The ULTIMATE eBay / eBiz Product Sourcing Tool

The most popular question I get asked is: “What Can I Sell On eBay?”

It’s something that many eBay sellers need to know.

Today I am writing about a BRAND NEW tool just launched by WorldWide Brands that ROCKS!

It’s called OneSource. It is a web-based tool that allows you to quickly find one or more sources for practically any type of product. 

OneSource is the Only Source you need for:

  • Drop Shippers
  • Light Bulk Wholesalers
  • Large Volume Wholesalers
  • Instant Import Buys
  • Liquidators.

You can search by brand name, product, or supplier.  Not sure what to sell?  Then click on “product” and you can see every product categorized from A-Z.

Simply read through until you find something that catches your eye! 

Man.. There is Sooooo… much listed.

For example… click on the letter “B” and there are 1585 product categories listed. Ie… “B Vitamins”, “Ba Gua Zhang DVDs” (Don’t ask), “Babinski Hammers”,  “Baby Accessories”, etc..

Even the letter W has 1226 different product names! 

If you want a certain brand name, you can find all the brands represented also grouped by first letter. When I click on the letter “S”, I see there are 490 different brands listed. These include Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, etc…

This database contains the LATEST and greatest wholesalers and products.


Another cool feature is that you have the option to only show suppliers added in the last 30 days. This makes it super simple to be the first to find a hot new product supplier!


I’ve put together a video to show you more.

***Click on the video picture below to watch it.****

Sound Only? Problems Watching Video? Need the latest Flash Player? Click Here to download it now!


Cool Facts About OneSource

  • OneSource is The World’s LARGEST Source of eCommerce Wholesalers
  • OneSource is NEVER oversaturated with too many sellers picking from the same small list of products/suppliers. OneSource is updated daily with NEW Wholesalers and Products.
  • Real-Time Market Research data is displayed on every product searched in OneSource! (Great for beginners so they can better understand what kind of products to sell…and of course where to get it!) Quickly find a products Demand, Competition, Advertising potential, current Auction Prices and an instant Analysis of the products chances of selling well online.
  • Great Value: Price: $299.00 with introductory offer of $50.00 off (Total: $249.00) - No Monthly or Annual Fees. One Time price for a LIFETIME Membership to OneSource.
  • Real Wholesale Prices: OneSource Wholesalers have the BEST Wholesale Prices you can get.
  • Real Wholesalers: OneSource ONLY lists Genuine Manufacturers and Factory Authorized Distributors.
  • Every Type of Supplier you Need: OneSource is the Only Source you need for Drop Shippers, Light Bulk Wholesalers, Large Volume Wholesalers, Instant Import Buys and Liquidators.

WorldWide Brands had done a GREAT job designing this valuable tool.

If you are looking for items to start or grow your eBay/Online business then click here to go check it out.


2 Responses to 'The ULTIMATE eBay / eBiz Product Sourcing Tool'

  1. Pete Moring - January 1st, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    Happy new year Mike.

    as usual, you’ve come up with the goods yet again.

    I can’t believe something as good as this isn’t VERY common knowledge, but I suppose you have to think/behave a bit more ‘laterally’ than most of us.

    Thanks again for helping out ‘the little guy’.


  2. Noel - January 2nd, 2007 at 6:30 pm

    Just wondering if you or anyone else have checked any prices to see if a profit can be made from these products. I’ve bought enough “wholesale” lists to be vey skeptical here.

    Response from Mike Enos:

    Hi Noel,

    Good question!

    THOUSANDS of people rely on Worldwide Brands source list to find product to sell on eBay, websites, and other auction sites.

    The prices you will find are true wholesale. Worldwide brands does not act as a middleman and increase the price like other companies do.

    Still you need to pick your products wisely. Avoid highly competitive products. Take the time to use the included research tools to find the right products to sell.

    eBay is a very competitive selling environment so you WILL NEED to do your homework in product selection. eBay selling IS a business, not a lottery where money falls out of the sky. ;-)

    The great thing is that once you find a profitable product, you can sell it on auto-pilot and make it an automatic income stream. Then add a 2nd product, then a 3rd, etc..

    I don’t know any product source listing that can even compare with Worldwide Brands OneSource tool.

    Since you can sample it BEFORE purchasing, and you get a 30 day moneyback guarantee, why would you NOT try it out?

    Happy Selling!


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