XSitePro & HyperVRE To Make UNLIMITED Profit Making Websites

With the recent release of Instant Website Empire, I’ve been getting questions asking about XsitePro and HyperVRE.

The idea behind Instant Website Empire is to make it easy for you to put up multiple websites, each producing a little profit for you day after day. So for example, if you had 20 simple sites producing just $5.00 a day, that’s a total of $100 a day, or $36,500 in a year.

Not too shabby!

You see… Instant Website Empire includes templates for 100 topics in five different formats:

  1. HTML - This is for people who are comfortable editing HTML in their favorite editor. (BTW, if you don’t have an HTML editor, here’s a great free one called NVU or Kompozer)
  2. XsitePro- This FANTASTIC (but purchased) program is a monster at allowing you to create UNLIMITED number of websites.  I HIGHLY recommend you download this FREE PDF Info pack. It shows you all that you need to know.
  3. HyperVRE-  This is another excellent tool that does a lot of the “grunt” work for you. They offer both a FREE version and a paid version.
  4. phpBB - This is a free (open source) Bulletin board program. You’ll need your own server to use and install this software.
  5. Wordpress - My favorite BLOG software. That’s what I use here.  It’s FREE and well supported. You can either install it on your server, or signup for a free account.

If you are technically challenged, you should look at either HyperVRE or XSitePro.  While both are capable programs and both work great with Instant Website Empire, an advantage of HyperVRE is that does offer a FREE basic version to get you started.

If you think building a website is difficult, then you’re right!

:-)  Let me explain…

Building a website from scratch IS VERY DIFFICULT!

But… using a tool like XSitePro or HyperVRE and being able to get all the graphics, templates, and articles from Instant Website Empire makes it a million times easier!

Not only that, but have you ever done something new for the first time? 

…You know how it goes. The first time it takes you 2 hours, the 2nd time it takes 1 hour, the 3rd time 20 minutes, and everytime then on only 15 minutes.

That’s the beauty of having 100 different topics with Instant Website Empire. While the first site will be the most difficult and take a few hours to get live, after that it gets easier and easier!

So go grab the XSitePro PDF fact sheet, and check out the different methods for creating  your own profit building websites. Don’t worry about which one you choose, because Instant Website Empire works with them all.

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