Selling On Amazon, reach 59,000,000+ New Customers

One of the highlights of going to the different eBay LIVE shows is getting a chance to chat with people I haven’t seen for awhile, and to make new friends.

One new friend that I made at the “eBay Meet & Greet” in Chicago is someone I have to tell you about.

His name is Steve Lindhorst, and he is not only a national eBay University instructor (and former eBay employee), but an active seller on

When eBay started making big changes, Steve started investigating Amazon as a potential alternative to selling on eBay alone.

Especially with all of eBay’s recent turbulent decisions, it’s very wise to look beyond eBay for income. might be the place for you. Last Holiday season, Amazon actually received more traffic then eBay! Over 59 MILLION unique visitors!

Steve wrote a book entitled “Selling On The River“. I’m almost embarassed to admit this, but it took me the longest time to figure out the title.  Just in case you are too…. Amazon = River… Get it now?   :-)

It’s a great book for getting started selling product on Amazon. When you read the ebook, you can tell that Steve is a skilled teacher and very interesting to listen to.  After teaching THOUSANDS of people how to sell on eBay, you get pretty good at explaining online selling. Steve literally shows you step by step how to IMMEDIATELY start selling on Amazon.

What is REALLY cool is that he has also made a FREE PDF ‘white paper’ entitled “25 Things eBay Sellers Must Know About Selling On Amazon”.

It’s a 2 page document that is very educational and quick to the point.

You can download your PDF from here, and find out more about “Selling On The River“.

Times have changed, and you simply cannot put all your eggs in the eBay basket anymore. It’s a smart move to build your business on multiple streams of income.

Check out as an additional marketplace for making money.

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