Cool Price Comparison Money Maker

When you surf the web, you probably have seen advertising like below.


InstantNicheMaker members can EASILY add these to their blog posts (like you see here) or any HTML page that they make.

When someone clicks ANY of the above links and purchases the item, Ka-ching, they earn an affiliate commission.

Talk about having the deck stacked in your favor!  It doesn’t matter which one is selected you get paid!

This is just another new money making feature that InstantNicheMaker members are gaining access to.

Members (some who call themselves “Computer Illiterate”) are flipping out over how easy it is to create professional, gorgeous, profit making niche websites.

But you need to be warned…

Come April 1st (No fooling) the membership price is increasing from $97 to $147. 

Not only that, but once we finish adding some additional “kick-butt” features the membership will then go to $197.

Existing members need not worry. Since they took action, they will be locked in at the $97 price.

If you’ve wanted to build your own empire of profit making niche sites, there is no easier way than InstantNicheMaker.

In fact you only have to invest $4.95 to test drive it for 5 full days! 

You have nothing to lose.. unless you don’t take action.

Go check it out for yourself and save $50 (or $100) while you can.

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