How Can I Sell Info Products on eBay?

Recently I got an email from one of my readers.  This is what it said:


Where can I get a system for selling info on eBay? I know I need an autoresponder and a method of sending the info after payment by PayPal, etc. Knowing what I need and knowing how to put it together are not the same!


- Dale

Dale, you hit the nail on the head with your last sentence above!  Too many Internet Marketers or eBay gurus just give you SOME of the information, and fewer still tell you actually how to do it.

You may have heard me mention eBay PowerSeller John Thornhill eBay ID (planetsms) before.  He makes his living selling eBooks on eBay.  He has always invited people to check out his eBay ID (planetsms ) - then they could see for themselves that he does Walk the Walk because he was fed up of those who just Talk the Talk but do not actually help people!

Right now he’s giving away his “90-Day Powerseller Challenge” e-Book for free!

He gives you the step-by-step instructions how to do what he did - become THE eBay Digital Products Master.

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