eBay Digital Product Profit Secrets!

A new mentoring Program - that doesn’t break the bank

In the news this month is John Thornhill’s new “Planetsms Digital Monthly Mentorship.”

He’s a Powerseller who is an expert at selling digital products on eBay. He has over 12000 feedbacks, primarily from selling e-books and other digital products that are automatically delivered.

I’ve taken a look at the sales page and it gives a lot of detail as to what John is doing:

See it here

And frankly - I would recommend checking it out.

To have someone like John teaching and showing the exact strategies he actually uses to generate multiple streams of income alone is worth the $10 price tag.

That’s right - $10.

He offers a money back guarantee, but goes one better with the rest of the benefits offered.

A big one for me is the chance to have him help members create their own products by following along with what he teaches, and then to promote their products to his list.

This would surely give any marketer new or experienced a helpful boost to sales or even the turbo charged start to their list building.

With question and answer sessions, personal help from John, and a host of other benefits, I can’t imagine anyone not getting excited enough to join!

The video newsletter I’ve seen outlined a particular strategy in such detail I doubt anyone wouldn’t be able to set up an identical campaign… I think a few more experienced marketers will soon hear about it and be implementing it themselves.

The BIG news about this program compared to many others has to be the price though.

In fairness - the quality is second to none from what I’ve seen already …

But to charge only $10 really must give every new and previously scammed, frustrated, challenged or otherwise not yet succeeding at making money online, marketer a real sense of hope.

It’s not going to be long before you’ll see many many people talking about this program.

If you’ll take my advice - I’d go and get in now …

Right Here!

… before John’s having to turn people away.

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