Learn eBay In 1 Hour With This Audio CD Training

One of the most popular eBay training kits in the world is my “From eBay Zero To eBay Hero”.

After you listen to this CD and learn the 8+ selling ways discussed, your problem will be deciding WHICH profit making method to TRY FIRST!

What’s really cool is that it is both an audio CD and a digital CD.

This means you can put it in your car (or home) audio CD player and listen to 23 tracks of FAST paced eBay success training.

You can also put it into your computer and then listen to the MP3 version of the training, or copy it to your MP3 player so you can learn “on the go”.

There is also a menu that allows you to access a collection of other software, training, and tools.

You can also print out a worksheet that you can fill in that will help you remember the highlights of the training.



Here are the tracks.

  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome
  3. eBay Advantages
  4. Getting Started On eBay
  5. Why You Need To BUY First
  6. Grow Your Feedback Score
  7. Setting Goals
  8. Making Money Is NOT A Goal
  9. Three  Types Of Goals
  10. What Is Your Time Worth?
  11. Dropshipping Success SECRETS
  12. Wholesale Product
  13. Importing
  14. Refurbished Goods
  15. Liquidated Goods
  16. Local Auctions
  17. Knowledge Products
  18. Consignment Selling
  19. How To Sell More
  20. What NOT To Sell
  21. Cool eBay Success Stories
  22. FAST Track Success
  23. Time For Action!

When you listen to this in your audio CD player, each lesson is like a different song on a music CD. You can easily jump from track to track. 

Your training CD also includes:


SECRET Powerseller Wholesale Sources

In this ebook I share the personal sources where I bought over $200,000 of product that I resold on eBay for MASSIVE profits.

This isn’t some made up trash list.

I spill my guts on my SECRET sources that built my company.

It’s included with your training CD.

There’s a whole lot more, so instead of repeating it again,

you can find out more about this training here.

P.S.  You won’t believe the crazy low price for this training!

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