Great Graphics Tool

The other day an InstantNicheMaker member asked me about how to resize images that they use in their niche site.

It reminded me of a tool that I have used daily for at least 4 years now.

It’s a graphics tool called JPEGMagic.

I use it for scanning in pictures, resizing images, and compressing them like crazy so they load as fast as possible.

Back when I was researching graphics tools to do this job I didn’t like most of what was out there. Some of these software tools cost $100 or more and none had a feature that I wanted, the ability to see two views of the graphics file, the before and after showing side by side.

So I finally came across a graphics tool that an unknown programmer from Russia had created.

It blew me away! It was not only exactly what I wanted but even better.

You ever hear the commercial where someone says “It was so good that I bought the company” ? :-)

That’s what I did. I purchased the product, had some changes made and started selling “JPEG Magic”.

Thousands of people who build websites and sell on eBay love this tool and use it daily.

If you need a simple to use tool to obtain, crop, scale, rotate, brighten, or modify images then check this one out.

You can read more here.

You can watch a demo video of it in action.

JPEGMagic is a great tool for working with photos and images, so go check it out.


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