My eBay Radio Interview

It was about 6:30 last Friday night when the phone rang.  Now normally, I don’t answer phone calls on the business line after hours or on weekends, but I just happened to pick this one up.  I’m glad I did.

It was the executive producer of eBay Radio, eBays’ official radio show, wanting to know if I could be on their program on Tuesday.  I would be interviewed by the show’s host (and eBay Dean of Education) Jim “Griff” Griffith.

Yesterday, I even had fellow entrepreneurs involved with eBay calling me saying, “How’s the big radio star?” ;-)

Now I don’t claim to be a star in any sense of the word (well, I’m happy to be a star to my wife and kids!), but if you would like to listen to the interview where I answer the common question  “How to increase your eBay profits,” follow the link below and look for the post from 01/23/2007.

Click here to listen to the interview!

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