eBay Auction Ad Template SECRETS!

In the same day two different people contacted me asking basically the same question.


Hey Mike,

How’s things going?

Mike, I am sure you covered this somewhere or sometime in your Freebie Friday Newsletter, you do a great job with it!

Can you direct me to an EASY to use HTML software program that I can use to build nice looking auction description page for my listings?

Thanks buddy!

Todd B.



Hey Todd,

Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve answered your question in two parts below.


QUESTION #1: Program To Create HTML With..

First of all, EVERY eBay seller needs an HTML editor.

Probably the most popular HTML editor is Microsoft Frontpage.

(Note I didn’t say best… just most popular)

That’s what I use, but don’t necessarily recommend it! :-(

What I recommend is a free editor called NVU. (NVU stands for New View)

It’s 100% FREE and you can Download It Here.

It’s a GREAT editor that should take care of your HTML needs. Easy to learn and use and it writes very good HTML.

Highly Recommended!


QUESTION #2: Making Great eBay Auction Templates.

Sorry, but I can’t recommend a source of FREE eBay auction templates.  The ones that I have seen are kind of “cheesy”.

Some eBay sellers will try to make their own template.


I can do a lot of technical stuff but I have very little artistic talent. :-(

Remember… The first step to overcoming a problem is to admit it exists. :-)

There are people who will create a PROFESSIONAL customized eBay template for you. You’ll have to pay $200 and up though which is beyond many new seller’s budgets. 

(There are even more people who will create a stinky looking template for you too and charge less! Ack!!)

Want to know my SECRET?  The easy method that I use to overcome my total lack of artistic ability?

I’ve joined a few membership sites which gives me unlimited access to about a gazillion templates, graphics, music, websites, flash graphics, etc..

Here’s the scoop…

These sites have an UNBELIEVABLE amount of high quality work. I go and grab some already done HTML work and strip out what I don’t need. Or I find music to use for my audio products, or artwork for my CD covers.

You can even download a complete ready to go live website. There are tons of regular HTML and Flash style websites.

It’s quick, easy, and looks much better than anything I could ever do myself!

Here are the two sites that I personally have used and highly recommend.

Resource #1

Resource #2 

What’s cool about the above sites is that you can go see what is available BEFORE you signup for them.

Why two sites?

I like Resource #1 because of their wide range of downloads. From logos to CD templates to MP3 music, I’ve used a lot of their stuff in my eBay ads and PlatinumPowerSeller website.

What I like about Resource #2 is that they have a large number of BEAUTIFUL Microsoft Word templates that are great for making ebooks. If you are looking to create an ebook then you’ll love the gorgeous template styles you can choose from there.

So if you want to make your eBay auction ads stand out, create fantastic looking ebooks, and make yourself standout from the competition, visit the sites mentioned and use the NVU editor to make it all happen.

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  1. Caitlin Lorraine - December 22nd, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Hi Mike,
    Love your stuff, I always have to check out the Friday freebies–they are irristible. For those that are looking for free Templates the Auctiva.com that you once recommeneded (and is how I know about it! :) has many delightful templates. I use auctiva for 98% of my listings, you can host 16 pictures for free, free supersized pictures, free scheduling (one of my favorite features!), Easy html, and easy one page sell page. It is very simple and easy to use, highly recommended for the beginners and intermediate alike. I like not having the hassle of hosting my pictures off of my website. The only thing I do not like is they do not have bulk scheduling yet. When you have several of the same item that you want listed in one week you have to schedule each one seperately. A little more time, but since it saves me so much more time in every other area thus far it has been more than worth it. I’ve sold about 60 items this month for Christmas sales and it’s kept up with that volume very nicely. That is the most I’ve ever sold in one month, and I’ve been pleased with Auctiva in every way. Thanks again Mike for all of your great tips, Caitlin Lorraine

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