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Back From eBay LIVE 2007 Boston!

Tuesday 19 June 2007 @ 12:00 am

I just returned from eBay LIVE right up the road from me in Boston, MA.

The convention took place June 14-16 and was jam-packed full of sellers, reps from eBay itself, and reps from other companies wanting to share their eBay tools with any who would listen.

There was a meet-and-greet that was open to all eBay sellers on Wednesday night at Ned Devines.  I was a co-sponser of the event, and was able to meet some of my readers there.

Ina Steiner, of the popular eBay sellers news site AuctionBytes was there, and interviewed me about my eBay observations.

You can listen to the podcast here.

All-in-all, I had a great time meeting old friends and making new ones!

I took some video again this year, and will be sharing it in the coming days.

Free Interview Reveals eBay Store Success SECRETS!

Friday 8 June 2007 @ 12:00 am

eBay Stores are the most powerful e-commerce solutions on the internet. There is no place else where for less than $16 a month you can reach over 215 Million customers, get powerful search engine optimization AND advanced marketing tools for free.

However – of the over half a million eBay Stores that are currently open, 99% of them don’t take advantage of these powerful money-making tools.

And what happens? They lose out on the $5B made on eBay every year.

My friend Janelle Elms is the expert I go to get the latest and greatest about eBay stores. She is a lead eBay University instructor and creator of the highly successful eBay 101 and 102 classes taught nationwide.

She KNOWS her stuff!

We got together and I grilled her about what the 1% of successful eBay Store operators know that the rest don’t.

eBay Stores are much easier to setup and get traffic to than a regular website. With the info you’ll learn from Janelle you’ll be on your way to a highly profitable web business.

Below are the links you need to listen to my special interview with eBay Store Expert - Janelle Elms

Click here to download a ZIP version of the MP3 recording.

Click here to find out more about making your own top eBay Store

Or, you can listen to it by clicking below:



I also have just transcribed the interview.  If you would like to download and print the interview, Click Here.

Click Here to claim her one-of-a-kind videos.

P.S. For everyone who purchases the eBay Stores Success Video prior to midnight PST on June 30, 2007…YOU will receive exclusive access to a 3-session e-commerce Success Newsletter & Marketing training this July.  

This rare training opportunity is a value of $697 and will include:

  • Over 6 hours of instruction with Janelle Elms, eBay University instructor, best-selling author, Dean of Online Business for LA International College, and Success Coach (I know, I rarely do coaching, but have decided to come out of retirement to help all of you who choose Success!!)

You will learn:

  • Why an online newsletter is your most powerful marketing tool
  • How to set up your eBay Store Newsletter correctly for profit

Did you know that you can get 75% off of your final value fees IF your eBay Store’s Newsletter is set-up correctly for profit?

  • Why you should have a newsletter outside of eBay
  • About the most powerful newsletter tool I have found that will increase your business without you having to do anything (all the big marketing gurus use this tool - isn’t it about time YOU knew about it?)
  • How to drive insane traffic to your newsletter (on eBay or off) using traditional and some very non-traditional marketing methods

This must-know training (value of $697) will be provided to all who are legal owners of the eBay Stores Success Video by midnight pst on June 30, 2007!!  You will receive automatic notification of this coaching training later on in July - this notification will include your exclusive guest passcode information.

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Get A Peek At Another New Secret eBay Weapon!

Wednesday 6 June 2007 @ 12:45 pm

My new membership site is and within it, you will find tools that all eBay sellers need to make their businesses successful.

In fact, you WILL NOT find this combination of tools ANYWHERE else.

Want a peek?

Here’s the second of several preview videos, this one focusing on the newly updated, better-than-ever FAME (Feedback Ad Maker for Ebay)

*** Click on the picture above to start playing the video! ***

After you watch the video, please come back and leave a comment!

Get A Peek At Your New Secret Weapon!

Tuesday 5 June 2007 @ 11:58 am

It has been taking place secretly for the last several months.

The time has finally come to begin revealing the next generation of eBay tools - tools that will explode your eBay profits!

My new membership site is and within it, you will find tools that all eBay sellers need to make their businesses successful.

In fact, you WILL NOT find this combination of tools ANYWHERE else.

Want a peek?

Here’s the first of several preview videos to whet your appetite:

*** Click on the picture above to start playing the video! ***

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Use eBay Traffic To Build Your Business!

Thursday 1 February 2007 @ 12:00 am

One of the greatest challenges facing those who want to market online is getting traffic to your website.

It’s not a matter of “Build it and they will come.”

You have to get eyeballs to see what you have to offer.

A great benefit of eBay is it’s built-in traffic. In fact, over 251,000,000 unique visitors came to eBay during the month of December 2006!

How do you get a piece of that action?

My buddy Tim Knox has teamed up with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming to offer a new course entitled “Auction Traffic Mastery.”

This course is just being released today, so you are one of the first to hear about it!

The course contains 9 CDs which include over 8 hours of audio and video training, as well as full PDF transcripts of all the audio.

Tim and Dr. Mike say, “Our Auction Traffic Mastery Home Study Course is
the most complete program ever produced on creating information products and using the enormous power of eBay to drive traffic to your other websites, to build a massive optin and customer list, and more!”

Click here to check it out now!

The ULTIMATE eBay / eBiz Product Sourcing Tool

Monday 1 January 2007 @ 12:01 am

The most popular question I get asked is: “What Can I Sell On eBay?”

It’s something that many eBay sellers need to know.

Today I am writing about a BRAND NEW tool just launched by WorldWide Brands that ROCKS!

It’s called OneSource. It is a web-based tool that allows you to quickly find one or more sources for practically any type of product. 

OneSource is the Only Source you need for:

  • Drop Shippers
  • Light Bulk Wholesalers
  • Large Volume Wholesalers
  • Instant Import Buys
  • Liquidators.

You can search by brand name, product, or supplier.  Not sure what to sell?  Then click on “product” and you can see every product categorized from A-Z.

Simply read through until you find something that catches your eye! 

Man.. There is Sooooo… much listed.

For example… click on the letter “B” and there are 1585 product categories listed. Ie… “B Vitamins”, “Ba Gua Zhang DVDs” (Don’t ask), “Babinski Hammers”,  “Baby Accessories”, etc..

Even the letter W has 1226 different product names! 

If you want a certain brand name, you can find all the brands represented also grouped by first letter. When I click on the letter “S”, I see there are 490 different brands listed. These include Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, etc…

This database contains the LATEST and greatest wholesalers and products.


Another cool feature is that you have the option to only show suppliers added in the last 30 days. This makes it super simple to be the first to find a hot new product supplier!


I’ve put together a video to show you more.

***Click on the video picture below to watch it.****

Sound Only? Problems Watching Video? Need the latest Flash Player? Click Here to download it now!


Cool Facts About OneSource

  • OneSource is The World’s LARGEST Source of eCommerce Wholesalers
  • OneSource is NEVER oversaturated with too many sellers picking from the same small list of products/suppliers. OneSource is updated daily with NEW Wholesalers and Products.
  • Real-Time Market Research data is displayed on every product searched in OneSource! (Great for beginners so they can better understand what kind of products to sell…and of course where to get it!) Quickly find a products Demand, Competition, Advertising potential, current Auction Prices and an instant Analysis of the products chances of selling well online.
  • Great Value: Price: $299.00 with introductory offer of $50.00 off (Total: $249.00) - No Monthly or Annual Fees. One Time price for a LIFETIME Membership to OneSource.
  • Real Wholesale Prices: OneSource Wholesalers have the BEST Wholesale Prices you can get.
  • Real Wholesalers: OneSource ONLY lists Genuine Manufacturers and Factory Authorized Distributors.
  • Every Type of Supplier you Need: OneSource is the Only Source you need for Drop Shippers, Light Bulk Wholesalers, Large Volume Wholesalers, Instant Import Buys and Liquidators.

WorldWide Brands had done a GREAT job designing this valuable tool.

If you are looking for items to start or grow your eBay/Online business then click here to go check it out.


Make Your eBay Listings Jump Out and Sell!

Friday 15 December 2006 @ 12:00 am

During a recent seminar I made the point that of all the eBay auction posting add-ons, I like the gallery image feature. (The gallery image is the the tiny picture that is displayed to the left of the auction description when you do a search.)

But, I think that the way that most people use the feature makes it useless.

For example,

click here to view a bunch of auctions on eBay for Sony Playstations

Notice how they are all using gallery images that blend together?

What good is that?

The point is do NOT make your gallery image look like everyone else’s.

Do something different than what everyone else is doing.

Here is the scenario:

1. The person types Sony Playstation 3 and clicks on [Search]

2. You and a bunch of competitor’s ads come up on the screen.

3. Your ugly (but effective) ad grabs their eyeballs.

4. They then read YOUR item title description.

5. They ignore the rest and click on your link to see your item. Cha-Ching!

The gallery image should scream to get their attention, so that the potential buyer ignores the competition.

How To Make a KILLER Gallery Image Picture

A properly created gallery image is like a screaming kindergartener in a class room.

How can you NOT notice him (or her)?

You just can’t help ignoring the nice, quiet kid and noticing the off the wall noisy one. (Hopefully, your kid is the quiet one!)

Creating a gallery image is not really a big deal unless you don’t know how to make one. (Hee..Hee..Hee…)

I made a video using Microsoft Paint which shows you how to do so.

Click here to view the video.


Free Trial Copy of "The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula" Course!

Friday 1 December 2006 @ 12:00 am

For a couple months now, I’ve been promoting my newest eBay
training course “The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula.”

Keep on reading to learn how you can get your FREE TRIAL!

The course answers such questions as:

  • What should I sell?

  • Where do I get product to sell on eBay?

  • How do I start and grow my business?

Many people spends weeks or months trying to research and find answers
to these questions.

That is unnecessary!  Look at all the information included in this training course:




An additional item on the Bonus CD is an 80-minute interview I conducted
in November with my importing guru “Mr. B.”

This new audio bonus, “eBay Importing Profit Secrets,” reveals four different
“SECRET” sources
for researching and finding manufacturers for practically ANY product, and much, much more! 

So if you want to learn all about importing from an expert, then you need
to claim your copy.  The information you will acquire from Mr.  “B.” is worth
many times what you’ll pay to claim your copy of the entire program!

I have advertised “The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula” course
for as much as $197.

But now, for the next few days (or until I come to my senses)
I am going to give away trial copies of my best-selling eBay
and Internet training course… for FREE, *just pay the shipping
and handling charge.

To review the entire training course, Click Here (But don’t order from this page!)

Then take the next step in your eBay career and claim your Trial Copy
before I come to my senses and take this page down!

To get your Trial Copy, Click Here!

FREE Bonus eBay Importing Profit SECRETS

Tuesday 28 November 2006 @ 12:12 pm

It’s no secret that importing product from China to sell
on eBay and the internet is a HUGE business.

Importing though can be scary when you don’t know the ropes.

I’ve always relied on my personal eBay importing guru “Mr. B”.

(Just one item “Mr. B” supplied me generated over $77,000
in sales on eBay. )

Since he has been my eBay SECRET weapon for over 4 years now,
I’ve always kept his identity strictly **hush-hush**.

That was until LAST WEEK!

Recently I conducted an 80 minute tele-seminar with my
importing expert guru “Mr. B”.

eBay Importing SECRETS By Mike Enos

Originally… this interview was going to be part of an
importing training package which would sell for $297 - $497.

It still might be in the future, but it wouldn’t be fair to hold back this information until then!

So today you can get it as a FREE BONUS when you claim your copy of The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula.



Click Here To Read more about eBay Importing Profit SECRETS

Can You REALLY Make Money Dropshipping On eBay?

Thursday 24 February 2005 @ 5:26 pm

This is a subject that I just can’t write enough about.

For people just getting started with eBay selling, this can be the major stumbling block to starting their own business.

We’ll also discuss how “the herd mentality” can also lead you down “the road of no profits”.


Dropshipping is a favorite choice, especially for new sellers. You have to admit, the thought of selling a million dollars a month of product on eBay with no inventory, and no start up cost is a delicious fantasy! :-)

Unfortunately, (at the risk of major bubble popping), this just isn’t going to happen the majority of people.


There are a few reasons. Dropshipping is like a popular lake on the first day of trout season. Everyone is in the same spot, with the same bait, all trying to catch the same group of fish. When there are more fishermen than fish, the fishermen go home hungry.

Since it takes little effort, investment, and warehouse space to get into dropshipping, this is the method that many people want to use.

Is that a bad thing? No, here is the bad part. Most when getting started are trying copy what everyone else is doing. They go to the same HUGE distributors, look at the same “cool” products (laptops, dvds, MP3 players, etc..) and get exasperated when the eBay price is the same (sometimes even LESS) than the wholesale price.

Has that happened to you?

Have you ever wondered: “How can these people sell this on eBay FOR LESS than the wholesale price?”. Here are two possible reasons:

1. The eBay seller does not know what they are doing, and he is losing his shirt. They might be making up some $$$ on the shipping & handling.

2. The eBay seller is using the item for a “loss leader”. This is what the grocery stores often do. “Buy 1 gallon of ice cream and get 1 free”. They’re counting on the fact that while you’re picking up your ice cream you are also going to do some impulse buying. The eBay seller may also be hoping to sell some accessories, refills for consumable items, or get repeat business from the buyer.

3. The wholesaler is “buttering both sides of his bread”. Some wholesalers will sell to eBay sellers AND sell on eBay themselves! Zoinks, you can’t compete in that situation!

Are Dropshipping Profits A Fairy Tale?

No, dropshipping IS a great way of making money on eBay, WHEN you do it right!

There are MANY ordinary people consistently racking up eBay profits by dropshipping items.

What do they know that many other sellers don’t?

They know what to sell!

If your instinct is to sell an item that is easily found at retail stores or even the big online stores, then don’t waste your time.

The “trick” to finding an item to sell is to select something that:

* Cannot be found at Walmart, Circuit City, Best Buy, or other corporate chain retail stores.
* Cannot be found at online merchants like,, etc..
* In fact, if you cannot think of a “chain” store that would sell the item, then you are probably on the right track!
* Many people want to sell the “hot” general items. Although there is nothing wrong with that, you don’t want to be going up against huge giant corporations. They have the power to cut special deals with the name brand companies, that you just don’t have.
* You want to think “niche”, NOT mainstream. I’ll rattle off some examples.
o Catering supplies.
o Welding supplies.
o Beads (making jewelry is huge)
o Other hobbies.

Need some help finding ideas?

Try reading the paper version of the Yellow Pages (List of businesses by category). Look for areas that are NOT served by huge corporations, but rather by “Family owned and operated since 19XX” type businesses. Normally the type of items sold by these businesses have a HUGE markup. Why? Simply supply and demand. Less suppliers equals more demand which equals more money in your pocket.

Don’t have a paper yellow pages? You can read an online version here.

Of course, once you have an idea, you need to find sources.

One method is to look up the manufacturer (or find some manufacturers). A great source is at ThomasNet (formally They list manufacturers throughout the USA and Canada. Once you find a manufacturer, simply call them, and ask who their local distributor is in your area. Next, give them a call and ask if they dropship the item. My personal experience has shown that you have more flexibility with smaller distributors than larger corporations. I took this approach (as discussed in 12 Killer Dropship SECRETS For eBay Sellers) and it has resulted in 1104 sales for a total of about $121,000 (so far) of a single product! Cha-Ching!

Another way of locating dropshippers is to use Chris Malta’s Worldwide Brands Search Engine, or Tim Knox’s Ultimate Dropship & Wholesale Guide Be careful! There is a lot of junk out there. These are the only two legitimate sources that I recommend.

So yes, you can make really make money dropshipping on eBay.

Points to remember:

* Don’t compete with the “BIG-BOYS”.
* Do not buy from distributors who also sell on eBay
* Look for niche products that are hard for buyers to find locally.
* Limit your competition by avoiding mainstream wholesale distributors.
* Do some extra homework to find manufacturer/distributor sources that are smaller and less popular. These will lower the competition and often be more flexible in comparison with the “giants”.

What Should You Sell On eBay?

Friday 17 December 2004 @ 5:54 pm

Do you want to sell on eBay but don’t know what items to sell?

Would you like to know what the HOT, HOT, HOT selling items are on eBay?

Did you know that eBay will tell you what products have MORE DEMAND than SELLERS?

Click here to access this insider info!