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What Should You Sell On eBay?

Friday 17 December 2004 @ 5:54 pm

Do you want to sell on eBay but don’t know what items to sell?

Would you like to know what the HOT, HOT, HOT selling items are on eBay?

Did you know that eBay will tell you what products have MORE DEMAND than SELLERS?

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Welcome To My BLOG!

Thursday 16 December 2004 @ 1:08 pm

Welcome…Welcome…Welcome to my new BLOG.

The purpose of this blog is to help teach you how to make great profits on eBay. I have been selling on eBay since 1999, and have shipped over 12,700 packages to more countries than I can count.

This blog will work in conjunction with my newsletter. I have been publishing that since July 2003, and currently I publish a new issue each month. Each issue contains a TON of information. (Printed out, it usually takes 25-30 pages)

In order to get the information out sooner, and in easier bite size chunks, I will be releasing each section here as well as on the newsletter.

I will also be offering information here that will NOT appear in the newsletter.

Currently, the past issues of the newsletter are only available on a membership basis. Still, as time goes on I will be extracting highlights from these previous issues and publishing them in this blog.

The idea is to give you the training and information you need to start and grow your own successful eBay business.

Thanks and take care,