Auction Traffic SECRETS Relives!

How would you like to learn how to make money using eBay without having to ship a single product?

With eBay getting about a “gazillion” visitors each and every day, that’s a LOT of traffic.

99.996% of eBay people have no idea that you can turn that traffic into cash.

That’s what Auction Traffic SECRETS teaches you to do. It is the number one package in THE WORLD on this topic!

A while ago the package was retired since I have zero time to promote it (even thought it’s GREAT training). There is simply tooooo much going on and I’m already spread as thin as butter on bread.

That hasn’t changed, but I gave a great solution to some problems:

Problem #1: How to market the training when I have no spare time to do so?

Solution: is a site where affiliates go to find packages to promote. I just finished posting the training on PayDotCom. Now, affiliates can do all the marketing for me!



Problem #2: In the past, some readers asked if they could get a discounted price on the Video CD training by not including all of the BONUSES.

Solution: This just became available. You won’t believe what a great deal it is!


Problem #3: There are MANY products for sale on PayDotCom. How does a new seller grab the attention of affiliates so they will promote it?

Solution: PayDotcom gives a score to each product. The higher the score the better. It’s kinda like a hit record. People want to buy a hit record. Affiliates want to promote a hit product. Each time the product is sold, the score goes up.

So, I’m going to help jump start things. ;-)   If I get the ball rolling with this training on PayDotCom, it will grab the attention of other affiliates and they’ll start promoting it too.

For The Next Four Days (Friday until Midnight Monday) You’ll Get Some Great BONUSES.

These are:

1) Grab Auction Traffic SECRETS Online Access, and get a $24.95 JPEGMagic FREE

2) Grab NEW Auction Traffic SECRETS Video Regular, and get a $97.00 Ultimate eBay FAST Start 2-CD training package FREE

3) Grab Auction Traffic SECRETS Video Deluxe, and get a $97.00 Instant Website Empire Volume 2 DVD FREE

When you visit the site, you’ll be able to watch 5 FREE Training Videos explaining the entire training.

But remember, the bonuses are only included until MIDNIGHT Monday October 27, 2008.

Mike Takes Care Of His Students. :-)

If you recently claimed your Auction Traffic SECRETS training and would like one of the bonuses above, click here to drop me an email, and I’ll take good care of you, and set you up.  :-)  Be sure to include a copy of your receipt so I know which BONUS you want, and where to send it.

Enjoy your weekend,


P.S. Don’t forget that the BONUSES disappear come Monday Midnight, so go check it out now..

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