Build Your Own Empire Of Websites

Do you know what one of the greatest things about having an internet based business is?

Simply that there are about a BAZILLION different ways to do so!

Not only that but you can use setup multiple streams of income so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

With all of eBay’s policy changes, I know a lot of readers are nervous about having too many eggs in the “eBay basket”.

It’s simply a smart move to diversify where your income is coming from.

I’ve been doing that for years on the web, and if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I’m always hammering that point home for you too.  :-)

For that reason I have been researching, testing, and implementing several different ways of making money on the web. These are methods that you’ll find out about my reading my blog.

One of the coolest ways to make money on the web is by setting up websites with automated income.

These are websites that automatically pay you without having to ship product, answer emails, purchase inventory, or do much of anything else!


And what is really wild is that each time you create a new one, you have setup an income stream that pays you month after month.

Your money comes from AdSense and other pay per click networks, affiliate products, CPA offers, advertising etc…

There is nothing cooler then pulling a check out of an envelope for a sizable commission and thinking “Why is this company sending me money?!”  :-)  

Really, I’ve done that many times. Articles that I wrote years ago, or products I’ve mentioned in the past make sales and next thing you know you’re scratching your head and smiling.


So here’s the scoop…

I’m about to release a training product that will help you create as many income producing websites as you want.

  • It will supply you with 500 different templates to form the foundation of your website.
  • It will come with 500 different articles covering a ton of different subjects.
  • It will come with all the page design and header graphics already done for you.
  • It will come with over 3 hours of video training to show you step-by-step how to make your own profit producing website empire.
  • It will come with ebooks to show you how to make traffic, work with Google Adsense, get free web traffic, etc.
  • MUCH, MUCH more.

Now this will not be a “push a button and become rich” magic solution to all your financial problems.

Friend, that simply does not exist.

It is more like a kit where someone gives you all the ingredients, step by step instructions, and shows you how to make it happen FAST!

There is so much material that it is has to be shipped on a DVD rom!

I’m just about to finalize everything and get them off to manufacturing next week. 

My plan is to get 100 sets manufactured and see how fast they’ll sell out.

The investment is going to be so ridiculously low, if you blink, you’ll probably miss your chance to claim yours.  ;-)

So if you’ve ever wanted to build your own empire of automated income websites, you can keep informed by
putting your name on the early-bird list by clicking here.

I’ll have more info in the next few days about it, so watch for those emails.

Enjoy your weekend.


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