Answers To Webhosting & Domains.

This is a common question that you might be wondering about too.

Hi Mike,

Got a question or two.

When you build these sites What’s the best way to host them?

Also when you say you can put things on “auto pilot” what’s the means of advertising to have multiple sites running.

Isn’t that big $$$. Or is there a way for those with a very limited budget to keep an ad campaign going?

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Hey Rex,

Great questions.

Both for getting domains and for web hosting, I recommend

Click on Web Hosting | Hosting Plans,  and take a look at the Deluxe Plan, it’s only $6.99 a month for UNLIMITED domains.

SoneWeb is also a great place to get your domains.

You can get .COM addresses for $7.49. Or you can grab .INFO domains for just $1.99 each.

Now for the part about getting traffic. Most people think that you MUST pay for traffic. That isn’t true!

Getting traffic doesn’t require expensive paid Advertising.

In fact there are many effective FREE & Low cost methods of getting a consistent stream of traffic.

I did a recent blog post about this. This guide should sell for $97 or more, but it’s only $9.

Many of these methods have strong “residual” value. That is they deliver traffic LONG after you implement them.

An example is one site that I put up recently. Below are the stats since the beginning of this month. I’m doing nothing but the site is generating  400-600 visitors daily (see graph below) and producing a steady stream of income on auto-pilot too.

By the way, I’m using Google Analytics to track all my website stats. It’s FREE fantastic tool, that’s real easy to setup and gives you powerful data. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

So it doesn’t cost much to host your sites if you use  You’ll definitely want to use Google Analytics so you can watch your traffic grow.

Remember, if you setup a single site that produces on average just $5.00 a day of income, that’s over $1800 a year! If you spent a little time in making ten sites, that’s $18,000 every year! 

That’s the idea behind Instant Website Empire. You have 100 niche sites already designed and created for you. You even get five different articles to use so the search engines will be able to rank you for that topic and send you free traffic.

If you’re worried that others will have an identical site, simply spend a few minutes and make some simple changes to differentiate your site. It’s really that easy.

So if you’re worried that it’s going to take too much time or expense to get started… No Worries!

The part that people normally get stuck on is getting started. Hopefully this info will not only help you to get the ball rolling, but to also make consistent efforts toward your success!

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