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eBay Sunday Paper Profits!

Friday 27 October 2006 @ 12:01 am

Did you know that getting the Sunday paper is one of the best investments that you can make?

In my area it’s only 2 bucks a week to have it delivered to your home.

Actually… I should say delivered to my driveway.
(Hmmmmmph, way back when I was a paper boy I delivered each paper to the door while walking uphill both ways. None of this sissy driving a car stuff! :-)

Anyway, today you are going how to easily make $50, $100, or more on eBay by using that $2.00 paper.

The easiest way is to show you a video that explains it all.

eBay Sunday Paper Profits Watch Video

Learn more eBay Profit Making Secrets

How To Build An eBay Info-Product Empire

Friday 20 October 2006 @ 12:01 am

Have you ever been on eBay and seen people selling low-priced ebooks and wonder if (and how) they are making money doing that?

Well after reading an ebook by eBayer John Thornhill entitled “Auction Profit Streams” you’ll have a bunch of “A-Ha!!!” moments and everything will then make sense.

I read this cover to cover and am working to implement many of the fantastic methods John is using. Cha-Ching!  :-)

John is the REAL deal when it comes to making a TON of money selling ebooks on eBay.  His feeback is 10435+ with a 99.8% positive rating.

He is making SERIOUS money while shipping NOTHING, and having almost 100% feedback!

The guy knows his stuff.

What I find TOTALLY amazing is that he is spilling the beans in a $27 ebook.

I told him that he’s COMPLETLY NUTS!  He should sell this for $297.00.

I’m serious! In this 25 chapter ebook, John explains and shows EXACTLY how and why he does everything.

(Just showing you his eBay ID is worth more than $27)

Not only that, but he allowed me to share a sample of the PDF ebook with you.

Click Here to grab your FREE sample PDF here.

The $60,000,000 Man Visits Your Home For $2.95!

Monday 16 October 2006 @ 2:08 pm

One of the most successful internet businesses in the world has got to be Derek Gehl’s Internet Marketing Center! (Derek has been running the company since Corey Rudl’s untimely death.)

With over $60,000,000 in sales and TONS OF SUCCESS stories on their site, they are simply incredible in what they do.

I personally met Derek when he was a speaker at the BIG Seminar. I went up to him and showed him a copy of a recent check for $8525.00  This was commission money that I made thanks to him and his company.  We shook hands chatted for a while and took the picture below.

Mike Enos with “The $60,000,000 man” Derek Gehl of the Internet Marketing Center

When you click below to visit their website there will be no doubt in your mind that these guys know what they are doing!

… And (after reading all of their success stories) that they know how to teach too!

Are you ready to learn for almost FREE?

If someone takes 99.9% of the risk to show you the ropes, will you give it a chance?

Check out the monstrous training package you can try for just $2.95!

What The $2.95 Trial Includes…

When you claim your $2.95 Trial Copy, you’ll get the entire 1,300+ page guide to starting and growing an Internet business, which includes…

  • Two 8″ x 11″ full-color three ring binders.
  • 9 steps, broken down into 70 lessons with step-by-step instructions included for every promotion and strategy.
  • Two 415+ page packages for a total of 850 pages, with tab inserts to keep organized.
  • Five resource CDs (with 471 pages of additional lessons) and one audio CD (39 minutes) packaged in a special folder that holds all 6 CDs — with additional lessons, examples, audio interviews, and articles, as well as timesaving software and invaluable resource files.
  • Two DVDs with 155 minutes of video footage — featuring Derek speaking “live” on stage in Orange County, California, talking ‘in person’ about how they grew $25 into over $60,000,000 in online sales

Here’s a picture of the package you’ll receive:

$2.95 Trial


As you can imagine, Derek’s company is taking a HUGE risk by letting people try out the training for just $2.95. 

For that reason, this is a VERY limited offer. So if when you click it is no longer available, please let me know so I can remove this blog entry.

This is such an incredible offer! You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

So don’t waste a minute! Click here right now to grab your $2.95 trial copy.

Click here to read the sales page BUT DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

How To Scoop Up eBay Deals While You Sleep

Friday 13 October 2006 @ 12:01 am

The information that you are going to read in this section will help you both as an eBay buyer and an eBay seller.

You’ll learn a cool trick on how to find REALLY good bargains (or bah-gens as we call them in Massachusetts :-)  )   and how to use a couple of tools to help you score the auction items while you sleep.

The video below explains it all for you.

Watch eBay Video On How To Scoop Up Auction Deals While You Sleep

Below are the links mentioned in the video

Click Here for the sniping tool I personally use.

Click Here for eBay Misspelling Tool.

Click Here for the limited free sniping tool mentioned.

Memories Of My First BIG eBay SCORE!

Tuesday 10 October 2006 @ 2:28 pm

I’m writing this on Sunday night at 9:45pm. While sitting on the couch holding my sleeping baby, my wife Camille showed me a photo album of us when we went on our first cruise with some close friends.

That was “many moons ago” back in 1995 B.C.  (Before Children) :-)

Dang… We looked GOOD! ;-)

While looking at the album, I also came across a picture that I had forgotten about but had a MAJOR impact on my life.

In fact, this is when I ‘caught the eBay bug’.

Here’s the picture…

Although I joined eBay back in May 1999, I mostly used it for buying stuff, not for selling.

One day Camille & I were at a local closeout-store. I spotted a big display of computer books selling for $7 each. These all had price tags $39 and up! Since I have bought a lot of computer books in my time I knew how valuable these were.

So I picked out a dozen as an experiment to see if they would sell on eBay.

Wow! They sold AWESOME!

I averaged about $20 PROFIT for each $7 book. How’s that for a sweet profit!

Well I immediately went to five different locations of this closeout store and cherry picked about 200 of the best titles.

By the time I sold the books I had made about $5,000 profit.  That included profit made from shipping/handling, & insurance.

(What? You’re NOT making money with insurance and S/H? Then you are losing out on A TON of money. I explain it all here)

My success with selling these books is the experience that got my brain thinking: “Man Mike, if you were to do this full-time you would work from home and make mucho dinero!”

At that time I was doing computer software consulting. I loved the work, the pay, the easy commute, and the people I was working with. The plus side of consulting was I got paid VERY well but had no politics to deal with since I was a “neutral”.  The negative side is that you have no job security.

Once it got to the point that I was commuting 3.5+ hours a day, it was time to change. I was leaving the house at 6am and getting back at 6pm.

One Friday while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic I decided enough was enough. I WAS going to sell full time on eBay.

My book experience is what gave me the confidence to make that leap.

The moral of the story?

Small successes lead to BIG successes.

Many people feel that they need to step up to the plate and hit a grand-slam the first time.

That’s not true or realistic.

You simply have to be willing to accept a few strike-outs until you hit your first couple of singles.

Of course, the smart thing is to hire a batting coach to help you start getting hits as soon as possible.

So don’t give up and don’t expect to make huge things happen overnight.

Simply do what you can to “learn the ropes”, and keep at it long enough to start getting some hits.

If you do, pretty soon you’ll start scoring the runs!

How To Speed Up Your Computer

Friday 6 October 2006 @ 12:01 am

The other day the whole family was outside. My 8 year old son was riding his bike up and down the street.  Looking at his bike I could easily see that the two tires were very low on air and running kind of flat.

So we plugged in the handy-dandy compressor in the garage and filled up those tires plumb full of air.

What was so cute was when Austin hopped on the bike and took it for a test-drive.  He said “Daddy, I feel like I’m floating on my bike now! How did you do it?”.  :-)

Yep… Dads are miracle workers!  (hee hee hee)

Sometimes a little tune-up can make a BIG difference. If it makes that much difference for a toy, it’s a HUGE difference for a tool that you use to make a living!

If you have an eBay / Internet based business then there is no more important tool then your computer. Lately, I’ve been battling gremlins that have been slowing down the computers in my home office.

Now not to brag (but I’m gonna anyway), I’m not your normal computer newbie person. I’ve been programming computers since 1979. My Dad bought our first computer, a Tandy /Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1.  This computer was so old (You say… ‘How old was it Mike…’), it used a cassette recorder to save it’s programs. (That’s a whole blog post in itself :-)) It also had no lower case letters, just uppercase. Fortunately though, there was a hack where you could open it up, solder 16 legs of a memory chip to another chip, drill a hole in the keyboard and install a push button to serve as a “Shift” key.

Really…  I kid you not.  Ok, let’s get back on track.

I also built an IBM-XT compatible from pieces in 1984 without actually seeing one before.

So, the GOOD thing is I’ve been battling with computers for almost 30 years.

The bad news is that I think I’m cursed.

That’s right cursed!

I’m the guy who always stumps the tech support people. “Hmmmm….. Sorry Mr. Enos, I’ve never seen that happen before. Why don’t you try reformatting your hard drive and installing a fresh copy of Windows XP”.

Grrrrrr….   Yeah right….

Lately, when Jocelyn, my office manager’s computer was running sooooo… slow (even though it has 1 Gig of RAM and is a recent model) that she started growling at the computer and mumbling threats under her breath, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Not just her computer, but my bad boy CPU with 2Gig of memory was having brain lapses. It was time to take action.

First you need to see if there is a simple solution. When your computer is running slow you need to see exactly which (and how many) different programs / services are running.

Below I’ll show you the steps to try to see what is going on.

Step #1 : See how many programs / processes are running in memory.

A common problem with Windows XP and many Windows programs is that they “leak memory”. That means that they start out using a small amount of computer memory, but as time progresses the application greedily gobbles up more and more of this precious resource.

I’ve put together a video to show you how to do that.

Step #2 : Identify Background Processes That Are Running.

If you want to know what programs are currently running in your computer, what they do, and whether or not you want to keep (or whether to un-install it) you can use this FREE nifty tool shown below:

Windows Inspector Screenshot


You can download it from here

You’ll probably be surprised at how much useless stuff is running in the background on your computer. You’ll also be amazed at how much memory “tiny little cute” programs use. 

Try uninstalling applications that you don’t really need to give you back precious memory.

Step #3 : Add More Memory To Your Computer

This is a biggie.  If you don’t have enough memory your computer is going to run SLOWWWWWW…..

Some PCs are sold with only 256Meg of memory. This should be illegal because it makes the computer practically unusable.

Do you know how much memory you have in your computer?

Here is an easy way to find out:

- Click the [Start] button, [Programs] , [Accessories] , [Paint]

- Once Paint is loaded, Click on [Help] , [About Paint]

You will then see a screen like:

How Much Memory Using Paint About Screen

If you only have 256Meg of memory, then you MUST MUST MUST put more memory in your PC.  It will SERIOUSLY run something like 5X faster!

Really, adding memory is the most “bang for the buck” method of speeding up your computer. Memory is weird though. The price goes up and down like a yo-yo depending on supply and demand.

Here is my favorite site for buying memory. You’ll like it because you simply tell it the manufacturer and model of computer or electronic device and the website will show you exactly what you need. No brain work or guessing necessary.

Buy memory for your computer here.

Step #4 : Memory Hog Programs.

I’m probably risking getting death threats from corporate hit-men, but the truth must be told!  ;-)

A lot of programs are HUGE memory hogs! (oink oink)

Here are some things I uncovered.

Memory Hog #1: IM (Instant Messengers)

Before I was using both MSN Messenger & AOL’s messenger. Thank goodness that I didn’t need Yahoo messenger too! Together these programs were not only using about 250Meg of memory but were also using a lot of CPU time.

Solution?  Trillian.  This FREE program ROCKS! It combines the main IM tools into a convenient, fast, and fairly memory efficient  (about 87 Meg) of memory. Just switching to that saved me about 160Meg of memory.

You can get your FREE Trillian from here.

Memory Hog #2: Memory Leaking Programs.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Frontpage, Access) as well as many other programs are full of leaks. That means that the longer they are running, they keep using more and more memory.

The Solution? ..  Buy a Mac.   (Ha Ha)   <–Laughs from the 2 people using reliable Macs.

(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ….)  <— Laughs from the 6 bilion people using memory leaking Windows XP PCs

Question:  Why don’t Macs have memory problems?

Answer: Because they don’t have any programs to run on them.

Ha…Ha.. Ha…. (I’m sure I’ll get some nasty comments for that one)

Ok… back to the story.

Seriously, either reboot your system on a regular basis, or usually just closing the program and reopening it will cause the application to use less memory to improve the situation.  Watch the video above to review how to do that.

Memory Hog #3: Virus Protection / Scanning Programs.

Ack.. This is a major problem. PCs (but not Macs  <—brownie points) are required to spend a ton of CPU power and memory to protect us from the nasty world of viruses, trojan programs, and other hack attack attempts.

Some VERY popular programs are big time HOGS!

I was using McAfee (annual online version), but it was a pig that kept getting fatter. They recently updated their Security Center and it just killed us.

We switched to an extremely highly rated solution that is a free / fee based application called  AVG from Grisoft.


Another popular but FAT program is Spy Sweeper. It has the habit of jumping in and scanning your system in the background which can seriously slow down your PC. We’re still using it, but I’m thinking of getting rid of it.

If you are using Spy Sweeper or some other virus programs, be sure to check it for memory and cpu usage using Windows Task Manager. (See video above)

You also may be able to tell it when to scan your system. Select a time like 3am, so it doesn’t start running in the middle of your work day and slow your computer down to a crawl.

Memory Hog #4: Desktop Indexing Programs Like Google Desktop & X1.

In the past I have recommended two programs that index your email and other items on your hard drive to make it FAST and EASY to locate any information in just a second or so.

We previously used, but it became unstable and tool CPU hungry.

We have since changed to Google Desktop  (Get It Here)

This is an INCREDIBLE program. It makes it so fast and easy to find anything on your hard drive. It can even remember web pages that you visited so you can find the info later.

The negative side is that it CAN use a lot of memory. Google Desktop uses about 100 Meg of memory on my system, but it is sooooo… worth it.

When someone calls about a question on their order, we simply enter their invoice number, email address, zip code, or their name, and we can INSTANTLY see all emails we have sent and received.

Although technically qualifying as a memory hog, this is worth buying memory for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



Your computer is an extremely valuable tool. It’s worth taking time to make it run as fast as possible.

Try the above methods and you should see a major difference.

When you do, please leave a comment below.