Can You Still Make Google Adsense Profits?

Some time ago, an Internet Marketer came up with an idea that was called Adsense Arbitrage. 

The basic premise is to create a website where the traffic comes in from advertising on Google AdWords.  Some information (like an article) is included on the webpage, and this information is surrounded by ads from Google Adsense.

The entire point is, not selling anything, but getting your visitor to click on the Adsense ads, thus generating revenue for you.

(For those new to this idea, Google gives some of its revenue generated from showing AdWords ads to the website owners who place those ads on their website.)

It worked well for awhile, then Google cracked down on “junk” sites that did not offer any valuable content.

Those website owners who did it the right way profitted greatly - and still do.

I’m all for tools that make life easier, and today’s Freebie Friday is about one that is outstanding in that regard.

Download the free case study of how someone new to the Adsense Arbitrage method made $4,515 his first month!

By the way, this is not something that was done a year or two ago and he’s still talking about it. No, this is a brand new case study that was completed just 6 weeks ago!

This free report details exactly how he did it step-by-step.  Follow the steps yourself, and be on the way to creating your own Google Adsense profit stream.

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