Free 52-Page eBook Helps You Get Started in Affiliate Marketing!

For those of you who have been long-term subscribers to my newsletter or blog, you have probably noticed that I recommend having multiple streams of income, not relying solely on eBay to make your living.

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to increase your earnings.

My affiliate manager Dan and his wife are doing just that.

They are focusing on a niche and using Pay Per Click search engine traffic to point to CPA (Cost Per Action) offers that pay out commissions for sales.  In fact, they are earning an average 500% return on their PPC investment!

You don’t even have to have someone buy something.  That’s right!  Some companies will pay you if you send someone to their website and they just fill in their zip code!  No name, no address, no phone number, no email address required, JUST THEIR ZIP CODE!

How cool is that ;)

Dan and his wife just got a course that he is raving about.  The best he’s every seen, and he’s seen a lot.

In fact, he says with just one of the many ideas he got, that one idea will more than pay for the course!


The only problem is, he can’t sleep.  His mind is racing, and won’t shut down.  Every morning when he comes into the office, I look at his eyes and say, "Another sleepless night?!?"  He has to get some sleep so he can work for me!

Today’s Freebie Friday is a free eBook from the creator of the course.  Now I’m not crazy about the title of the book.  "The Science of Getting Rich Online" is not a title I would choose, but the information he provides is invaluable.

In this 52-page eBook, he covers various ways of getting traffic to your website, including the best ways to track your traffic and how to turn that traffic into big profits by offering various products as an affiliate.

The eBook is not a sales pitch for his course.  It contains information that can easily put money in your pocket, and that is a GOOD THING!

Don’t wait another minute.  Go get this free eBook now!

Here’s the link for the eBook.

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