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Free Monthly AdSense Website

Friday 29 February 2008 @ 10:59 am

How would you like to receive a brand spankin’ new website specifically designed to make money on Adsense FREE?

How about a new one EACH MONTH?

Bet that got your attention! :-)

In case you don’t know what Adsense is, that’s when Google pays YOU when you put their ads on your site and people click.

That’s FREE totally passive income. (Yummmm….)

I’ve gotta admit that it’s a wonderful feeling to go to your mailbox and find an Adsense check for hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month, for doing NOTHING!

My buddy John Thornhill has come up with a great way for you to get started doing this.

Each month he gives you a new website on a hot topic. You basically cut and paste to make an instant website.

Note…. You will need a web host though.

Here is the webhost that I have used for years to host You can host there for just a few bucks a month.

You can get your own dedicated server (like I have) for as little as $49.50 per month. That enables you to have a TON of different domains all on your own private web server!

To find out more about how to get these monthly websites go visit here.

Your viewpoint is important! Can you please leave a comment by clicking the link below and let me know what you think?

Tune Up / Speed Up Your Computer With These Suggestions!

Friday 22 February 2008 @ 7:48 am

With many new people signing up each week for these Freebie Fridays, every once in a while I like to run an oldie but goodie. The post below received great feedback and I want to share it again for all the new readers, and to you, new readers, “Welcome!”

The other day the whole family was outside. My 8 year old son was riding his bike up and down the street. Looking at his bike I could easily see that the two tires were very low on air and running kind of flat.

So we plugged in the handy-dandy compressor in the garage and filled up those tires plumb full of air.

What was so cute was when Austin hopped on the bike and took it for a test-drive. He said “Daddy, I feel like I’m floating on my bike now! How did you do it?”. :-)

Yep… Dads are miracle workers! (hee hee hee)

Sometimes a little tune-up can make a BIG difference. If it makes that much difference for a toy, it’s a HUGE difference for a tool that you use to make a living!

If you have an eBay / Internet based business then there is no more important tool then your computer. Lately, I’ve been battling gremlins that have been slowing down the computers in my home office.

Now not to brag (but I’m gonna anyway), I’m not your normal computer newbie person. I’ve been programming computers since 1979. My Dad bought our first computer, a Tandy /Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1. This computer was so old (You say… ‘How old was it Mike…’), it used a cassette recorder to save it’s programs. (That’s a whole blog post in itself :-)) It also had no lower case letters, just uppercase. Fortunately though, there was a hack where you could open it up, solder 16 legs of a memory chip to another chip, drill a hole in the keyboard and install a push button to serve as a “Shift” key.

Really… I kid you not. Ok, let’s get back on track.

I also built an IBM-XT compatible from pieces in 1984 without actually seeing one before.

So, the GOOD thing is I’ve been battling with computers for almost 30 years.

The bad news is that I think I’m cursed.

That’s right cursed!

I’m the guy who always stumps the tech support people. “Hmmmm….. Sorry Mr. Enos, I’ve never seen that happen before. Why don’t you try reformatting your hard drive and installing a fresh copy of Windows XP”

Grrrrrr…. Yeah right….

First you need to see if there is a simple solution. When your computer is running slow you need to see exactly which (and how many) different programs / services are running.

Below I’ll show you the steps to try to see what is going on.

Step #1 : See how many programs / processes are running in memory.

A common problem with Windows XP and many Windows programs is that they “leak memory”. That means that they start out using a small amount of computer memory, but as time progresses the application greedily gobbles up more and more of this precious resource.

I’ve put together a  video  to show you how to do that.

If you want to know what programs are currently running in your computer, what they do, and whether or not you want to keep (or whether to un-install it) you can use this FREE TRIAL nifty tool shown below:

You can download it from here

You’ll probably be surprised at how much useless stuff is running in the background on your computer. You’ll also be amazed at how much memory “tiny little cute” programs use.

Try uninstalling applications that you don’t really need to give you back precious memory.

Step #2 : Add More Memory To Your Computer

This is a biggie. If you don’t have enough memory your computer is going to run SLOWWWWWW…..

Some PCs are sold with only 256Meg of memory. This should be illegal because it makes the computer practically unusable.

Do you know how much memory you have in your computer?

Here is an easy way to find out:

- Click the [Start] button, [Programs] ,[Accessories],[Paint]

- Once Paint is loaded, Click on [Help] ,[About Paint]

You will then see a screen like:

If you only have 256Meg of memory, then you MUST MUST MUST put more memory in your PC. It will SERIOUSLY run something like 5X faster!

Really, adding memory is the most “bang for the buck” method of speeding up your computer. Memory is weird though. The price goes up and down like a yo-yo depending on supply and demand.

Here is my favorite site for buying memory. You’ll like it because you simply tell it the manufacturer and model of computer or electronic device and the website will show you exactly what you need. No brain work or guessing necessary.

Step #3: Memory Hog Programs.

I’m probably risking getting death threats from corporate hit-men, but the truth must be told! ;-)

A lot of programs are HUGE memory hogs! (oink oink)

Here are some things I uncovered.

Memory Hog #1: IM (Instant Messengers)

Before I was using both MSN Messenger & AOL’s messenger. Thank goodness that I didn’t need Yahoo messenger too! Together these programs were not only using about 250Meg of memory but were also using a lot of CPU time.

Solution? Trillian. This FREE program ROCKS! It combines the main IM tools into a convenient, fast, and fairly memory efficient (about 87 Meg) of memory. Just switching to that saved me about 160Meg of memory.

Memory Hog #2: Memory Leaking Programs.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Frontpage, Access) as well as many other programs are full of leaks. That means that the longer they are running, they keep using more and more memory.

The Solution? .. Buy a Mac. (Ha Ha) –Laughs from the 2 people using reliable Macs.

(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ….) — Laughs from the 6 billion people using memory leaking Windows XP PCs

Question:Why don’t Macs have memory problems?

Answer: Because they don’t have any programs to run on them.

Ha…Ha.. Ha…. (I’m sure I’ll get some nasty comments for that one)

Ok… back to the story.

Seriously, either reboot your system on a regular basis, or usually just closing the program and reopening it will cause the application to use less memory to improve the situation. Watch the video above to review how to do that.
<p align=”center”><strong>

Memory Hog #3: Virus Protection / Scanning Programs.

Ack.. This is a major problem. PCs (but not Macs —brownie points) are required to spend a ton of CPU power and memory to protect us from the nasty world of viruses, trojan programs, and other hack attack attempts.

Some VERY popular programs are big time HOGS!

I was using McAfee (annual online version), but it was a pig that kept getting fatter. They recently updated their Security Center and it just killed us.

We switched to an extremely highly rated solution that is a free / fee based application called AVG from Grisoft.


Another popular but FAT program is Spy Sweeper. It has the habit of jumping in and scanning your system in the background which can seriously slow down your PC. We’re still using it, but I’m thinking of getting rid of it.

If you are using Spy Sweeper or some other virus programs, be sure to check it for memory and cpu usage using Windows Task Manager. (See video above)

You also may be able to tell it when to scan your system. Select a time like 3am, so it doesn’t start running in the middle of your work day and slow your computer down to a crawl.

Memory Hog #4: Desktop Indexing Programs Like Google Desktop

In the past I have recommended two programs that index your email and other items on your hard drive to make it FAST and EASY to locate any information in just a second or so.

We previously used, but it became unstable and tool CPU hungry.

We have since changed to Google Desktop

This is an INCREDIBLE program. It makes it so fast and easy to find anything on your hard drive. It can even remember web pages that you visited so you can find the info later.

The negative side is that it CAN use a lot of memory. Google Desktop uses about 100 Meg of memory on my system, but it is sooooo… worth it.

When someone calls about a question on their order, we simply enter their invoice number, email address, zip code, or their name, and we can INSTANTLY see all emails we have sent and received.

Although technically qualifying as a memory hog, this is worth buying memory for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Your computer is an extremely valuable tool. It’s worth taking time to make it run as fast as possible.

Try the above methods and you should see a major difference.

When you do, please leave a comment below.


eBay Boycott Feb 18th- Feb 25th

Monday 18 February 2008 @ 6:07 pm

Hey everyone. Wanted to inform you about the eBay Boycott. Sellers are really ticked off at eBay for these latest changes.

I was being interviewed by Griff on eBay Radio the day they were announced, and I was thinking “Wow! Sellers are going to flip out!”

Fees have gone through the roof.

Starting Paypal can hold your money for 21 days “because they feel like it”. Read more here.

Many eBay sellers are joining a boycott. Read about it here, and see some good comments here

Here’s my take…

eBay wants to accomplish a few things.

1) They want to make sure the buyer has a great shopping experience. If she is happy, she’ll return and buy more stuff. That’s a good thing for everyone.

2) eBay wants more profits. They are a corporation, that’s what corporations do. Fees are like taxes. The idea is keep taking more and more from the person but stop right before the point where they rebel and start acting in a way that is non-beneficial to the corporation/country. Oops… looks like eBay crossed the line with this stuff.

3) My personal feeling is that eBay is trying to get rid of the “Mom & Pop” sellers and give more business to the bigger eBay sellers. Hence the HUGE fee increase on the front end, with kickbacks, errr… rebates for big time powersellers.

Folks, don’t be surprised at this…

This is how big corporations work. The small Mom & Pops build the village, and when Big Business smells money, they come and take over the village. This happened to me way back in a previous life. My Dad & I became one of the first dealers in the world for AutoCAD, back in 1984. AutoDesk (the corporation) treated us so gentle and kind back then.

Sigh… But as they got bigger, and more outsiders joined the company, the attitude naturally transforms from one of “We take care of each other in this village” to “Hey, it’s easier to allow the big guys to take the business away from the pesty small guys”. Then AutoDesk went to having sales quotas or your dealership wouldn’t get renewed. That worked great for weeding out the smaller sellers.

Then once that was accomplished, they started directly selling to the customers and cutting off the ankles of the people who made them what they are.

Sigh… History repeats itself.

Now in this circumstance there is no way for eBay to make sellers “have a quota” to remain sellers. So instead they have to make the playing field uneven. Give the big boys rebates that the small boys can’t get. Pretty soon, the small boys decide there isn’t enough profit in selling on eBay, so they quietly walk away without a fight, leaving behind a new available niche market for the big seller to expand his business with.

Is it wrong? “It’s not personal, it’s just business!”

Here are my predictions of the repercussions (”fallout”) that eBay should expect:

ALL sellers will be looking for better selling channels. This includes their own website and other auction sites.

Already there are a bunch of competitor sites that are licking their chops at all this.

One GREAT site to look at especially if you are selling handmade goods is Their Alexa rank is 1919 today and increasing every day. It’s LOVED by sellers and buyers.

Remember when everyone LOVED eBay?

I do.

Remember when sellers LOVED eBay?

I do.

Sadly… for many sellers, it is like a married couple who stay together for the sake of the children, or because they don’t have anywhere else to go. The love is gone baby. :-(

Through my eBay oriented websites and when I speak with other sellers at eBay LIVE and other events, there is no longer any love for eBay.

…And that’s sad.

Year by year I have watched the transformation in eBay seller’s hearts shift from “I can’t wait to hear how eBay is going to make things even better” to “What are they trying to do… Put me out of business?”

If you have been making a living selling product on eBay, or counting on eBay to put food on your table or help pay your bills, please remember to diversify your streams of profit so that you don’t have all your eggs in the eBay basket.

Remember… “It’s not personal, it’s just business!”

For those who read about my Auction Traffic SECRETS, I mentioned how selling product on eBay has been, and will continue to get more and more difficult.

But don’t dismay!

There are MANY ways to make money on the web, INCLUDING still on eBay.

Keep tuned into the blog and newsletter, we have a lot more in the works.

Stay nimble and be ready to change.

It’s just good to know the train is coming at you, so you know when to jump off the track. :-)

So… should you take part in the eBay Boycott?

That decision is entirely up to you.

But in case you do…

A message to eBay: Remember… “It’s not personal, it’s just business!”

Your viewpoint is important! Can you please leave a comment by clicking the link below and let me know what you think?

eBay LIVE Hotels - How To Save $500

Friday 8 February 2008 @ 8:30 am

Usually for Freebie Fridays, you get something for free. Today, instead of that, you’re going to learn how to save $500 on your hotel bill when you go to eBay LIVE 2008 in Chicago this June.

You ARE going to eBay LIVE right?? ;-)

Although signup doesn’t officially start until March 14th , it’s probably a good idea to get your hotel room ASAP. The prices are going up,up, up!

Chicago is NOT an inexpensive place to stay. I was looking at the rooms, and if you want to stay within 10 miles of McCormick Convention Center where the event will be, decent hotels START at around $269 a night, plus a bunch of additional taxes.

A hobby of mine is finding great travel deals. I LOVE finding a way to pay the lowest price possible.

How To Save $500 On Your Hotel Bill

The video I put together will show you how I saved almost $500 and am staying in a 4-star hotel.

BIG DISCLAIMER:  I do NOT know how long this method will last.  If you use it to book your room,  please let everyone know by posting a comment by clicking the comment link below.

If it DOES NOT work for you, please let everyone know by posting a comment by clicking the comment link below.

If you’re looking for airfare,  a great site that I’ve been using lately is called Kayak. What I like is that there are a bunch of ways to slice and dice your choices to get the best flight at the best price.

Click here to watch the video on saving $500 on your hotel bill for Chicago eBay LIVE 2008

Newsletter & Freebie Friday 02/01/2008

Friday 1 February 2008 @ 10:45 am
Wow  I think I’ve experienced 2 months worth of life occured during this week!

Everyone here in my area is getting ready this weekend for the Superbowl where the undefeated New England Patriots plan on making New York Giants fans cry themselves to sleep come Sunday night :-)

But what was I thinking???

Not only did I schedule AuctionTNT’s new Digital Shopping Cart to go live today,  (which it will later on tonight.  Still got some instruction videos to do).

Congratulations to the many people who wisely grabbed their AuctionTNT Gold or Platinum membership  last weekend. When you login later Friday night, you’ll see that (3) Resell rights products have been added to your Digital Shopping Cart!

The Big News!

FINALLY … After nearly 2 years of research, testing, and a boatload of work….

(Insert drum roll here)

Auction Traffic SECRETS finally launches. Woo Hoo! 

Judging by all the phone calls, emails, BLOG comments, etc.. the buzz about this is immense!

I JUST finished the final Sneak Peek Video #4 entitled
“How To Get A 95.2% Conversion Rate”. Yep, you read that right! The video explains a concept which probably is 180 degrees opposite to what you’ve always heard in the past.

But as my Grandma would say “The proof is in the pudding”.

Watch Auction Traffic SECRETS Sneak Peek Video #4

That’s the Freebie Friday today, so check it out here.

Yeah… of course it’s trying to get you to grab your own copy of Auction Traffic SECRETS, (which by the way you’re NUTS if you don’t go TODAY HINT..HINT..HINT) but you’ll learn a marketing concept in this four minute video that will simply amaze you. You’ve NEVER heard this before!

Seriously… Auction Traffic SECRETS will ONLY be available until Monday, February 4th.

Why?   You’ll have to click here to find out.

Early birds who act immediately will be jumping up and down for joy, bragging to their mates, and might even kiss their dog on the lips out of pure excitement (yuck!)

Why? You’ll have to click here to find out. ;-)


WARNING! Don’t Come Crying To Me Tuesday Morning,
Because It Will Simply Be Too Late!


eBay’s BIG Changes.

Did you hear about eBay’s big changes announced on Tuesday?

I was invited to discuss the impact of these changes on eBay sellers on eBay Radio PowerSeller Show with eBay’s Dean of Education, Griff and Jeff King, a Senior Director at eBay. You can catch the radio show here.

eBay is making BIG changes to the feedback system. As a seller, I do think it will benefit PROFESSIONAL sellers, but probably not mediocre sellers. Click here to read eBay’s official release of these changes.

It boils down to this…

Each day that goes by makes it more difficult for the “little guy” to make money selling merchandise on eBay.

If you are a “little guy”, then I don’t think you need much convincing.

That is why YOU MUST expand your profit streams beyond selling physical product on eBay.

I’ve been an eBay member since 1999, and I’ve seen this trend speed up especially in the last few years.

That was why I busted my hump to create Auction Traffic SECRETS and AuctionTNT. 

Those who are willing to invest in themselves and their business will survive.

Those who don’t are in BIG trouble. :-(

Serious stuff to think about!



Have a great weekend watching the Patriots win Sunday!  :-)

Before you go, could you please click the Comments link below and give your feedback? Thanks in advance!