Great Tool For Screen Sharing

Do you ever have problems with your computer and you need someone to help?

Or do you have family and friends asking you to help them with a computer problem?

It’s one thing if your in the same room, but what to do when they aren’t nearby?

Today’s Freebie Friday has your solution

I recently came across a fantastic tool that you can use to share your computer screen with someone else, or do the opposite and they can share their screen with you.

It’s called ConnectNow and it’s by, the people who invented the PDF and Flash files.

It rocks!

You simply load the tool in your browser. To invite someone to share your screen you simply mail them a special URL (web address) that they paste in their browser.

You’ll be asked to click a link to allow them to see your screen. That way your screen is safe from prying eyes. :-)

Then if you want you can give them control of your screen so that they can use their mouse and keyboard to work on your screen!

You can even talk by voice using your microphone (although I had some problems getting this working 100%)

What a great tool if you aren’t sure how to do something and your computer whiz friend can show you right on your own screen.

Personally, I’m using this to interface with my remote employees working on and

I’m also planning on setting up family members who come to me with their computer problems ;-)

You should signup for ConnectNow 

Great tool!  I give it a double thumbs up!

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