New FREE Auction Showcase Feature Helps eBay Sellers Sell More!

Check out the newest feature of!

It’s called Auction Showcase.

This is the latest feature added to  It’s a spinning 3D Ring that shows your eBay auction items.

Click here to see a LIVE Auction Showcase sample.

The cool thing is that you can tell it what to show.

I’ll explain..

Say you sell shoes, video games, and baseball cards.

How likely do you think a shoe buyer will be in your baseball card items?

Most likely not very much!

AuctionTNT’s Auction Showcase is cool in that it allows you to define which auction items get included!

It’s so simple to use, you’ll be amazed!

If you’re not trying to upsell or cross-sell people who visit your auctions, you are missing a great opportunity (AND MISSING A TON OF SALES!)

Click here to see a LIVE Auction Showcase sample.

It’s available for all AuctionTNT members.  (AuctionTNT is currently offering a FREE Silver membership.)

A 4 minute video has just been released which shows how quick and easy it is to make your auction.

Watch the video and then start putting the awesome Auction Showcases in your own auctions so you can make more profits!

Be sure to tell everyone you know selling on eBay about this great FREE tool!

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