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eBay Classified Ads SECRETS Videos

Friday 28 March 2008 @ 12:42 pm

Hey did you hear that eBay BANNED digital products from regular auctions?   :-)

Unless you’ve been without internet access this week, I’m sure you have!

And guess what???

..The Sky is NOT falling!

BTW… If you want to see how easy it is to convert your digital product into a CD product then click here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Everyone is suddenly talking about classified ads.  I’ve been using them for 2 years and just finished a killer video that you are invited to watch.

Visit here, enter your info and you’ll be able to watch the video. (Actually, there are 5 videos there)

I still think that eBay is the EASIEST way to start a profitable online business, but NOT for the same reasons that used to be true.

Let’s first cover the “old way”, and then the “new way” of making money on eBay.


Old: The Physical eBay Product Business Method

It’s no secret that selling physical product on eBay is not as easy as it was in the past. 

Not only that, but the typical ‘eBay business’ of sourcing inventory / listing /selling / packing / shipping / repeat… is simply not appealing or possible for many people for so many reasons.

Whether it’s because you:

  • Don’t have money to buy stock.
  • Don’t have storage for the inventory.
  • Can’t find profitable items to sell.
  • Physically are unable to handle the packing & shipping.
  • Hate customer service.
  • Don’t have consistent time each and every day for the business.
  • …etc

Selling physical product on eBay just might not be your cup of tea.

..That’s quite understandable.

eBay’s BIGGEST advantage has always been they deliver HIGHLY targeted traffic. Traffic is lifeblood of any online business. Having eBay deliver a gazillion page views a day is very valuable (and why they collect those never ending fees).

Now back in the good old days when there was not so much selling competition, it was sooooo… easy to make money. You put nearly anything online, eBay sent you traffic, and you sold it. Sweet!

But that’s not the case now.

The big boys smelled money. LOT’S of Money. Mom & Pop’s started going face to face with deep pocketed corporations.

More Competition = less profits (at least for the Mom & Pops)

eBay realizes that they:

  • Have less fraud with BIG sellers.
  • Have less buyer complaints with BIG sellers.
  • Require less resources to support a BIG seller.
  • Make more money from BIG sellers.

So, isn’t the solution obvious?

If you get rid of all the small eBay sellers, and give the business to the BIG Professional sellers, everyone wins!

  • The Buyers enjoy a more professional purchasing experience, so they’ll be back.
  • eBay reduces it’s support costs for fraud, buyer complaints, seller tech issues, etc… This means more profits for shareholders!
  • The BIG sellers get bigger!

Great, everyone wins!

Oops…We forgot about the small Mom & Pops who started eBay and fueled it’s growth with their passion and hard work.

Sorry, guess you can’t please everyone :-(

If you’re a small eBay seller, you REALLY need to start thinking about “expanding your eBay horizons”!


New: Classified Ads,  A New Alternative

In fact this hub-bub about not being able to sell digital products in auction ads is a SWEET opportunity for you to learn about the POWER of eBay Classified Ads.

I’ve been quietly researching, experimenting, and generating traffic (and $$$) with classified ads for over 2 years now.
(Yes, they HAVE been around for that long!)

I knew when I first heard about them that they were going to be HUGE, and would have great potential.

My whole focus in learning the “ins and outs” of eBay Classified Ads was to design a business model for the person who:

  • Only has a few hours each week to spend on their business.
  • Has to steal time late at night or at unpredictable hours.
  • Wants a residual income (compared to the ‘list-> sell-> ship-> repeat’ classic eBay business model)
  • Is not very technically oriented and doesn’t like learning technical stuff.
  • Want’s a process that is easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy to scale.
  • Just doesn’t fit in with the selling/shipping physical product on eBay model.

Does that sound like you?

If so, then you can understand why I created Auction Traffic SECRETS.

This course is taking the world by STORM! We launched it and it SOLD OUT back in February (in just 4 days), but no worries.

We’re making it BIGGER & BETTER and getting ready to release it again.

Let me explain…

Not only will you get 4 hours of HD Video explaining EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to setup auto-pilot profit machines using eBay classified ads, but we’re also adding the following:

  • Weekly webinar based training- We’ll be meeting together online to answer your questions and demonstrate techniques. You’ll watch my computer screen as I personally demonstrate the techniques you’ll use.
  • Private members only forum access. Submit your questions, share your success stories,  and meet other Auction Traffic SECRETS  members.
  • We’ll also be posting additional videos and more partner companies that will pay you for your classified ad traffic.

Note to those who purchased in February:
Don’t worry! You’ll be invited to attend the webinars, and will get the additional training!

So check out the Auction Traffic SECRETS videos by logging in here. You’ll see examples of how people are getting huge traffic using these classified ads.

You’ll also learn several different ways to turn this traffic into CASH!

Be sure to enter your name and email address so you’ll be notified as I create more Classified Ads videos.

Stay tuned, the fun is just beginning!

Free eBay Store Traffic + Free 7-Hour DVD Training System.

Friday 21 March 2008 @ 12:17 pm

Recently I told you that we were about to come out with a free tool to drive traffic to your eBay store and your other auction items.

That tool is called “Auction Showcase” and it is an amazing tool for getting more traffic to your eBay items.

You’ve probably seen other tools that show the seller’s other items, but Auction Showcase is unique in that it allows you to choose which auction items are included.

For example, suppose you are selling clothing and video games.  Do you really think someone looking at one is interested in the other?


So that’s why we allow you to setup different Auction Showcases that allow you to control which items display in your auction.

The result?

Targeted traffic which is more likely to produce a sale!  Ka-Ching!

Check out this short video that shows you how simple it is to create and use Auction Showcases in your auctions.

Gold & Platinum AuctionTNT members can also include items from their eBay stores. You can also control which store items will be included.



I just checked and you can still get your FREE copy of the “Internet Millionaire’s Protege’ Bootcamp” DVD package.

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FREE 7-Hour DVD Training System

Friday 14 March 2008 @ 9:31 am

I just stumbled across the craziest news…

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This means you can get 7 hours of professional online
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So what are you waiting for?
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Worlds’ Best (and FREE) eBay Seller Tools.

Friday 7 March 2008 @ 12:04 pm

I was just working on updating and WOW, there are a lot of great profit making tools there.

Not only for eBay selling, but for any other internet marketing project or website.

..And many of them are FREE!

Here are some tools to check out:


Dropship / Wholesale Search Engine

You can access a members only wholesale search engine to find product!

Have you ever needed to find a trustworthy supplier of a particular product but had trouble locating one?

With the custom created AuctionTNT Wholesale search engine, you will be able to find Collectibles,Dropship, Jewelry, Novelties, Liquidated, Wholesale, and many other types of goods.

This is FREE To All Members!


Auction Showcase

This is the latest feature added to  It’s a spinning 3D Ring that shows your eBay auction items.  

Click here to see a LIVE Auction Showcase sample.

The cool thing is that you can tell it what to show.

I’ll explain..

Say you sell shoes, video games, and baseball cards.

How likely do you think a shoe buyer will be in your baseball card items?

Most likely not very much!

AuctionTNT’s Auction Showcase is cool in that it allows you to define which auction items get included!

It’s so simple to use, you’ll be amazed!

If you’re not trying to upsell or cross-sell people who visit your auctions, you are missing a great opportunity (AND MISSING A TON OF SALES!)

Click here to see a LIVE Auction Showcase sample.

It’s available for all AuctionTNT members.  (AuctionTNT is currently offering a FREE Silver membership.)

You can use it in your existing eBay ads, or on any other website or HTML page.

Coming Soon: We’re just finishing up adding a new feature!
Soon you’ll be able to also include items from your eBay store in your Auction Showcase.
This is a FANTASTIC way to get traffic to your eBay store from other auction / web pages.
Target release date is Friday, 03/14/2008

Be sure to check out this great FREE tool!



Easy Shortcut Link To Your eBay Auctions

Ever wanted to send people to see all of your current eBay auctions and eBay Store items?

In the past you had to click on a bunch of eBay links and jump through hoops to find the information, but not anymore!

Simply tell people to visit So if your eBay ID is WidgetMan, tell everyone to see your current items for sale at (It’s NOT necessary to add an http or www)

What could be easier?

Here are a just few ways to generate more traffic using this shortcut:

  • On the bottom of each email include a signature line that says something like: “See all my fantastic Widget deals at”
  • Print up inexpensive labels and slap them on each item you ship. If it’s a box, place it on the top left side, so it’s easy to see. For envelopes, place it on the back side, on the top middle.
  • If you do podcasting or make audios / videos, be sure to mention the easy to remember URL address

Not only is this the easiest way to send people to your auctions, but Gold & Platinum members will also have the opportunity for affiliate income each time someone visits the page and clicks on YOUR affiliate link to find out more about AuctionTNT!


There’s More Where That Came From!  :-)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

When you go check it out for yourself, you’ll be blown away at all the profit making tools avaiable to both paid and free members.