eBay Boycott Feb 18th- Feb 25th

Hey everyone. Wanted to inform you about the eBay Boycott. Sellers are really ticked off at eBay for these latest changes.

I was being interviewed by Griff on eBay Radio the day they were announced, and I was thinking “Wow! Sellers are going to flip out!”

Fees have gone through the roof.

Starting Paypal can hold your money for 21 days “because they feel like it”. Read more here.

Many eBay sellers are joining a boycott. Read about it here, and see some good comments here

Here’s my take…

eBay wants to accomplish a few things.

1) They want to make sure the buyer has a great shopping experience. If she is happy, she’ll return and buy more stuff. That’s a good thing for everyone.

2) eBay wants more profits. They are a corporation, that’s what corporations do. Fees are like taxes. The idea is keep taking more and more from the person but stop right before the point where they rebel and start acting in a way that is non-beneficial to the corporation/country. Oops… looks like eBay crossed the line with this stuff.

3) My personal feeling is that eBay is trying to get rid of the “Mom & Pop” sellers and give more business to the bigger eBay sellers. Hence the HUGE fee increase on the front end, with kickbacks, errr… rebates for big time powersellers.

Folks, don’t be surprised at this…

This is how big corporations work. The small Mom & Pops build the village, and when Big Business smells money, they come and take over the village. This happened to me way back in a previous life. My Dad & I became one of the first dealers in the world for AutoCAD, back in 1984. AutoDesk (the corporation) treated us so gentle and kind back then.

Sigh… But as they got bigger, and more outsiders joined the company, the attitude naturally transforms from one of “We take care of each other in this village” to “Hey, it’s easier to allow the big guys to take the business away from the pesty small guys”. Then AutoDesk went to having sales quotas or your dealership wouldn’t get renewed. That worked great for weeding out the smaller sellers.

Then once that was accomplished, they started directly selling to the customers and cutting off the ankles of the people who made them what they are.

Sigh… History repeats itself.

Now in this circumstance there is no way for eBay to make sellers “have a quota” to remain sellers. So instead they have to make the playing field uneven. Give the big boys rebates that the small boys can’t get. Pretty soon, the small boys decide there isn’t enough profit in selling on eBay, so they quietly walk away without a fight, leaving behind a new available niche market for the big seller to expand his business with.

Is it wrong? “It’s not personal, it’s just business!”

Here are my predictions of the repercussions (”fallout”) that eBay should expect:

ALL sellers will be looking for better selling channels. This includes their own website and other auction sites.

Already there are a bunch of competitor sites that are licking their chops at all this.

One GREAT site to look at especially if you are selling handmade goods is www.Etsy.com Their Alexa rank is 1919 today and increasing every day. It’s LOVED by sellers and buyers.

Remember when everyone LOVED eBay?

I do.

Remember when sellers LOVED eBay?

I do.

Sadly… for many sellers, it is like a married couple who stay together for the sake of the children, or because they don’t have anywhere else to go. The love is gone baby. :-(

Through my eBay oriented websites and when I speak with other sellers at eBay LIVE and other events, there is no longer any love for eBay.

…And that’s sad.

Year by year I have watched the transformation in eBay seller’s hearts shift from “I can’t wait to hear how eBay is going to make things even better” to “What are they trying to do… Put me out of business?”

If you have been making a living selling product on eBay, or counting on eBay to put food on your table or help pay your bills, please remember to diversify your streams of profit so that you don’t have all your eggs in the eBay basket.

Remember… “It’s not personal, it’s just business!”

For those who read about my Auction Traffic SECRETS, I mentioned how selling product on eBay has been, and will continue to get more and more difficult.

But don’t dismay!

There are MANY ways to make money on the web, INCLUDING still on eBay.

Keep tuned into the blog and newsletter, we have a lot more in the works.

Stay nimble and be ready to change.

It’s just good to know the train is coming at you, so you know when to jump off the track. :-)

So… should you take part in the eBay Boycott?

That decision is entirely up to you.

But in case you do…

A message to eBay: Remember… “It’s not personal, it’s just business!”

Your viewpoint is important! Can you please leave a comment by clicking the link below and let me know what you think?

7 Responses to 'eBay Boycott Feb 18th- Feb 25th'

  1. Jim - February 19th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Great info, and just when I was beginning to start out!

  2. Lee Wick - February 20th, 2008 at 9:54 am

    Gulp! I just became a Auction TNT Platinum member and there’s no future on eBay? We must continue to march on and do the right thing and fight through these buyers intent on getting free merchandise. We see the same thing in the brick and mortar. Ethics have been tossed out the window by many consumers, however, we have all been screwed by a bad seller here and there as well. The bad apples always ruin it for everyone. Hey, doesn’t GE own PayPal now? Gee, what a coincidence.

    From Mike:
    I never said that there was no future on eBay, just that it’s a time of change. AuctionTNT is the perfect tool for people who want to continue to succeed in making eBay profits.

    BTW… I believe eBay owns Paypal, not GE.

  3. Jordan - February 21st, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    This is not spam. As a former power seller, I grew disgusted with ebay and their fees a long time ago. In response, I’ve coded and developed a new auction site I called Jorbid.com. I’d love to work with power sellers out there who are having trouble leaving ebay. The only way we can fix this problem is for everyone to ban together and support a ebay alternative. In competitive markets, the consumer always comes out on top.

    Please leave me some feedback on Jorbid.com
    -Jordan Fried
    Founder, Jorbid.com

  4. Susan - February 22nd, 2008 at 11:35 am

    Ebay has changed the rules: “There’s no crying in baseball!”

  5. Amy - March 1st, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    Hi Mike,
    Love all the info on your blog.
    This whole eBay change has left me with mixed emotions. I’m a powerseller (hisnherscollectibles)so I do receive the rebate but I am weary about the motives behind the changes. What is eBay really trying to accomplish? Is it all about the money? Is it to minimize the “bad seller” complaints by driving out the small guys who don’t care because they don’t make a living off eBay? What is it really?
    Also, the comment about PayPal holding your money for 21 days with no explanation is pretty scary too. Should I be looking for an alternative payment method or are they all the same…no rules or regulation?
    Hopefully we will hardly notice the changes, be unaffected by the 21 day rule, and continue to get the warm-fuzzies from our eBay business.
    Thanks for all the great insight and I hope to see more about the progress and effects of this issue soon.


    Hi Amy,

    Personally I do think eBay is trying to get rid of the “non-professional” small guys. Chances are that most of eBay’s problems ARE caused NOT by the big sellers, but the small guys out for a quick buck. They probably think if they get rid of the small problem causing sellers it will make the big guys (who aren’t causing the headaches) happier and give the buyer a better experience. It seems the one who gets the short end of the stick is the small seller who IS professional, and who does give good service.

    I wouldn’t worry about the Paypal thing though. If you’re being fair you shouldn’t have problems. It doesn’t seem that if there were a problem that Paypal would freeze your entire account, just the money involved in the questionable transaction.

    But this SHOULD be a wake-up call to small sellers, that it’s time to give some thought to a “Plan-B”


  6. Kirk - March 11th, 2008 at 8:24 am


    You are right and thanks to all your free tips and by using the following website I have moved up to a Gold Power Seller only 4 months after joining Ebay. I plan on staying around awhile on Ebay and your tips will keep me there.

    Thanks again Mike!

  7. Mike - June 5th, 2008 at 12:36 pm


    Just found your site, I love your blog, you definitely “walk-your-talk”.

    On the Ebay rebate deal and you and your dad’s experience with… life and big business: It is sad how what got them here is left by the wayside and now the little guy gets screwed. I was in Primerica for a short while and after doing a little research found out how it all started with A.L. Williams and he was bought out when there was around 120,000 members… 20 years later or so… they are down to around 100,000 members… hmmm?

    Great site, you literally ooze with marketing in your everything you do.

    Mike in AZ

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