Last Chance to Attend jvAlert Live!

I have been working on my presentation as a speaker at jvAlert Live in Orlando for the last several weeks.

I wish ALL of my newsletter readers could be there to absorb all the detailed secrets I’m going to reveal in the presentation.

The problem is jvAlert Live has been sold out since last year!

If only there was a way I could get some more of my readers in for this life-changing event!

Then I received an email this morning that opened up the chance.

It was from Ken McArthur of jvAlert Live!

jvAlertLive and StomperNet are being held at the
SAME TIME AND the SAME HOTEL in Orlando and that place is going to be packed with the best of the best in Internet marketing.

Up until now it was almost impossible to get in because jvAlert Live was sold out way back in December, but a last-second meeting room mixup actually freed up a little more space.

You see the hotel had actually messed up the meeting room assignments with all that was going on and after a BUNCH of calls from Ken’s team they figured out that a little bit of room shuffling would allow jvAlert to squeeze in a few more.

jvAlert Live is being held February 16th, 17th and 18th and if you hurry you can meet people like Ken McArthur, Mike Filsaime, Sterling Valentine, Joshua Shafran, Joel Comm, Willie Crawford, Gary Ambrose, Frank Sousa, Jane Mark, Phil Basten, Lori Steffen, Jeff Wark, John DiLemme, Harris Fellman and MANY, MANY more.

I’m going to be there and this will be a great time for us to get together and talk about your plans in person!

If you can get there, do it!

Get the details at:

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