How Can I Get Traffic To My Listings?

Recently I got an email from one of my readers.  This is what it said:


I have been selling on eBay for a little over a year now and I’m not doing too bad considering I have no idea how to advertise my website online. I know what I need to do and what kind of advertising will work, but I don’t know where to find these places and what to do with it once I get there. I am seriously frustrated.


- Marnie

Marnie, I know it can be overwhelming when you (1) get a ton of information and don’t know what to do with it, or (2) get that information in a form that doesn’t work best for you. (Marnie said later in her letter that she learns best when someone shows her how to do something, rather than reading about it.)

I’ve got something that will help you in the advertising part of your question.

I’ve recommended pay-per-click as the fast and easy way to start getting traffic to your website/aBay Store.  But oftentimes, it’s complicated to know what to do.

Here is where Jeremy Palmer comes in.  He created free videos that offer step-by-step solutions to get you set up in Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Jeremy walks you through signing up, setting up campaigns, doing keyword research, and finally running and tweaking that campaign.

Additionally, when you go to his site, you will see how you can get $50 ad credits for Yahoo and MSN, thus making your risk $0.

Marnie, you can’t go wrong here.

Click here to go to the site.

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