professional looking niche site designed from the ground up to put money in your pocket?

Image if you could simply enter your niche topic and in 30 seconds generate a site that includes:

  • Videos
  • News
  • eBay Items
  • A Price Comparison Engine
  • A Complete Blog
  • Automatic site submission to Google, Yahoo, and MSN
  • A complete shopping cart where you can sell digital and physical products.
  • An Auto-Responder for building a list of hot prospects and be able to email them anytime you want.
  • More, More, More!

Not only that, but you can make money from each site 8 different ways! These include:

  • eBay Affiliate Program
  • Become an affiliate for 6200+ merchants selling over 30,000,000 items!
  • Google Adsense
  • Sell ebooks and other digital products, or physical products from your shopping cart.
  • etc…


You Don’t Have To Imagine!


It’s called Instant Niche Maker, and it’s unlike ANYTHING that you’ve ever seen before.

It does ALL the work for you.


And the sites are BEAUTIFUL, not ugly like other automation sites create.

There’s so much more to tell you about, but it’s already documented for you here

It Launches Tuesday, December 18th BUT ONLY FOR 100 MEMBERS!

What’ s really cool is that you can easily make a demo site yourself in 30 seconds.

Simply do the following:

  1. Visit InstantNicheMaker.com
  2. Click on the choice labeled “Test Drive”. You’ll be BLOWN AWAY!

That’s it for now.

Tomorrow, I’ll explain more!


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