Freebie Friday - 6 Foolproof Steps In Picking A Great Niche

No matter if you are selling on eBay, your own website, or building niche websites, not all niches are created equal.

Anyone who has done any online marketing realizes that unfortunate truth.

Some questions you may have wondered about include:

“How do I pick a GREAT Niche?”  and “What determines if a niche is a good pick?”

In this post we’ll discuss four steps involved in going from idea to profitable niche website.

You’ll find links for all the resources at the bottom of this article.


Step #1: Thinking Of A Niche

No matter what type of online business you are going to have, you need to be able to select a great niche.

The other day I read a FANTASTIC 8 page ebook that described the process in an eye opening way.

It gives you 6 different tests to use to determine if you’re considering a winner or a loser niche.

Learn these 6 methods and you’ll have too many niches to work with :-) 


Step #2: Can That Niche Be Monetized?

Ok… so you’ve thought of a good niche that really touches the emotional buying buttons of your audience as learned in step #1.

The question is…. Can you make money with this niche?

You see, not only does a niche have to be one that your visitor has a strong impulse toward, there are also other factors you need to consider.

For example:

  • Are enough people searching for this niche topic?
  • Are they looking to spend money, or just obtain free info.
  • Is it a hot topic that they will act on now, or not for the future.

A great tool to help you with this process is called Micro Niche Finder.

This software allows you to easily uncover niches that aren’t overcrowded. It tells you how many people are searching the keywords of that niche, how much an Adsense ad costs per click for that phrase, the commercial intent of people searching on  that topic. (That is, are they likely to whip out their credit card and spend some $$$)

It even has buttons for “Hot Trends” and “Brainstorm” to help you if you’re simply drawing a blank.

Warning: This is a program that runs on your PC. It does not run on Macs.

But you’ll still learn a lot from watching the free video training.


Step #3: How To Monetize A Niche

So now you’ve found a great niche topic with lots of interests, growing in traffic, and people like to spend money on it.

Now how do you monetize it?

Most successful niche marketers have several, even many different niche websites.

Should you sell digital product? Should you sell physical product? Affiliate Marketing? eBay Affiliate links? Adsense?

My friend Joel Peterson has built a small army of “Money-Making Websites” that make between $75,000 to $125,00 per month. 

His best month has been $253,741.99!

I just finished his incredible video course, the man KNOWS his stuff.

Joel is a great teacher and his info is accurate and top rate. Double thumbs up and HIGHLY recommended.

In fact, I’ll be implementing and automating many of his techniques he teaches in this course in my Instant Niche Maker site.


Step #4: How To Build Your Niche Websites.

Let’s admit it…. Some people are technical and some people aren’t.

Some people love spending HOURS of time building websites and programming, while others would prefer to push a button and have a gorgeous website automatically created for them.

If you have limited time and experience then you need help in getting your niche sites created.

Instant Niche Maker is rocking the planet with it’s ability to make a site in about 30 seconds.

When people who describe themselves as “Computer Illiterate” are knocking out a dozen websites in a day, you know that they’ve got a secret weapon.

That’s Instant Niche Maker.

Note:  On April 1st, the price of Instant Niche Maker is going up $50, so if you’ve hesitated, now’s the smartest time to go visit so you can lock-in the lowest price ever before it goes up.

You can even get a full blown trial for 5 days for less than 5 bucks.

It’s making it possible for anyone to have their own army of niche websites.


Resource Mentioned In This Article:

Below are the links for all the information discussed aboved:

  • Instant Niche The member’s only site for instantly creating niche sites.
  • Joel’s videos on how to monetize niche websites.
  • Software to help uncover and research highly profitable niche topics.
  • Ebook on the 6 different tests to use to qualify a niche


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