eBay LIVE Hotels - How To Save $500

Usually for Freebie Fridays, you get something for free. Today, instead of that, you’re going to learn how to save $500 on your hotel bill when you go to eBay LIVE 2008 in Chicago this June.

You ARE going to eBay LIVE right?? ;-)

Although signup doesn’t officially start until March 14th , it’s probably a good idea to get your hotel room ASAP. The prices are going up,up, up!

Chicago is NOT an inexpensive place to stay. I was looking at the rooms, and if you want to stay within 10 miles of McCormick Convention Center where the event will be, decent hotels START at around $269 a night, plus a bunch of additional taxes.

A hobby of mine is finding great travel deals. I LOVE finding a way to pay the lowest price possible.

How To Save $500 On Your Hotel Bill

The video I put together will show you how I saved almost $500 and am staying in a 4-star hotel.

BIG DISCLAIMER:  I do NOT know how long this method will last.  If you use it to book your room,  please let everyone know by posting a comment by clicking the comment link below.

If it DOES NOT work for you, please let everyone know by posting a comment by clicking the comment link below.

If you’re looking for airfare,  a great site that I’ve been using lately is called Kayak. What I like is that there are a bunch of ways to slice and dice your choices to get the best flight at the best price.

Click here to watch the video on saving $500 on your hotel bill for Chicago eBay LIVE 2008

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  1. Natalie - February 8th, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    Hi Mike great video and source. I did some searching on my own a few months ago and the best deal I found was staying in a Hostel. There are several in Chicago. Some even have a private room and bath others have dorm room set ups. Get a group together and do a slumber party. It’s less than half the cost of a hotel room.
    I got even a better deal. A Free bed at my inlaws just a short train ride away from McCormick Place. I will have to drive 5 hours south to get to IL. Hope to see everyone there this year, it will be my First EBay Live! Natalie

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