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A Super Sneaky Way To Fool The Competition.

Friday 23 November 2007 @ 11:17 am

No doubt about it… excess competition on eBay is a big problem for many sellers.

Isn’t it incredibly frustrating when someone steals YOUR product idea and starts competing with you on eBay.

Pretty soon the battle begins to see who can sell it for the lowest price possible and make the least amount of profit!

Zoinks, that’s a lousy battle to get involved in.

Although it’s very frustrating when this happens, that’s business.

One mistake I see MANY eBay sellers make is including visitor counters in their auctions.  You know what I mean, if you scroll to the bottom of many (if not most) auctions, you’ll see a counter like below:


It shows that this is a popular auction, having received over 400 hits.


Let’s think about what this accomplishes both from a buyer’s and a competitive seller’s viewpoint.

Buyer’s Viewpoint

“I can care less how many people have viewed this page. I want to know how many people are bidding on this item, and how much the item’s price is.”

Competitive Seller’s Viewpoint

“Wow, there are a LOT of people interested in this item. I wonder if I can source this product and take away business from this poor sap who includes counters in his auction ads.”

Ouch!  That hurts doesn’t it!?!

So I’ve been telling my members for ages to NOT use VISIBLE counters in your auction ads.  (Invisible counters where only YOU see the number of visits ARE recommended)

It’s like showing off your fancy Rolex watch while walking down a dark alley. You’re just asking for the wrong person to notice and take it away.

So do yourself a favor and use INVISIBLE counters only, and check out my super sneaky idea!


Inspiration From The Stage

A few weeks ago I was speaking before an audience at a training bootcamp.  In response to a question that someone asked about their being a lot of competition on eBay, I mentioned the sage advice from above to not use counters, when suddenly a crazy thought percolated to my lips and I said:

In fact… what would be a cool idea is to use a FAKE counter to throw off the competition.

Think about it.

The competition is checking out your auctions to see if you have any good ideas that he “borrow” from you. He comes across your auction for what seems like it would be a decent item to sell. Like any savvy seller, he scrolls to the bottom of your auction ad and sees this: 



Chances are he’s going to think the item is  a dog, and  move on to someone else.

Hee Hee Hee… Ain’t that sneaky!

So, here is what you do.

Grab the following code and paste it right before the </body> tag at the very bottom of your auction ad. The competitor will search for the counter, while the buyer will not. So there is no sense in advertising that we “only had 2 visitors” :-)

<p align=”center”><a target=”_blank” href=”″>

<img border=”0″ src=”” width=”88″ height=”33″></a></p>


That’s it!  Wasn’t that easy!

So copy and save the code above to where you can find it real easy. Whenever you right up a new auction ad, include that snippet of code, and you’ll be in business.

You worked hard to find a profitable item to sell on eBay, don’t let someone else walk away with YOUR PROFITS!

Video: eBay Scammer Gets Nailed By Judge Judy!

Friday 16 November 2007 @ 12:01 am

An unfortunate reality about eBay is that there is a never ending supply of low-lifes that are always trying to rip someone off.

One eBay seller sold pictures of 2 cell phones for $450.

You won’t believe how this scam-artist tries to justify what she did.

It’s just so unbelievable that this lady tries to defend herself, that what she did was perfectly fine.

You’ll love how Judge Judy yells at her, calls her a thief and an idiot, calls her husband a ’scamming coward’,  and totally rips her apart. (It’s great!)

She even threatens to send the IRS and Dept. of Childrens Services after her.

Judge Judy is awesome! 

Justice is served!

117 Free Work At Home Gifts

Monday 5 November 2007 @ 9:58 am

Freebie Friday for this week is actually  for 117 free items.

Here’s the scoop.

A colleague Henry Gold came up with a brilliant idea where he collected 117 different products (including my ‘eBay Zero To Hero ebook’ ) to help people make money working at home.

Not only does it cover eBay, but also many other methods of making money with your home computer.


Now, you’re probably thinking… ‘Why would people GIVE their product away?’

Here’s the answer…

To get people to sample what they have to offer so hopefully they’ll come back and purchase something else.

It’s just like the food court at your local shopping mall.

Ever walk through the food court and have someone hold up a plate full of toothpick skewered Sesame Chicken and try to get you to grab a sample?

Why do they do that?

Because they’re hoping once you get a taste that you’ll want more.

Sorry… no Sesame Chicken in these 117 free gifts.  :-)

Instead you’ll find some really good gems.

Click here to go grab them while you can.

Listen to a Free Interview With a Product Sourcing Expert!

Thursday 1 November 2007 @ 12:25 pm

Would you like to learn about product sourcing?

Then you’ll want to hear an incredible interview with Chad Maslak.

Who is Chad Maslak?

He’s an expert in product sourcing.

Is finding product to sell a big challenge for your eBay business?

Chad has the solution!

He’s the author of the eBook
“The Ultimate Insider’s Surplus, Liquidation & Wholesale Buying to Resell for Mega Profits Guide.”

He reveals such secrets as:

  • The difference between wholesale, surplus, closeouts, and liquidation products.
  • Where to find true wholesale/surplus/liquidation products (Over 500 sources!)
  • The way to get surplus merchandise from QVC!
  • How to find wholesalers right where you live!

I recorded the interview, and you can listen to it for FREE as today’s Freebie Friday!

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