Listen To My Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Radio Show Interview, & Learn How YOU Can Be Interviewed!

When you go to my Video Newsletter Blog, you’ll see that I have a banner that allows you to listen to my brand new interview from the:

Entrepreneur Magazine
Radio Show

Mike Enos - Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Radio Show Interview


Whenever you get media attention, always be sure to SHOUT IT from the rooftops!

Visitors who see you as a recognized expert are MUCH more likely to trust you and become a long-time customer.

Imagine this…

Do YOU Want To Be Interviewed?

If YOUR business were to be interviewed as a leader in your field,
how valuable would that be to YOU?

If you could include a banner in your eBay auctions, About ME
page, and website pages, just think…

o How many more visitors would become customers?

o How much more would you sell from eBay and your website?

o How many of your competitors would you
send home crying for their Mommy?

Would you like to know the SECRET of how to get this publicity?

Oh yeah… You know you do! :-)

Well, I’ll be teaching a select few EXACTLY how to do the same.


Okay.. Here’s the scoop:

1) You have to be a totally honest and above board operation.
2) You have to have a stellar reputation.
3) You understand how valuable press media coverage is, and are
willing to invest money (and a little time) to learn how to
get your business highlighted.
4) You must be able to share some beneficial information that
your listeners will be able to apply.

So, if you are just beginning, then really, this isn’t for you.
(Hey.. I’m not a miracle worker)

But if you have been working hard to build your business then
you simply CANNOT miss this unique opportunity.

I will be guiding a VERY SELECT group of people on how to get
their company thrust into the limelight, and instantly
sky-rocket your company’s perception to everyone who visits
your auctions or website.

Again… This is for

There is a STRICT interview process that most people will
not pass. (Sorry!)

We will interview on a first come, first served basis, and
will shut it down once we have reached capacity.

So if you want to grow your business while leaving your
competition in the dust, then click on the link below and
reserve your spot right now.

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot!

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