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Auction Traffic SECRETS Sneak Peek Video #3

Tuesday 29 January 2008 @ 6:50 am

Can you find just 2 hours a week to start your own auto-pilot profits business?

If you are a busy person then you know how difficult it is to find extra time to take the necessary action to reach your online business goals.

In between work, family, home, and many other obligations it sure can be difficult.

That’s why Auction Traffic SECRETS was designed to allow you to take just 2 random hours out of the week and build a profitable and growing business.

In Sneak Peek Video #3 which just went online, you’ll see how work you do NOW can pay you this week, next week, and beyond!

Everyone can find 2 hours a week. Some simple ways are:

  • Cut out (2) hours a week of TV
  • If you can’t miss your favorite show(s), record them and skip through the commericals.
  • Wake up early.
  • Go to bed late. :-)

And with Auction Traffic SECRETS, the 2 hours each week don’t necessarily have to be at the same day or time.

When you watch the video, you’ll be AMAZED at the “Power of 2 Hours”

I explain it all in sneak peek video #3

While there you can also catch sneak video #1 and #2.

After watching this video, can you do me a favor and let me know what you think about it?

There are 2 ways.

  1. Click on the yellow star at the top of this post.
  2. Or, click the link labeled ‘Comments’ below.

Enjoy, and talk to you soon!

eBay Training Cruise DVDs Released

Thursday 10 January 2008 @ 1:57 pm

Have you ever been on a cruise? 

Ahh… It’s a wonderful thing. Nothing like escaping the cold, grey, dark winter days at home to spend a week aboard a gorgeous luxury cruiseship.

There is something about taking a cruise that is just sooo…. relaxing. You have time to sit, relax, and enjoy great conversation.

…And don’t forget all that delicious food! :-)

If you think a cruise is a great fun vacation, try mixing it with learning at the same time!

That’s what I did when I organized the world’s first eBay training cruise. People flew thousands of miles, and spent thousands of dollars to grab their spot.

Some of you reading this were there LIVE (and loving every minute of it! :-) )

Unfortunately, some reading this wanted to go, but just couldn’t. :-(

Even others had to be turned away (and have their deposits refunded) because the CRUISE WAS COMPLETELY SOLD-OUT with no more room aboard! That REALLY stunk! :-( 

It was AN INCREDIBLE event and week of INSIDER eBay training. The instructors were Tim Knox, Jim Cockrum, & myself.

Now… don’t get me wrong… I LOVE Tim & Jim, but chances are if you try calling them, or emailing them, you’re gonna have a VERY tough time getting a response. Hey, they’re busy guys, and they’re trying to do a million things in a busy day just like you.

But trap these two powerhouses on a cruiseship for a week (with no internet or phone to allow them to work) and POOF… they suddenly become the most approachable guys in the world. Yep… the water and sunshine does that to ya! ;-)

AND… when the three of us got together as a panel to answer the attendee’s questions… WOW, it was fantastic.  The experience, ideas, and personal insight that came from those sessions was INCREDIBLE.

At last you can experience it for yourself in the comfort of your own home(without the sea-sickness) 

Not only that, but by claiming your copy of the training, you can SAVE 80% off the cost!

We’ve put together a bunch of free video samples.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Scoop eBay Deals While You Sleep!

Friday 21 September 2007 @ 12:01 am

The information that you are going to read in this section will help you both as an eBay buyer and an eBay seller.

You’ll learn a cool trick on how to find REALLY good bargains (or bah-gens as we call them in Massachusetts :-)  )   and how to use a couple of tools to help you score the auction items while you sleep.

The video below explains it all for you.

Watch eBay Video On How To Scoop Up Auction Deals While You Sleep

Below are the links mentioned in the video

Click Here for the sniping tool I personally use.

Click Here for eBay Misspelling Tool.

Click Here for the limited free sniping tool mentioned.

Free Interview Reveals eBay Store Success SECRETS!

Friday 8 June 2007 @ 12:00 am

eBay Stores are the most powerful e-commerce solutions on the internet. There is no place else where for less than $16 a month you can reach over 215 Million customers, get powerful search engine optimization AND advanced marketing tools for free.

However – of the over half a million eBay Stores that are currently open, 99% of them don’t take advantage of these powerful money-making tools.

And what happens? They lose out on the $5B made on eBay every year.

My friend Janelle Elms is the expert I go to get the latest and greatest about eBay stores. She is a lead eBay University instructor and creator of the highly successful eBay 101 and 102 classes taught nationwide.

She KNOWS her stuff!

We got together and I grilled her about what the 1% of successful eBay Store operators know that the rest don’t.

eBay Stores are much easier to setup and get traffic to than a regular website. With the info you’ll learn from Janelle you’ll be on your way to a highly profitable web business.

Below are the links you need to listen to my special interview with eBay Store Expert - Janelle Elms

Click here to download a ZIP version of the MP3 recording.

Click here to find out more about making your own top eBay Store

Or, you can listen to it by clicking below:



I also have just transcribed the interview.  If you would like to download and print the interview, Click Here.

Click Here to claim her one-of-a-kind videos.

P.S. For everyone who purchases the eBay Stores Success Video prior to midnight PST on June 30, 2007…YOU will receive exclusive access to a 3-session e-commerce Success Newsletter & Marketing training this July.  

This rare training opportunity is a value of $697 and will include:

  • Over 6 hours of instruction with Janelle Elms, eBay University instructor, best-selling author, Dean of Online Business for LA International College, and Success Coach (I know, I rarely do coaching, but have decided to come out of retirement to help all of you who choose Success!!)

You will learn:

  • Why an online newsletter is your most powerful marketing tool
  • How to set up your eBay Store Newsletter correctly for profit

Did you know that you can get 75% off of your final value fees IF your eBay Store’s Newsletter is set-up correctly for profit?

  • Why you should have a newsletter outside of eBay
  • About the most powerful newsletter tool I have found that will increase your business without you having to do anything (all the big marketing gurus use this tool - isn’t it about time YOU knew about it?)
  • How to drive insane traffic to your newsletter (on eBay or off) using traditional and some very non-traditional marketing methods

This must-know training (value of $697) will be provided to all who are legal owners of the eBay Stores Success Video by midnight pst on June 30, 2007!!  You will receive automatic notification of this coaching training later on in July - this notification will include your exclusive guest passcode information.

Click here to find out more about making your own top eBay Store

Get A Peek At Another New Secret eBay Weapon!

Wednesday 6 June 2007 @ 12:45 pm

My new membership site is and within it, you will find tools that all eBay sellers need to make their businesses successful.

In fact, you WILL NOT find this combination of tools ANYWHERE else.

Want a peek?

Here’s the second of several preview videos, this one focusing on the newly updated, better-than-ever FAME (Feedback Ad Maker for Ebay)

*** Click on the picture above to start playing the video! ***

After you watch the video, please come back and leave a comment!

Get A Peek At Your New Secret Weapon!

Tuesday 5 June 2007 @ 11:58 am

It has been taking place secretly for the last several months.

The time has finally come to begin revealing the next generation of eBay tools - tools that will explode your eBay profits!

My new membership site is and within it, you will find tools that all eBay sellers need to make their businesses successful.

In fact, you WILL NOT find this combination of tools ANYWHERE else.

Want a peek?

Here’s the first of several preview videos to whet your appetite:

*** Click on the picture above to start playing the video! ***

After you watch the video, please come back and leave a comment!

$50 MSN Credit + $50 Yahoo Credit +Free Training Videos!

Tuesday 29 May 2007 @ 12:00 pm

You’ve probably heard of using Pay Per Click (PPC) in the search engines to get traffic to your website. But can you use PPC to drive traffic to your eBay listings or eBay Store?


But you may have wondered, “How can I get started?  What if I lose money?”

I’m going to take care of both problems today.

Not only can you get $50 in free traffic for MSN, but you can also get $50 in free traffic from Yahoo Search Marketing.

That’s $100 in all, just to try out Pay Per Click advertising!

By clicking the link below, you get also get free access to 3 training videos focused on helping you get started!

Each video takes one of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) and shows you step-by-step:

  • Introduction to the Search Engines
  • How to Navigate Them
  • Live Demo - Create a Campaign, Ad Copy, and Keyword List
  • Review of Editorial Guidelines
  • Keyword and Bidding Tips
  • How To Track Your Campaigns
  • And More!

All this for FREE!

What are you waiting for?!?

Click Here To Go Watch The Free Videos and Get Your $100 in Advertising Credits!

Dropship Products From The UK!

Monday 26 March 2007 @ 11:39 am

Do you want to dropship products, but live in the UK?

I just got an email from a reader asking for my suggestions regarding that very question.  He wrote:

Hi Mike.

I am very interested in the ebook, but live in the UK. Will the information still be viable for me, as the wholesalers etc all seem to be in the US.

It’s really hard over here to find genuine wholesalers and the ones I have found don’t really stock the stuff I want.

Cheers - Steve.

This continues to be a concern for my overseas readers.

The answer is…

Yes, you can dropship if you live outside the US, and yes, someone will help you to find companies to work with.

That’s right, you will be able to talk to a LIVE HUMAN that will help you get your dropshipping questions answered.

They will even do research to find a solution that works for you!

I’ve posted about this solution before, and it’s still highly useful and recommended!

Click here to read the blog post.

Audio & Video Make All The Difference!

Sunday 18 March 2007 @ 12:00 am

Adding audio and/or video to your eBay listings do more than just help you stand out in the crowd.

It builds TRUST!

That is something that is extremely important to your eBay customers.

Just realize how many potential customers look at the quality of your listing and your feedback score.  Customers will be more likely to buy AND to pay MORE for items from sellers they like and trust.

When you start utilizing audio and video in your eBay listings you will set yourself so far ahead of the pack it will be ridiculous.

There’s only a select group of sellers that have been doing this, and doing it right.

The results…it’s made those sellers incredible sums of money.

Now it’s your turn to get in on the action.

With AudioVideoRiches you’ll be a part of the “Online Multimedia Revolution” and increase your sales, buyer confidence, customer satisfaction and your profits using this proven media…

With it, you can quickly learn how to take full advantage of internet audio and video and use it in your eBay listings as a fool-proof marketing tool on a budget anyone can afford.

In fact, you will only pay once for lifetime access to training and tools you need to skyrocket your profits!

AudioVideoRiches is the unfair advantage you’ve been searching for. It’s the competition killer you deserve. And, if you act right now, Jason is offering an
“early bird” discount for those that take action right away. He’s kindly rewarding the quick thinkers with a generous price reduction.

Click here to get your AudioVideoRiches today!

The ULTIMATE eBay / eBiz Product Sourcing Tool

Monday 1 January 2007 @ 12:01 am

The most popular question I get asked is: “What Can I Sell On eBay?”

It’s something that many eBay sellers need to know.

Today I am writing about a BRAND NEW tool just launched by WorldWide Brands that ROCKS!

It’s called OneSource. It is a web-based tool that allows you to quickly find one or more sources for practically any type of product. 

OneSource is the Only Source you need for:

  • Drop Shippers
  • Light Bulk Wholesalers
  • Large Volume Wholesalers
  • Instant Import Buys
  • Liquidators.

You can search by brand name, product, or supplier.  Not sure what to sell?  Then click on “product” and you can see every product categorized from A-Z.

Simply read through until you find something that catches your eye! 

Man.. There is Sooooo… much listed.

For example… click on the letter “B” and there are 1585 product categories listed. Ie… “B Vitamins”, “Ba Gua Zhang DVDs” (Don’t ask), “Babinski Hammers”,  “Baby Accessories”, etc..

Even the letter W has 1226 different product names! 

If you want a certain brand name, you can find all the brands represented also grouped by first letter. When I click on the letter “S”, I see there are 490 different brands listed. These include Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, etc…

This database contains the LATEST and greatest wholesalers and products.


Another cool feature is that you have the option to only show suppliers added in the last 30 days. This makes it super simple to be the first to find a hot new product supplier!


I’ve put together a video to show you more.

***Click on the video picture below to watch it.****

Sound Only? Problems Watching Video? Need the latest Flash Player? Click Here to download it now!


Cool Facts About OneSource

  • OneSource is The World’s LARGEST Source of eCommerce Wholesalers
  • OneSource is NEVER oversaturated with too many sellers picking from the same small list of products/suppliers. OneSource is updated daily with NEW Wholesalers and Products.
  • Real-Time Market Research data is displayed on every product searched in OneSource! (Great for beginners so they can better understand what kind of products to sell…and of course where to get it!) Quickly find a products Demand, Competition, Advertising potential, current Auction Prices and an instant Analysis of the products chances of selling well online.
  • Great Value: Price: $299.00 with introductory offer of $50.00 off (Total: $249.00) - No Monthly or Annual Fees. One Time price for a LIFETIME Membership to OneSource.
  • Real Wholesale Prices: OneSource Wholesalers have the BEST Wholesale Prices you can get.
  • Real Wholesalers: OneSource ONLY lists Genuine Manufacturers and Factory Authorized Distributors.
  • Every Type of Supplier you Need: OneSource is the Only Source you need for Drop Shippers, Light Bulk Wholesalers, Large Volume Wholesalers, Instant Import Buys and Liquidators.

WorldWide Brands had done a GREAT job designing this valuable tool.

If you are looking for items to start or grow your eBay/Online business then click here to go check it out.


Make Your eBay Listings Jump Out and Sell!

Friday 15 December 2006 @ 12:00 am

During a recent seminar I made the point that of all the eBay auction posting add-ons, I like the gallery image feature. (The gallery image is the the tiny picture that is displayed to the left of the auction description when you do a search.)

But, I think that the way that most people use the feature makes it useless.

For example,

click here to view a bunch of auctions on eBay for Sony Playstations

Notice how they are all using gallery images that blend together?

What good is that?

The point is do NOT make your gallery image look like everyone else’s.

Do something different than what everyone else is doing.

Here is the scenario:

1. The person types Sony Playstation 3 and clicks on [Search]

2. You and a bunch of competitor’s ads come up on the screen.

3. Your ugly (but effective) ad grabs their eyeballs.

4. They then read YOUR item title description.

5. They ignore the rest and click on your link to see your item. Cha-Ching!

The gallery image should scream to get their attention, so that the potential buyer ignores the competition.

How To Make a KILLER Gallery Image Picture

A properly created gallery image is like a screaming kindergartener in a class room.

How can you NOT notice him (or her)?

You just can’t help ignoring the nice, quiet kid and noticing the off the wall noisy one. (Hopefully, your kid is the quiet one!)

Creating a gallery image is not really a big deal unless you don’t know how to make one. (Hee..Hee..Hee…)

I made a video using Microsoft Paint which shows you how to do so.

Click here to view the video.


eBay Sunday Paper Profits!

Friday 27 October 2006 @ 12:01 am

Did you know that getting the Sunday paper is one of the best investments that you can make?

In my area it’s only 2 bucks a week to have it delivered to your home.

Actually… I should say delivered to my driveway.
(Hmmmmmph, way back when I was a paper boy I delivered each paper to the door while walking uphill both ways. None of this sissy driving a car stuff! :-)

Anyway, today you are going how to easily make $50, $100, or more on eBay by using that $2.00 paper.

The easiest way is to show you a video that explains it all.

eBay Sunday Paper Profits Watch Video

Learn more eBay Profit Making Secrets

How To Scoop Up eBay Deals While You Sleep

Friday 13 October 2006 @ 12:01 am

The information that you are going to read in this section will help you both as an eBay buyer and an eBay seller.

You’ll learn a cool trick on how to find REALLY good bargains (or bah-gens as we call them in Massachusetts :-)  )   and how to use a couple of tools to help you score the auction items while you sleep.

The video below explains it all for you.

Watch eBay Video On How To Scoop Up Auction Deals While You Sleep

Below are the links mentioned in the video

Click Here for the sniping tool I personally use.

Click Here for eBay Misspelling Tool.

Click Here for the limited free sniping tool mentioned.

How To Speed Up Your Computer

Friday 6 October 2006 @ 12:01 am

The other day the whole family was outside. My 8 year old son was riding his bike up and down the street.  Looking at his bike I could easily see that the two tires were very low on air and running kind of flat.

So we plugged in the handy-dandy compressor in the garage and filled up those tires plumb full of air.

What was so cute was when Austin hopped on the bike and took it for a test-drive.  He said “Daddy, I feel like I’m floating on my bike now! How did you do it?”.  :-)

Yep… Dads are miracle workers!  (hee hee hee)

Sometimes a little tune-up can make a BIG difference. If it makes that much difference for a toy, it’s a HUGE difference for a tool that you use to make a living!

If you have an eBay / Internet based business then there is no more important tool then your computer. Lately, I’ve been battling gremlins that have been slowing down the computers in my home office.

Now not to brag (but I’m gonna anyway), I’m not your normal computer newbie person. I’ve been programming computers since 1979. My Dad bought our first computer, a Tandy /Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1.  This computer was so old (You say… ‘How old was it Mike…’), it used a cassette recorder to save it’s programs. (That’s a whole blog post in itself :-)) It also had no lower case letters, just uppercase. Fortunately though, there was a hack where you could open it up, solder 16 legs of a memory chip to another chip, drill a hole in the keyboard and install a push button to serve as a “Shift” key.

Really…  I kid you not.  Ok, let’s get back on track.

I also built an IBM-XT compatible from pieces in 1984 without actually seeing one before.

So, the GOOD thing is I’ve been battling with computers for almost 30 years.

The bad news is that I think I’m cursed.

That’s right cursed!

I’m the guy who always stumps the tech support people. “Hmmmm….. Sorry Mr. Enos, I’ve never seen that happen before. Why don’t you try reformatting your hard drive and installing a fresh copy of Windows XP”.

Grrrrrr….   Yeah right….

Lately, when Jocelyn, my office manager’s computer was running sooooo… slow (even though it has 1 Gig of RAM and is a recent model) that she started growling at the computer and mumbling threats under her breath, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Not just her computer, but my bad boy CPU with 2Gig of memory was having brain lapses. It was time to take action.

First you need to see if there is a simple solution. When your computer is running slow you need to see exactly which (and how many) different programs / services are running.

Below I’ll show you the steps to try to see what is going on.

Step #1 : See how many programs / processes are running in memory.

A common problem with Windows XP and many Windows programs is that they “leak memory”. That means that they start out using a small amount of computer memory, but as time progresses the application greedily gobbles up more and more of this precious resource.

I’ve put together a video to show you how to do that.

Step #2 : Identify Background Processes That Are Running.

If you want to know what programs are currently running in your computer, what they do, and whether or not you want to keep (or whether to un-install it) you can use this FREE nifty tool shown below:

Windows Inspector Screenshot


You can download it from here

You’ll probably be surprised at how much useless stuff is running in the background on your computer. You’ll also be amazed at how much memory “tiny little cute” programs use. 

Try uninstalling applications that you don’t really need to give you back precious memory.

Step #3 : Add More Memory To Your Computer

This is a biggie.  If you don’t have enough memory your computer is going to run SLOWWWWWW…..

Some PCs are sold with only 256Meg of memory. This should be illegal because it makes the computer practically unusable.

Do you know how much memory you have in your computer?

Here is an easy way to find out:

- Click the [Start] button, [Programs] , [Accessories] , [Paint]

- Once Paint is loaded, Click on [Help] , [About Paint]

You will then see a screen like:

How Much Memory Using Paint About Screen

If you only have 256Meg of memory, then you MUST MUST MUST put more memory in your PC.  It will SERIOUSLY run something like 5X faster!

Really, adding memory is the most “bang for the buck” method of speeding up your computer. Memory is weird though. The price goes up and down like a yo-yo depending on supply and demand.

Here is my favorite site for buying memory. You’ll like it because you simply tell it the manufacturer and model of computer or electronic device and the website will show you exactly what you need. No brain work or guessing necessary.

Buy memory for your computer here.

Step #4 : Memory Hog Programs.

I’m probably risking getting death threats from corporate hit-men, but the truth must be told!  ;-)

A lot of programs are HUGE memory hogs! (oink oink)

Here are some things I uncovered.

Memory Hog #1: IM (Instant Messengers)

Before I was using both MSN Messenger & AOL’s messenger. Thank goodness that I didn’t need Yahoo messenger too! Together these programs were not only using about 250Meg of memory but were also using a lot of CPU time.

Solution?  Trillian.  This FREE program ROCKS! It combines the main IM tools into a convenient, fast, and fairly memory efficient  (about 87 Meg) of memory. Just switching to that saved me about 160Meg of memory.

You can get your FREE Trillian from here.

Memory Hog #2: Memory Leaking Programs.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Frontpage, Access) as well as many other programs are full of leaks. That means that the longer they are running, they keep using more and more memory.

The Solution? ..  Buy a Mac.   (Ha Ha)   <–Laughs from the 2 people using reliable Macs.

(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ….)  <— Laughs from the 6 bilion people using memory leaking Windows XP PCs

Question:  Why don’t Macs have memory problems?

Answer: Because they don’t have any programs to run on them.

Ha…Ha.. Ha…. (I’m sure I’ll get some nasty comments for that one)

Ok… back to the story.

Seriously, either reboot your system on a regular basis, or usually just closing the program and reopening it will cause the application to use less memory to improve the situation.  Watch the video above to review how to do that.

Memory Hog #3: Virus Protection / Scanning Programs.

Ack.. This is a major problem. PCs (but not Macs  <—brownie points) are required to spend a ton of CPU power and memory to protect us from the nasty world of viruses, trojan programs, and other hack attack attempts.

Some VERY popular programs are big time HOGS!

I was using McAfee (annual online version), but it was a pig that kept getting fatter. They recently updated their Security Center and it just killed us.

We switched to an extremely highly rated solution that is a free / fee based application called  AVG from Grisoft.


Another popular but FAT program is Spy Sweeper. It has the habit of jumping in and scanning your system in the background which can seriously slow down your PC. We’re still using it, but I’m thinking of getting rid of it.

If you are using Spy Sweeper or some other virus programs, be sure to check it for memory and cpu usage using Windows Task Manager. (See video above)

You also may be able to tell it when to scan your system. Select a time like 3am, so it doesn’t start running in the middle of your work day and slow your computer down to a crawl.

Memory Hog #4: Desktop Indexing Programs Like Google Desktop & X1.

In the past I have recommended two programs that index your email and other items on your hard drive to make it FAST and EASY to locate any information in just a second or so.

We previously used, but it became unstable and tool CPU hungry.

We have since changed to Google Desktop  (Get It Here)

This is an INCREDIBLE program. It makes it so fast and easy to find anything on your hard drive. It can even remember web pages that you visited so you can find the info later.

The negative side is that it CAN use a lot of memory. Google Desktop uses about 100 Meg of memory on my system, but it is sooooo… worth it.

When someone calls about a question on their order, we simply enter their invoice number, email address, zip code, or their name, and we can INSTANTLY see all emails we have sent and received.

Although technically qualifying as a memory hog, this is worth buying memory for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



Your computer is an extremely valuable tool. It’s worth taking time to make it run as fast as possible.

Try the above methods and you should see a major difference.

When you do, please leave a comment below.


Cash In A Flash - Sell Junk Mail On eBay!

Wednesday 27 September 2006 @ 7:00 pm

Did you know that people are selling JUNK MAIL on eBay everyday?

This video is going to show you a piece of junk mail that sells for $20 - $29 EVERY day on eBay.

Chances are you’ve simply thrown it a way in the past.


You’ll also learn how to easily make $100 or more with this simple and easy idea.

How To Sell Junk Mail On eBay!

Don’t Get RIPPED Off Online! Use This FREE Research Tool To See Who You Can Trust

Friday 22 September 2006 @ 12:01 am

Have you ever been RIPPED off on the web?

Have you ever found an interesting website based company, but don’t
know if it’s “legit” or not?

Ever found a dropshipper or wholesaler, but aren’t sure if they can
be trusted?

This tool, which is owned by the “grandaddy of the internet”
will help you “get the scoop” on any website in the world.

Make Money Sitting On Your Butt?

Tuesday 12 September 2006 @ 2:46 pm


Hey, who wouldn’t? :-)

Today, I’m going to share with you a SECRET that I have used to
effortlessly put THOUSANDS of dollars in my pocket.

Oh Yeah!

It’s a cool website that automatically generates multiple cash
streams for you.

You can earn cash from:

   o Google Adsense

   o eBay’s Affiliate program

   o Clickbank

   o etc…

It’s a complete website that is specifically customized for you
so all the affiliate payouts go to your pocket.

(Oops.. Actually… You DO have to get off the couch to walk
to the mailbox to get your affiliate payout checks! )

This private website is jammed packed with serious revenue
generation features.

For example… One cool feature that you should  know about is it’s
“misspelling tool”. Many eBay auctions contain spelling errors. This
included tool will help you take advantage of this, both as a
buyer and a seller.

Customized websites are normally very expensive. Many people
regularly pay thousands of dollars to have a custom website built
for them.

The best and easiest way to see it for yourself is to
watch this online walk-through video that explains it all for you.

You’ll also learn how to grab your own super customized website for…

*** Only $77 ***

That’s right, just $77.

It’s a special SHORT TERM lowest price EVER deal I’ve worked
out especially for you.

So click here right now and go watch the video to see
it in action and get your own private golden goose!

$400 Mentor Training Session for $12.18

Thursday 31 August 2006 @ 4:03 pm

Click Video To Watch

Click Here To
Get Your Copy And Learn The Secrets Of This One Hour Long $400.00 Session
For Only $12.18

(Why $12.18?  Because my beautiful baby
Selena was born at 12:18am on 08/17/2006. )

I was thinking of making it $2006, but figured that might be a bit pricey 

The day after our session I interviewed Rob
(the person who received the call). 
When I asked him how valuable was the call?  He responded:

"That One Hour Phone Call Was
Worth THOUSANDS Of Dollars!  I Went From
Banging My Head Against The Wall To 5 SOLID IDEAS!"  


(Note: This is a 4 minute, 30 second long Interview)


Would You Like Your Own One-On-One Mentoring Session So You Can FAST-Track Your Profits?
Then Call 800-788-6057  or (508) 678-9900

Man Sells ‘Mermaid’ On eBay

Monday 14 August 2006 @ 8:57 am

This is a video of a man who sold a mermaid (or sea-monster) on eBay.
The problem is that he MISSED OUT ON A TON OF MONEY!!
In this video you will learn how this auction can help YOU to make more money and view eBay as a multiple profit making machine!

Click Video To Watch

eBay LIVE 2006 Video - mPire

Monday 14 August 2006 @ 3:58 am

Mpire has a great
collection of FREE and fee based eBay auction tools

Click Video To Watch

Mpire Researcher
is their FREE tool for researching what is
selling on eBay and for how much. You can even access it from your
cell phone!

Mpire Builder
is their incredible auction management tool. It does
the work of a few employees for a ridiculously low price!

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