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New Website Is EASIEST Way To Win CASH & Prizes!

Friday 29 August 2008 @ 8:00 pm

I am so excited about this new website that I will be launching soon. 

For a few years I’ve wanted to build a website where anyone could make money and win prizes with no technical skill involved.

So I actually purchased an existing site off eBay and rewrote almost the entire site.

It is so easy that one of my regular members receiving a payment is a wonderful woman who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, and relies on it to help pay her bills.

You’ve got to check it out.

It is the EASIEST way to win CASH and PRIZES.

The name of the site is

It awards CASH & Prizes for watching other member’s websites, filling out surveys, and filling out offers.

The membership is FREE, and your earnings are LIMITLESS.

There is even a built in referral program, so you’ll earn a 15%-20% BONUS for everyone you tell about it.

It’s going to BE HUGE!  It is going to spread like crazy by word of mouth, so the first ones in will have a profitable advantage!

Here are a couple of videos from the site.


My loyal PlatinumPowerSeller & AuctionTNT readers are among the first in the world to hear about the grand unveiling.

We’re looking for some beta testers to check the site out and give us your feedback.

You simply use the site to win cash & prizes, BUT NOT YET TELL OTHERS!

You simply tell us if you find a problem, or something confusing, and if so enter a support ticket explaining the details.

We’re looking for about 25 people to gain exclusive early access.


The top 3 individuals that contribute the most will be awarded

A FREE COPY of Instant Website Empire Volume 1 & 2.

With it’s FREE Shipping, it is OVER a $200 value!


Now no doubt, there will be a TON of people who all want to gain early access and check out the site.

Unfortunately, at this stage, we can only accept around 25 people.

So here is what you need to do:

Click here
to open an email message

2) State why you should be selected instead of other applicants.

3) State how much time you can realistically spend on the site during the next week.

We’ll be getting back to people in the next few days.

You are going to be AMAZED at what you see.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Mike Enos For President? Watch Channel 3 TV News!

Tuesday 26 August 2008 @ 4:27 pm

Man, as if I didn’t already have too much to do.

Now people are trying to get me elected President of the United States!

Watch the news segment that appeared on Channel 3

The power of the internet is AMAZING!

Could this be history in the making?


..Mike Enos

Instant Website Empire Volume 2 Released

Tuesday 19 August 2008 @ 2:30 pm

Sorry you haven’t heard from me lately. I’ve been working like crazy on a bunch of un-eBay related projects.

I’m currently finishing up 2 different websites, (More coming on those real soon)

We also JUST released a new product.

With the great success of Instant Website Empire, Volume 2 is now out.


Instant Website Empire - Volume 2 adds

  • 100 more niche websites,
  • with 500 articles,
  • all the graphics, bells and whistles, etc…

If you’ve been wanting to have your own cash producing website, then this is for you!

Most of the work is already done for you!

The websites are built, the graphics are complete, you even get five articles for each and every subject!


You can check it out here