Remotely Check Your Email With Your Cellphone Or Any Browser

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If you sell on eBay, then chances are you are an email addict.

When you return home after being gone for awhile, do you rush to the computer to check your email and see what you sold on eBay?

If you go away for the weekend, or are on vacation, do you get anxious to check your email?

A common trait I see with many eBay sellers is that they are afraid to be away from their email for too long. They are afraid that someone will email a question, and get mad when they don’t receive a reply soon enough and give the seller a NEGATIVE! 

Ack… I don’t think you should worry that much, but that’s a topic for another day ;-)  but today I’ll help you ease your addiction.

Well you’re going to learn about a FREE service that I give the double thumbs up to that should help ease your pain.

This service  allows you to check your email using any web browser in the world,  or even your cell phone!

There are many uses for this tool.

For example, recently, I’ve been getting nailed with SPAM to some of my very popular email addresses. I literally get HUNDREDS of emails each day to EACH address.  Grrrrrr… 

The problem is that while most are SPAM, some are valid emails.

Being tired of spending an hour a day going through Outlook sorting these out, I now use this tool and have someone else manually go through these emails deleting the bad stuff for me.

Click here to access this highly recommended free service.

Do You Need To Access Your Computer While Away?

Another tool that I couldn’t live without allows me to access my entire computer while away from home using any browser in the world.

Sometimes, you need to access more than just email. This sweet tool allows me to control my entire PC from any web browser.  You actually see your computer screen in the browser. It’s just like being there.  Click here to try it out for FREE

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