Adobe Releases Update for Critical PDF Security Flaw!

In these days of Internet viruses, worms, phishing schemes, and the like, you need to be constantly aware of new security threats.

That’s why I wanted my readers to be alerted to one of the latest.

Adobe, who publishes the most popular software which allows reading of PDF files, has released a critical security update for it’s Adobe Reader.

Most eBooks are released in PDF format.  Therefore, if you read any eBooks on your computer, you probably use Adobe software.

In fact, the new eBook I released last week, “From eBay Zero to eBay Hero” is in the PDF format.

By the way, did you download the eBook last week?  If not, you should, as it contains valuable information on how to start and successfully run a profitable eBay business.  It also comes with resale rights and is brandable.  In other words, you can make money by selling, or even by giving away, this eBook.  Check out the details here.

Adobe recommends upgrading to Adobe Reader 8.  If your computer does not meet the requirements, you can upgrade to Version 7.0.9.  Both downloads are free.

To see which version you currently have, start Adobe Reader, then click on “Help.”  In the dropdown menu, click on “About Adobe Reader.”  This will show you which version number you have.

To update your Abobe Reader software, Click Here.

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