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2 Hidden eBay Gems

Friday 28 September 2007 @ 12:01 am

Have you ever walked into a store looking for a single item and you go NUTS trying to find it.

Ack!  That drives me nuts.

eBay is kind of like that.

I can never find what I’m looking for at!!

Wanna know my secret?

I go to and search there.

… Really, I do!

 Back in June at eBay LIVE Boston, my wife Camille & I were walking back from lunch toward the convention center. We struck up a conversation with two ladies that we thought were tourists.

(Judging by how they were trying to get a picture of the both of them together we used our keen detective skills!)


They were both eBay employees. In fact, they had been working on the new eBay “look and feel”.  I told them I thought it was nice, but I had a suggestion.

… But before we continue, you have to understand the context of this conversation.

A few days before eBay LIVE began, eBay and Google had just had  A BIG fight. eBay (Google Adwords BIGGEST customer) had shut down their campaign on account of Google threatening to crash eBay LIVE to push their Google Checkout.

Ooh yeah… tension in the air!

So with the straightest poker face I could muster, I said to these two eBay employees:

“Why not put a Google search box on eBay so I can find stuff easier. ”

They kind of smirked in response. They weren’t “suits”, so they were cool with it.  :-)

Anyway… My point is eBay has a LOT of information that IS helpful if you can find it.

The nice thing about that is sometimes you come across really cool stuff that you never knew existed.

Hence… our Double Shot Freebie Friday


Freebie Friday #1

Did you know that eBay keeps a list of “highly popular terms that people search on eBay”?

Yep, they do. 

Do you think  knowing this would benefit the astute eBay seller?

Yep, it would.

Click here to check it out their hot eBay Keywords page  


Freebie Friday #2

eBay also maintains a list of popular list of products that are listed on eBay, searchable by category.

It’s interesting how this appears under the BUY section (not SELL section) so it’s meant to encourage buyers to shop more and buy more!

Woo Hoo!

But it’s a great tool for sellers too. Sometimes when we’re looking for product to sell there are so many choices, you can’t think of anything.

Don’t you hate when that happens!

…It’s kind of like when you go to a restaurant and you’re so hungry that can’t even see straight and the waitress hands you their encylopedia sized menu!

(Someday I’ll open a restaurant where you can get just one awesome item. Peanut Butter & Jelly. Your only choice is whether you want crunchy or creamy!)

It can be the same with product sourcing. Many people need some help getting started.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to check out this helpful page by clicking here.


P.S. If for some reason the links don’t work, you can try going to Google and looking there ;-)

How To Set Up an eBay Store the Right Way!

Monday 24 September 2007 @ 1:01 am

Recently I got an email from one of my readers.  This is what it said:


I just started my eBay store and website. I could use help in analyzing it.

Thanks,  -Karol

Would like to get more traffic to my eBay store and online store.

Thanks,  -C.

Karol and C, I think a lot of people are in the same position. 

There is a lot of information out there.  Do This…Do That.  It can get to be confusing.

That’s why I like to go to the real-world experts, not the self-proclaimed ones.

THE real-world expert for eBay Stores is Janelle Elms.

She knows what she is talking about!

She claims 99% of eBay Store owners are doing it all wrong, and I BELIEVE HERE!

Would you like to be one of the 1%?

Here’s her link!

Scoop eBay Deals While You Sleep!

Friday 21 September 2007 @ 12:01 am

The information that you are going to read in this section will help you both as an eBay buyer and an eBay seller.

You’ll learn a cool trick on how to find REALLY good bargains (or bah-gens as we call them in Massachusetts :-)  )   and how to use a couple of tools to help you score the auction items while you sleep.

The video below explains it all for you.

Watch eBay Video On How To Scoop Up Auction Deals While You Sleep

Below are the links mentioned in the video

Click Here for the sniping tool I personally use.

Click Here for eBay Misspelling Tool.

Click Here for the limited free sniping tool mentioned.

Got The Autoresponder Willies?

Monday 17 September 2007 @ 1:01 am

Recently I got an email from one of my readers.  This is what it said:


I need auto responder software the simpler the better. I am struggling to set this up from my pop3 and this is really holding me back.


- Kerry

Kerry, I think a lot of people are in the same position. 

When you hear the term “Autoresponder,” what do you think of?  Probably something complicated.

It doesn’t have to be.  In fact, the autoresponder software I use does much more than the basics, but is simple to use and, if you ever need it, I think they have one of the best customer service teams in the world.

The service is Aweber, and they will help you get everything set up.

They even help you take care of sending regular emails to your customers!

Take a look at them here!

An Event You Do Not Want To Miss!

Thursday 13 September 2007 @ 1:01 am

On October 3-5, 2007 PeSA (Professional eBay Sellers Alliance) and ECMTA (E-Commerce Merchants Trade Association) will be holding their Fall Summit in San Francisco.

What Does That Mean To You?

You Can Schedule A Personal, One-on-One Consultation With An eBay Employee!

This is not with someone who is trying to sell you something.
Rather, this is with an expert who is in the trenches with you!

Would you like to drill an eBay employee for 25 minutes on whatever subject you like?

How about learning the best practices of email marketing, keywords, and search engine optimization, in addition to developing a specific strategy for eBay?

Some of the biggest ebay sellers in the world are in the PESA group and will be at the show.

Imagine how valuable it will be and how much info you can pick up conversing and networking with one or more of these eBay powersellers!

You need to attend this Summit.

Click here to read the details!

After reading the details, Click Here to register and use your special discount code VIPME to save $300!

Best Of eBay Volume III Just Released!

Monday 10 September 2007 @ 10:45 am

Today a huge event launches known as the Best of eBay “Ultimate Auction Training Toolkit” Vol. 3.

Due to the success of BOE 1 in September 2005 and BOE 2 in April of 2006, the event’s founder, Dave Lovelace, has just opened the doors for what promises to be his biggest and best sale yet!

So what is the “Best of eBay”?

It’s a limited-edition collection of the “best” auction training courses, software, training manuals, membership sites, audios and videos available on the market compiled into one huge package.

The beauty of this package is not only the vast amount of expert knowledge and training, but the HUGE savings that the sale offers compared to purchasing these products individually!

I think that’s why these sales have been so successful. Dave has done an excellent job at recruiting the “best of the best” while trying to make each package different and unique from the others without sacrificing quality.

One of the things that sets BOE 3 apart from the others is that it exposes aspects of making money on eBay that is rarely talked about.

Check this out. Here are just some of the benefits of securing your copy of this package before time expires.

You’ll discover..

  • Over 30 ways to drive auction traffic to your websites
  • How an eBay Power Seller legally built a subscriber list of over 28,000 subscribers using auctions
  • Teleseminar with one of the most successful business women on eBay who produces six figures a year
  • Why you should be selling info products and the tools you should be using
  • Access to private membership sites that include audios, videos, interviews, email coaching and personal attention, books with private label and resale rights
  • A piece of software that actually “makes you money”
  • How to sell less but double your profits
  • How to turn misspelled auctions into huge profits
  • The biggest mistakes eBay marketers make…and how to avoid them
  • How to put your auction on auto-pilot without ever logging in!
  • A Peek into the business of one of the most successful part time eBay/Internet success prodigies of all time and how to copy his success to become massively successful part time!
  • How & where to buy bulk products at pennies on the dollar and resell for Mega Profits - without losing your shirt
  • 2 BRAND NEW reports (never-before-released to the public) that reveal a new Advanced Arbitrage course, and step-by-step details on how to leverage eBay to launch your Internet Marketing career for long-term profits!
  • And much, much more.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is you don’t have long to take advantage of this sale. Dave has set the timer to expire on Wednesday, September 19th at Noon (12pm Eastern).

To get this kind of training in one place, you’d have to dish out thou$ands for a seminar ticket, plane ticket, meals, etc.

But right now, for the next 10 days, you can get the “best of the best” for a ridiculous price.. if you hurry.

I highly recommend that you take time right now, while it’s fresh on your mind, and go to:

Tools Let You Check Email & Access Your Computer From Anywhere!

Friday 7 September 2007 @ 1:01 am

Please Visit Our Sponsor:

If you sell on eBay, then chances are you are an email addict.

When you return home after being gone for awhile, do you rush to the computer to check your email and see what you sold on eBay?

If you go away for the weekend, or are on vacation, do you get anxious to check your email?

A common trait I see with many eBay sellers is that they are afraid to be away from their email for too long. They are afraid that someone will email a question, and get mad when they don’t receive a reply soon enough and give the seller a NEGATIVE! 

Ack… I don’t think you should worry that much, but that’s a topic for another day ;-)  but today I’ll help you ease your addiction.

Well you’re going to learn about a FREE service that I give the double thumbs up to that should help ease your pain.

This service  allows you to check your email using any web browser in the world,  or even your cell phone!

There are many uses for this tool.

For example, recently, I’ve been getting nailed with SPAM to some of my very popular email addresses. I literally get HUNDREDS of emails each day to EACH address.  Grrrrrr… 

The problem is that while most are SPAM, some are valid emails.

Being tired of spending an hour a day going through Outlook sorting these out, I now use this tool and have someone else manually go through these emails deleting the bad stuff for me.

Click here to access this highly recommended free service.

Do You Need To Access Your Computer While Away?

Another tool that I couldn’t live without allows me to access my entire computer while away from home using any browser in the world.

Sometimes, you need to access more than just email. This sweet tool allows me to control my entire PC from any web browser.  You actually see your computer screen in the browser. It’s just like being there.

Click here to try it out for FREE

Another company that offers computer access for free (and it’s the one I use nearly all the time) is LogMeIn.

They can be found here.

How to Get Software for a Membership Site!

Monday 3 September 2007 @ 1:01 am

Recently I got an email from one of my readers.  This is what it said:


I would like to know if there are any good membership site software for FREE? :)


- Avery

Avery, I think a lot of people are in the same position. 

They think that a membership site is the way to go, in order to make a lot of money.

It can be, but for something as valuable as your own membership site, you’re going to have to invest in good, stable software in order to maintain it.

What I use and like is the Amember software.

It supports multiple payment systems in multiple languages and is perfect membership software for selling digital subscriptions and downloads.

Take a look at them here!