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FREE Bonus eBay Importing Profit SECRETS

Tuesday 28 November 2006 @ 12:12 pm

It’s no secret that importing product from China to sell
on eBay and the internet is a HUGE business.

Importing though can be scary when you don’t know the ropes.

I’ve always relied on my personal eBay importing guru “Mr. B”.

(Just one item “Mr. B” supplied me generated over $77,000
in sales on eBay. )

Since he has been my eBay SECRET weapon for over 4 years now,
I’ve always kept his identity strictly **hush-hush**.

That was until LAST WEEK!

Recently I conducted an 80 minute tele-seminar with my
importing expert guru “Mr. B”.

eBay Importing SECRETS By Mike Enos

Originally… this interview was going to be part of an
importing training package which would sell for $297 - $497.

It still might be in the future, but it wouldn’t be fair to hold back this information until then!

So today you can get it as a FREE BONUS when you claim your copy of The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula.



Click Here To Read more about eBay Importing Profit SECRETS

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Perfect Score

Monday 27 November 2006 @ 1:12 pm

We work hard to take good care of our members/customers.

So whenever we get a testimonial email, or someone contacts us to share a success that we’ve helped them with, it’s always enjoyed.

The other day we received a certificate from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Here is a copy:

It shows that we haven’t had a single complaint in 36 months.  Hurray!

Before doing business with any web based company, it’s always a good practice to check the BBB to make sure their haven’t been legitimate complaints. It’s also good to go to and type in their name and see what comes up.

I also posted another blog entry that plays a video that shows another way to make sure you don’t get ripped off.

We truly work hard and do our best. If you are ever not 100% satisifed with our site, blog, or any product, please let us know how we can improve your experience.

Learn eBay Store Success SECRETS

Friday 24 November 2006 @ 12:00 am

eBay Stores are the most powerful e-commerce solutions on the internet. There is no place else where for less than $16 a month you can reach over 215 Million customers, get powerful search engine optimization AND advanced marketing tools for free.

However – of the over half a million eBay Stores that are currently open, 99% of them don’t take advantage of these powerful money-making tools.

And what happens? They lose out on the $5B made on eBay every year.

My friend Janelle Elms is the expert I go to get the latest and greatest about eBay stores. She is a lead eBay University instructor and creator of the highly successful eBay 101 and 102 classes taught nationwide.

She KNOWS her stuff!

We got together Wednesday, November 22 and I grilled her about what the 1% of successful eBay Store operators know that the rest don’t.

She KNOWS her stuff!

eBay Stores are much easier to setup and get traffic to than a regular website. With the info you’ll learn from Janelle you’ll be on your way to a highly profitable web business.

Below are the links you need to listen to my special interview with eBay Store Expert - Janelle Elms

Click here to download a ZIP version of the MP3 recording.

Click here to find out more about making your own top eBay Store

Or, you can listen to it by clicking below:



FREE Search Engine Domination Mini-Course

Friday 17 November 2006 @ 12:01 am

I firmly believe eBay is the easiest way to START making money on the internet!

Why?….  Three BIG reasons.


With a gazillion different websites in the world, every webmaster is always on the quest for more visitor traffic.

That’s the coolest thing about eBay. It delivers highly targeted traffic to your auction item. 

That’s the good news.

The bad news as many eBay sellers learn is that you have to pay eBay for that traffic. That’s what those eBay fees are for.

.. And man oh man, those fees can get add up REAL fast.

I always recommend having a website where people can also buy your products and not putting all “your eggs in the eBay basket”. 

Don’t have a website yet? Did you know you can easily get one that will direct visitors to your eBay listings and more? 

It’s called Dave’s Cool Little Website. Click here to get yours. 

“But Mike… I’ve had a website for 2 years and haven’t sold a single thing, and I get almost no visitors.

Yes, this is a VERY common problem. A website without traffic is like…  well a website without traffic! ;-)

But more TRAFFIC = More MONEY!

EVERY website owner obsesses about getting traffic.

EVERY website owner wants people to be able to go to Google or Yahoo or MSN, type a few keywords like “eBay selling secrets” and have their website end up on page #1. (Which I happen to do by the way)  :-)

A great way to get traffic without spending an arm and a leg is by getting listed in the search engines. That has its own challenges and may take months for your site to appear. And if you’re not on the first or second page of results, you can just about forget getting seen by many people.

The challenge is getting listed on the first page.

This is called natural search engine ranking. And it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Did you know that  making just a few tweaks to your website can TREMENDOUSLY raise your natural search engine ranking?

The trick is knowing what to do without having to become a rocket scientist search engine professor to figure it out.

I recently signed up for a FREE 7-Day Search Engine Course which is flat out awesome!

No Fluff…. just meat and potatoes.  Quick, to the point, and right on the money.

If you already have your own website, or Dave’s Cool Little Website, this information will help you drive traffic to it!

The company that produces it makes the #1 tool for SEO optimization. I loved the free training so much that I grabbed the tool SEO Elite too.

This tool is kick-butt AMAZING!

We’re doing some WILD stuff with SEO Elite!  It is like the Swiss Army Knife for website owners.

When you click here to visit their page, you’ll see a bouncy pop-up box. Simply enter your name and email address and you’ll receive their fantastic “7 Days To Complete Search Engine Domination Mini-Course.”

When you read the rest of the page, you’ll probably keep saying stuff like “Wow! That’s incredible!”  like I did over and over.

So when you click here to get your free course, I also recommend that you pick up a copy of SEO Elite.

Remember, TRAFFIC = CASH!

I give it the BIG 2 THUMBS UP!   (If I had more thumbs, I’d use them too!)  :-)


$97 Importing Seminar Added As Bonus to Ultimate FAST-Start Training CD!

Wednesday 15 November 2006 @ 10:24 am

In last week’s Freebie Friday I mentioned the upcoming tele-seminar where I’ll be getting my personal IMPORTING GURU “Mr. B.” to spill his guts and show how you can use this knowledge to make a TON of money on eBay.

This call blew me away!

In the past you had to spend TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to import product to sell.

Hah…. that’s soooooo….. old school!

“Mr B.” specifically revealed how you can bring in product from China for a VERY LOW INVESTMENT.

Not only that, but on this call we discussed several NO-RISK to (Very low risk) ways to take advantage of the massive amounts of the “Asian Advantage”. 

On this private call, we discussed how to get product that:

  • Has little or NO competition.
  • Has almost OBSCENE profit margins.  (Like my selling a $199 item for $350 on eBay)
  • Will sell on eBay like hotcakes!

On this call we discussed how to quickly get started with imported product and how to quickly scale up your business to the level you desire.


Originally my intention was to take this call and turn it into a stand-alone step-by-step importing training kit. This training would cost between $297-$497.

The problem is that I’m simply too busy with several projects to add another to the list right now.  :-(   The result would be that this valuable information would just sit on my computer with no one being able to access it and profit from it.

That just wouldn’t be fair!

So, instead I’ve decided to add it to my immensely popular training package:  Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula.

Why not make a great product even better!

If you’re going nuts trying to locate wholesale product to sell for decent profits on eBay, then you must must must listen in to this phone call!

I have personally made many TENS of thousands of dollars with ”Mr. B.” as my importing guru. It’s time that he helped you make money too!  :-)

We discussed several methods I’ve NEVER publically released on how to find and get an EXCLUSIVE product to offer on eBay.

When you get a unique product from a low-cost supplier that has no competition, and you can sell like hot-cakes on eBay…

How much money will YOU MAKE?

Listen to the seminar and find out!

This teleseminar is now part of The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula package as an extra bonus.

Click here to claim your set.

If you already have a copy of Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula, you can upgrade to the latest CD version (including this tele-seminar). Click here to get your upgrade CD for just $19.

How To Import Product From China To Sell On eBay

Friday 10 November 2006 @ 1:00 am

It’s no secret that China is the #1 country for finding goods
to import to sell on eBay.

The problem in the past has been that you need THOUSANDS of
dollars to bring in a single product.

Did you know it costs $4000 or more JUST to ship a container
over from China? And you still need to fill it with product!

It sure can be scary to be looking at shelling out $25,000 (or more) to import a giant container load of product!

In this article we’ll discuss 2 different methods of using the China advantage to make profits on eBay.

     #1 - A Different Way To Import From China 

I recently came across a unique way of importing product from China.  I feel that this business model is going to revolutinize importing, especially for eBay / website businesses.

They are a wholesaler based in CHINA. They find HOT HOT HOT products and offer them at low cost and low minimum orders to you and me.

They have a wide variety of product.   Here is a picture from their website.

They are always adding more products.


What I also like is that they have some excellent educational articles explaining sourcing product from China, so be sure to sign up

This is a great approach and expect to see many more companies follow this method.

They’ve got some REALLY cool stuff.

You can click here to visit them.

     #2 - Team Up With An Importing Expert 

I’ve learned that when you have a new job or task to get accomplished, there are two ways of doing so.

  1. Invest your time, energy, and money to purchase quality training so you can learn the ropes and become knowledgable enough to learn how to get the job done.
  2. Find someone who already is an expert and work with them.

In building up my business, I’ve done a lot of both. My favorite is choice #2.

Finding an expert is the secret method that I haven’t discussed much in the past. 

The importing guru that I teamed up gave me a unique source of product that few other sellers on eBay had. Our relationship has put countless tens of thousands of dollars of profit in my pockets.

Let’s call him…. Mr “B”.

I remember one particular item that I paid $150 for and sold on eBay for $350-$395 each was quite delicious!  :-)  


Would you like to meet, learn, and possibly work with my importing guru?

He HATES when I call him that!  (But it’s true!)

I interviewed Mr. “B” in a private, exclusive, closed door tele-seminar on Wednesday November 15, 2006.

This 60 minute tele-seminar is now part of the bonus CD for “The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula.”  The information and insight you will learn on this call is PRICELESS!

Everytime Mr B and I talk on the phone, MAN the million dolllar ideas just start coming. You’ll be there to catch them all.

This call was NOT a giant sales pitch.

It was all meat and no fluff! I had no product that I was trying to sell. Mr. “B” also had no product to sell, although I did allow him to explain how you can work directly with him to find and import your own product to sell on eBay and your own website while not paying $25,000 to do so.

If you’ve been banging your head trying to find great wholesale sources of product to sell on eBay, then you can’t miss this call. 

Importing product to sell will give you an almost unfair advantage.

This call will help make that happen for you!

Claim your copy of “The Ultimate eBay FAST-Start Success Formula” here!

Let’s Meet In Orlando In February!

Wednesday 8 November 2006 @ 2:14 pm

I’m so excited!

In February I’ll be teaching eBay profit making secrets at one of the World’s TOP INTERNET CONFERENCES in Orlando, Florida.

You’re invited to come!

Those in attendance will hear me reveal eBay profit making secrets
and methods that have NEVER been discussed ANYWHERE else before.

We’re talking MIND-BLOWING profit methods on auto-pilot that you can use to set up a constant stream of money flowing into your pockets.

I’ll be sharing information from top-secret, “real-world” case studies that I am conducting and refining right now. 

It will be 100% “under wraps” until then.

They’ll also be 12 other presenters. The list reads like a “Who’s Who”  of top internet marketing gurus.

This event ALWAYS sells out.

If you act IMMEDIATELY, you have the opportunity to save enough to help pay for your airfare and/or hotel.

What you’ll learn at this conference can literally change your life.

You REALLY need to be there!

My family is making a vacation out of it!  (When you live in Massachusetts in the winter, you need to soak up some Florida sunshine to keep your sanity!  :-)   )

It’s all spelled out here.

Do whatever you need to get there.

If you’re serious about making money on eBay and other internet sources then you cannot miss this incredible opportunity.

So go as quickly as possible and check it out by clicking here.

I look forward to seeing you there! 


Learn eBay Seller Secrets With This Free Tool!

Friday 3 November 2006 @ 11:01 am

I just discovered a new service offered by Mpire that
you NEED to know about.

Whether you’re just starting out on eBay, or you’re an experienced
Powerseller, you want to know what sells on eBay, what the best time is
to sell, and what your item will probably sell for.

And as competitive as the eBay market is becoming, you need EVERY
advantage you can get.

Mpire Researcher searches through millions of eBay listings to get
recommendations that help sellers succeed.

Researcher will tell you the % of items sold, average selling price,
best keywords, best day and time to sell and more.

Use Mpire Researcher and WATCH YOUR PROFITS SOAR!

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