New Site Allows You To Freely Link To All Your Auctions!

Today’s Fun Freebie Friday is an easy way to send people to all your current eBay auctions.

Normally, you would have to type in or give someone a huge url for them to see your current auctions and likely, they would misspell something and miss your auctions.

Not any longer!

AuctionTNT allows you to type in any seller’s eBay ID and view all the auctions the seller has currently listed.

It’s as easy as typing:

For example, one of the top sport automotive sellers on eBay is ExcellAutoGroup.  So to view all their auctions you would type into your browser:

This is another convenient feature supplied by AuctionTNT, my new site that offers tools for exploding your eBay profits.

The new site launches soon, so make sure you get onboard by signing up for the early notification list here.

And, by the way, you do not have to be a member of AuctionTNT, or wait
for the site to launch, in order to use the above Freebie Friday for your auctions!

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