Easy Way Of Making Quick Money On eBay

With the tough economic times, being able to generate some quick cash can sure be a handy skill to have! :-)

I’m going to share with you a very simple technique that most people can use to do this.

This morning my wife came in the office with a box to weigh. We have a small postage scale in my office, and a bigger package scale in the basement.

She had a good size box in her hands and she couldn’t help but share the story on it.

About a month ago, we went to a big shopping mall near us.

My wife always goes and checks out P*tt*ry B*rn. (C’mon, you can figure out which store I’m talkin’ about :-) )

This method will also work with other stores.

Here’s the scoop about P*tt*ry B*rn…

Their items are always in demand, but they also get retired after being sold for a while, which means they are in demand even more, since now they are collectibles!

Very often these items will sell at retail or ABOVE on eBay. 

Why? I think one reason might be that a good number of people don’t have one of the stores nearby.

So my wife simply goes and checks out their clearance items.

*** NOTE: Do NOT tell the salesperson you are looking for product to resell on eBay. They CAN and WILL refuse to sell you merchandise if you do. ****

So just be cool about things as you look around.

Not sure if the item will sell on eBay?

Here’s what you do…

 If you have a pad and paper, jot down the item name, regular price, and clearance price for a bunch of items.

Leave the store and if you have a cell phone with browser, look up the average sell value on eBay. Otherwise, call your family or friend who’s in front of the computer and have them look it up on eBay.

Hint to husbands. This is a great way to avoid the dreaded shopping mall trip. Tell your wife that you’ll be sitting by the phone waiting to look up the selling prices for her!  :-)

Figure out which items are worth  your while, and go buy back to the store to buy those treasures.

Return Policy

Remember: Depending on the store, you usually have 10-30 days to return the product for a refund. So if for some reason it doesn’t sell, you can get your money back. Just make sure you understand that store’s return policy. Some stores only give store credit and not cash or credit card refunds, so be sure to double check.

This is a real simple idea, but my wife and I do this whenever we go shopping (which we hate doing). We do this to make a game out of it.

“Let’s pay for this item by using profits made from selling other store items on eBay!”

So on that one trip, my wife bought almost $300 of clearance items. She expects to get about $1000 for them on eBay, which should work out to $600 or $700 profit for a few hours work.


We also like to do this with T*ys-R-*s.  (Look at the pricier baby stuff like car seats and strollers!)

On that night, my wife was looking for bed spread for my son’s new room.  They normally cost over $180 in the catalog.

They had 2 of them for $24 each. She kept one and the other sold for $76 on eBay. So she made $50 profit and got my son’s for FREE!

What a fun game!  :-)

For items that are not easy to ship, you may want to try using CraigsList.com to find a local buyer.

Again, remember to save your receipt to get a refund if the item doesn’t sell.

Well, hope that helps you put a few bucks in your pocket.

If you’ve had success or comments about this post, it would be awesome if you’d share them by clicking the comments link below.

Talk to you soon,


3 Responses to 'Easy Way Of Making Quick Money On eBay'

  1. Dave - October 1st, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    Sounds like a good idea, but as I live in the UK I wonder if the same things go on. I know we are very light on things like mail in coupon rebates which seem to work quite well in USA.

    Keep up the good work

  2. how to make money on ebay - October 9th, 2008 at 10:24 am

    I agree, it does sound like a good plan, just need to know which stores sell it cheap in the first place.

    Any tips?

    I wanna try it out…

  3. Jennifer - November 15th, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    It is a great idea! I actually haven’t done that yet, but have thought about it. Lately I’m going to rummages (before it gets too cold) and buy items - name brand kids clothes mainly and then re-sell on ebay. Craigslist.com I have found very helpful in buying bigger items for self for personal use. We’ve bought appliances, jetted tub, Suburban, bunk bed, and so on. All for far less you’d pay anywhere else! I will be listing bigger items ( high chair, etc. on there and see how it goes! ) Great site Mike, keep up the great work and suggestions!

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